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I'm so jealous of the 3D us's, lol. Great pics! CONGRATS ON YOUR GIRL!
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congrats, how exciting to finally know!!!
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Congrats, I'm so glad you were finally able to find out. And there's nothing like little girls!
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Many congrats mama! I'm so glad you finally know! I'm shocked it's a girl! I really thought yours was a boy! Shows how much I know! Maybe my gut feelings are all off being pg.
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Tara, I am SHOCKED! I was so sure this baby was a boy. I was only drawn towards boy clothes, loved calling the baby boy names (like Marco!), and was CONVINCED that it wasn't a girl. Shows how off my mom-dar was! I couldn't believe it!

When we were at the place and the tech said, "...and she's a girl!" my jaw dropped and I looked at Chris (who was squeezing my hand tight - SO happy!) and I repeated incredulously, "She's a GIRL?!?" It was so exciting! I couldn't believe it!

I don't know if I mentioned this to you guys before, but DH and I were actually trying for a girl - we timed DTD according to the shettles method and everything, so this is just AMAZING!
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No way! I didn't know that. I guess it worked!
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What an amazing picture of her beautiful face!
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