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Help, what can I give DH?

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DH and his dad were working on DH's compound bow (for hunting) this evening when an accident happened and my FIL chopped off his finger. DH gets extremely disturbed by any amount of blood and he feels at fault because it was his bow. I came home from work early and DH is in hysterics. Crying so hard and deeply disturbed by the accident. What can I give him (homeopathic, etc) to help him out?

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I'd start with Rescue Remedy. Then, homeopathically... I'd try Chamomilla first. Give it at the acute dosage. Be forewarned, sometimes when you hit the correct remedy the symptoms worsen temporarily before rapidly resolving. So if it seems to make it worse, keep going you're on the right track.

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Can you take him to whereever his father is being cared for?
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Listen to him tell the story as many times and as in many ways as he wants to. Talk talk talk.

Hmmmmm homeos - rescue remdy, chamomile, valerian root - not really sure those are what I give my kids -- calmes forte??

mostly talk about it though
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Camomile, valerian. Lots of opportunity to vent, and yes, go visit FIL. But if you give him the valerian, you should drive....you should probably drive anyway if he's been that upset.
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(((hugs))) to DH & you!

Rescue remedy was what I was thinking.

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