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Look around the world and who has a major influence? France? Germany? Russia? Iraq? Israel? Nope. The one and almost only USA..
Ahhh....yes.And what's that supposed to mean?

influence justifies everything?

or what?

I really don't get it
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Originally Posted by bayviewbill33
Not one shot was fired to bring down the USSR - freedom and capitalism did and there self destructive government as well.

Ah, I suppose you're disregarding Romania. 'Cause that sure wasn't brought about by the beauty of capitalism without bloodshed.

Of course you can check out Argentina for another view of the beauty of capitalism.
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Originally Posted by huggerwocky
Ahhh....yes.And what's that supposed to mean?

influence justifies everything?

or what?

I really don't get it
Americans are better than everyone and you better damn well remember it?

And if it weren't for you I'd be speaking German right now.
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I think the US is a great nation, with a rich and varied culture, disregarding things like McDonalds, Dunkn' Donuts, Disney and Exxon.
I love your great sense of humour, your interest in things spiritual, your great music (Jazz, blues, gospel, rock...), Love your interest and abilities in exploring human nature, admire your great novelists, and when it's not too glitzy and shallow I enjoy a lot of your entertainment. Hell, I've got no choice, the TV's full of it here in New Zealand. No, but I really do admire many aspects of American culture.

You're not emotionally repressed, you know how to express your feelings....as compared to us Anglo-Saxon types here in NZ. I know this is a huge generalisation!

So be proud.

But remember the US Govt. is not the American people of culture...or at least, along with the military-industrial complex it is only a part of it, and not the whole. Thank goodness.
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America is still wonderful, her identity has just been stolen by a bunch of crooks and theives
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"America" refers to two continents and lots and lots of countries.

There's a lot to think about!
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I like what Dan Savage said about the USA in a recent interview:

"Canada got the French and Australia got the convicts and we got the [expletive] bat[expletive] crazy Christians. And that matters. We're all lied to in high school—"The Pilgrims came here seeking religious freedom." No they didn't. They were the Puritans kicked out of England. They went to Holland, Holland was like "[expletive] you people," and they kicked them out too, so they came here. They came here seeking the ability to persecute everybody else—and each other—for their religious beliefs. And we are living with the descendants of those nutjobs, and we have to fight them."

It makes so much sense now...
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Originally Posted by Marg of Arabia
After 9/11 we had the world behind us!! We had enormous support, respect, and sympathy. What did we do with that sentiment?? First we went into Afghanistan to go after the Taliban. Did we help the Afghanis?? NO!!! They are no better off. Then we unilaterally, pre-emptively struck the very weak and poor country of Iraq for no concrete reasons! Along with dozens of other bad foreign policy decisions. Our slacker way of dealing with the Israel/Palestine situation and so on...... So, yes, I do believe the world has some pretty good reasons to hate this country.
As an Australian this is the general concensus over here. After 9/11 everyone wanted to be on the side of the USA, everyone wanted to help them. Then slowly, as the years have gone that support has dwindled as the Bush government have made what seems to be more and more poor (and often disgusting!) decisions. To be honest now I am beginning to even feel ashamed as an Australian, for the unconditional support our government shows to Bush.

I also often feel sad for Americans. The social security system over there certainly sounds as if it is nothing to be envious of. It sickens me when I hear of childred who go without medicines because they are too expensive, or families who dont get the medical care they need because they cant afford health insurance. I can't imagine being a single mother and being forced into work because the government wouldnt help me out. I am horrified at the thought of ever sending my child to a school where security guards were needed, or metal detectors were used. I certainly dont "hate" america, but i'm in no way envious of americans either!
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I just got an American citizenship and extremely happy.
My family and I came from a very poor town of Ukraine. US gave me life. This is a country with tons of opportunities, I'm excited that my son will be growing up here.
If you want to talk about corruption, try to live in Russia.

America does a lot of good for other countries. Yes, of course it has many sceletons in the closet (or out of closet), but every country does. We just got really unfortunate with Bush administration.
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I'm British... and I can safely say that I don't lack respect for American's. I didn't understand the motivations of those that voted for Bush, especially since there is so much information available for those willing to research the geo-political and economic motivations for Bush's decision to invade and occupy Iraq. It is unfortunate that the Bush Administration has followed a path that has damaged the 'image' of the U.S.A globally, but I honestly believe that 'change' starts at the grassroots level and those passionate enough about the 'wrongs' that have occured will challenge the misconceptions and the misinformation that exists as a result of the Bush Administration.

As Ghandi states 'You must be the change you wish to see in the world'

But in saying this, the same thing applies to the British too... Tony Blair, imo, is no better. And we too need to act
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What disturbs me is the fact that most people forget that America does not equal the Unites States. The Americas include Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. So what I think is that most people in the United States view themselves as the center of this planet , even to the point of taking an inclusive word like America as if it were exclusively their own. Such an attitude is reflected in language and actions like the fact that the U.S. is the proud owner of the commonwealth (pretty name for colony) of Puerto Rico and continues to invade other countries.
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I am personally wrestling out this question.

I was raised in a very Christian Republican environment that taught that America was founded by Christians (Christians claim masons like George Washington and deists like Thomas Jefferson as their own....not sure why), that we are blessed by God, that everything we do is just because of this, war is just, etc.

My world came crashing down a few years ago when I learned that ofcourse, none of this is true and our history is very tainted with blood. I take my faith more seriously now than ever before and do not understand how Christians can be anything but pacifists. God favors no nation above anothers. Our freedoms and material abundance often equal others exploitation (lets not forget we would have never taken over this land if we wouldn't have given Native Americans smallpox infected blankets to kill them off....). And now the Iraq war. When my husband and I went to Europe this summer we left our Air Canada tags on our backpacks for a reason. *sigh*.

I am meditating on all this seriously. I told my husband yesterday that if we go to war with Iran ...I seriously want to think about trying to immigrate to Switzerland.

We'll see.
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In America we have a lot to be thankful for. however, there are so many things we need to fix.

I don't think anyone should be embarressed to say they're american, because every country has its flaws.

if there was one thing i would change though, it would be this growing between the rich and the poor. i was raised in a rich house and because of my own personal decisions i've made in life, i've ended up quite poor. poverty seems to be a cycle of struggling from pay check to pay check. hey, i still have a computer though---a great luxery for us!!! i'm living pretty damn well to be so incredibly poor
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Originally Posted by bayviewbill33
I have never been ashamed of being an American. I think it is facinating how people who live in America can degrade her and hate her. They are protected by the first Amendment. I dare any of you to go to China and speak out against them or any number of countries. I did not see any protestors sitting in the streets of Bagdad for Saddam to comply with the U.N. resolutions or the inspectors. Why? Because they would be tortured and killed. In America we have the right to peacefully assemble.

America is great. America has been looked down upon for ages so get over it. You can never please everyone. We do a lot of great things. We are a great nation. Look around the world and who has a major influence? France? Germany? Russia? Iraq? Israel? Nope. The one and almost only USA. Hmmm, I seem to remember Levis and rock music were huge black market items in the USSR. Not one shot was fired to bring down the USSR - freedom and capitalism did and there self destructive government as well. People have yearned for our freedom and our lifestyle for a long time. Why have so many immigrants come here and continue to come here? Because America is so evil and awful? Who ever belives this is factually ignorant. Mexicans who walk down the middle of I-5 in California risk there lives (if you ever drove on I-5 you would understand) to come here. Why? Because they like dodging automobiles going 75mph? Call me crazy, but I do not think they want to play chicken with a car going that fast especially since they might have their children with them. Must be something more than that... I wonder what it is??? Freedom. The American dream - perhaps not for themselves but for their children.

We are not a perfect nation. We have flaws. If anyone hates living here so much, America does not have any laws stopping you to leave. I would not want you to leave. Why? If you are capable of constructive critism, your opposition of the way we operate in America needs to be heard (it is also protected). It is how we grow as a nation. You can complain all you want, but do not forget that there are many other people who would die trying to get here to enjoy that right. You think we have it bad here?

I love America and would die for her and her freedoms and her way of living. I want my children to grow up here and nowhere else. I will instill in them how great this nation is despite her having flaws and making mistakes along the way. I want them to travel the world to see how blessed they are to be an American. If my 2 year old son was 18 right now and decided to pass on college and join the military to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan, I would beam with pride. If he were to die fighting, I would be thankful for his sacrifice to keep his countrymen and women free.
Love your post. 100% agreed. If ppl hate this country so much, they canleave. Complain, complain and more complaining. We have more privelages and rights than most countries and ppl are not grateful for that it seems. Seems like everyone in the US is looking for somewhere "perfect" to live. Good luck finding it!!

Jane, glad you are living well and are happy!!
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What's found in the whole lives in the sum of its parts

It has been my observation (just my opinon) that every our "countries consciousness" (the decisions and actions of our country as a whole) is just a mere reflect of the individuals that make up the greater whole. I think on an individual level, we are conflicted on our ideas of just what freedom means and how to express our ideas about freedom. Its painful and complex. It also carries a level of respnosibility and maturity that a good majority of Americans neither have the interest, time or capacity to handle, so what do we do, we hold our breathe, squint our eyes, say a quick prayer and "pass the buck!"

This "pass the buck" syndrome, has left us all vulnerable and a bit guilty. And although we may not agree with the gov't and the powerful decision makers that represent our country, I believe (just my opinon) that we all need to ask ourselves, where have we dropped the ball in our individual choices. where have we remained stubborn and unreasonable in our lives? Where do we wage war in our lives? Because although our individual choices and attitudes may not seem irrelevant to the "grander choices and actions" of our goverment, they do contribute to the overall consciousness of our country.

Just something to think about.

Many Blessings, Coach K!
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