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Twin pregnancy questions for you!

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-Would you have KNOWN you were pg with twins at 30-ish weeks if you had not had an ultrasound at that point?
I was just reading that only 50% of twin pregnancies were diagnosed before the birth before the routine use of ultrasound. wow! did the other 50% of moms not suspect?

-Did the babies ever have the hiccups at the same time in utero? Did it happen often? Or never?

-How did your twin pregnancy differ from your singleton pregnancy?

Thank you in advance!
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I would have known because I was HUGE at 30 weeks. Much bigger than my singleton pregnancies. But I never would have guessed based on movement alone. And no, my twins never got the hiccups together. In fact, I'm not sure Ben ever had them ever. Claire now, she hiccups constantly!

I had two distinct fetal poles on opposite sides of my body from 35 weeks on, so I for sure could have figured it out then, but for most of my pregnancy I had one twin anterior and one posterior so I couldn't really feel the twin in the back.
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At 30 weeks while I was bigger than usual at 38 cm, I would have never suspected. Movements were the same as a singleton. I would've just assumed I was having a bigger baby. At 35 or so weeks I think I would've figured it out because I knew there were 2 heads at that point!

I never felt hiccups before until my twin pregnancy and only one of them would get them.

Definitely the hardest pregnancy and I worked harder during it to nutrition/health-wise.
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I guessed very early on because at 10 weeks i was feeling flutters in very different places at the same time. I had not had those sensations with my singleton. If I had taken the DR.'s word and believed those feelings were merely gas I might not have guessed later on. My boys were transverse throughout the pregnancy. They mirrored each other's movements because they were always lying on top of one another. It was even difficult to find the more anterior twin's head a lot of the time.
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yes, i would have known.
i would think even of those 50% who ended up with undiagnosed twins suspected it, but it just wasn't technically diagnosed. (doesn't it seem strange to say "diagnosed", like it's a disease!?)
i was huge, mucho morning sickness, more easily fatigued, felt two babies moving, crazy hunger, lots of twin dreams before ultrasound, my singleton was, well, breezy. i gained the same amount of weight with both but they were just totally totally different pregnancies.
that's just me though, i can see how some could miss it...
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Geez, I would have hoped I had known. I was HUGE and felt movement all over the place at the same time. I would have either thought twins, or one baby with a lot of extra arms and legs :
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I think it's easy to know and yet ignore that knowing iykwim. Like when you're looking for the keys and you can't see them on the cooker because you never keep them there; you're just not expecting them to be there, so no matter how many times you look you can keep missing them!!!

My uterus was popped out at 6 weeks and I had awful sickness, ( but also had terrible sickness with fourth child and uterus was well out at 8 weeks. I was sure she was twins. Maybe there was another one started out with her....), but I'm much, much bigger this time at 15 weeks than ever before. I look like my equivalent of 6 months now. I also have had dreams and the tiredness has been huge - plus I can feel a big increase in blood flow in my pelvic area moreso than I'd expect for this many weeks - those little red veins have showed up sooner and the general appearance in that area is of much further on.

The effects of not eating and drinking are also far more dramatic. I neeed plenty of food and fluids. lol.
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I didn't know or suspect at 22 weeks last time when I found out... but by 30 weeks I am fairly certain I would have known. I was measuring larger than full term by then and feeling movement everywhere.

This time around I suspected twins right away because I felt sicker and was bigger just like last time. I found out at 9 weeks.
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I think I probably would have because I was so much bigger. There were lots of other symptoms, too, but I think I could have just excused those away. My baby A was way more active than baby B, so it would have been easy to not notice him. But I was just too big for it to be one baby. At the end I was measuring 10 weeks ahead and I looked enormous.
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I definitely would know! I'm almost 30 weeks now and I feel like I got hit by a train, LOL. I am soooooo big and too exhausted to do my daily routine. I would think either it's multiples or the largest baby ever gestated.
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I don't think I would have known.

Although I was slightly bigger with the twins than with my singletons, I could still fit regular maternity clothes just fine.

There was only one episode of pre-bedtime squirming when my abdomen heaved suddenly in two completely opposite directions. It was amazing and might have been enough to think "This can't be just one!" but I couldn't say with certainty. Mostly, one baby was much quieter than the other. Due to their positioning, I would have just thought that two sets of legs moving were just feet and arms of one babe.

I felt "off" even very early on in the pregnancy, but attributed it to other stresses in our lives at that time. It was a relief to find out that what was "wrong with me" was twins!
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definitely would have at least suspected something at 30 wks ... I was huge!!

Babies had hiccups a lot in utero .... just like they do now!! Adam"s (vertex) hiccups I felt in my butt; while Thomas (breech) I felt higher in my abdomen.

my twin PG kicked my butt from about 6 weeks on. I was EXTREMLY tired the entire way through. I also had a voraceous appetite way early on (even before I knew I was PG), couldn't get enough water, and craved dairy products.
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I forgot about the eating! And my weight gain was triple what I normally gain (usual for me with one was 15 pounds and I put on 40 with the twins). I remember telling my MW at the big 20 week appt when we found them that I was eating enough for triplets! Nope, just twins!
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I was the size of full gestation for a singleton at 28 weeks which is the desired growth scale, then went on the grow 2 beautiful girls until almost 37 weeks. My tummy was like a square with 2 girls and I could feel them sitting one on each hip when they got big enough, sometimes it was hard to walk. And my acid levels in this pregnancy were much! higher than my first single pregnancy, I had trouble breathing with all of my internal organs getting crammed up my throat, blahblah, HUGE difference and my first was 11 lbs at birth, WHEW!:
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I think that the idea that 50% were un-diagnosed before routine ultrasounds as much more to do with doctors not being able to tell and not listening to women than mothers not suspecting it.
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Originally Posted by Lucysmama View Post
I definitely would know! I'm almost 30 weeks now and I feel like I got hit by a train, LOL. I am soooooo big and too exhausted to do my daily routine. I would think either it's multiples or the largest baby ever gestated.

My thoughts exactly!
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I was really sick from week 6 to 26 (threw up every night, at least once) and asked my OB about it at the 12 weeks appt. His answer "Well, every pregnancy is different." Um, yeah. You're telling me!

I think I would have known (I think I even suspected it back at 12 weeks), especially since i had had a singleton pregnancy and this was so different (and I was so big).

Good luck -- keep us posted if you have any multiple news!
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I said above I would have never suspected at 30+ weeks. But I did suspect earlier on because I could feel my uterus so early. If I'd seen only 1 baby in an U/S at 12 weeks I would've never suspected 2 later.
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I instintively knew at conception that there was more than one. There are twins on all four sides (parents) so we were doomed from the beginning. In fact, when the tech at our 8 week ultrasound said there were two heartbeats, my response was "only two?" I thought for sure we were having triplets! My poor DH said "What?!" and couldn't believe that I was right about multiples.

I would have known at 30 weeks, even though this was my first pregnancy I am very in tune with my body (like I said, I felt myself get pregnant) and I felt movement at polar ends even though they were transverse and facing each other by the end.
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Lol, I feel like I'm having twins, if I hadnt had an ultrasound, I'd be SURE I was having more than one, but I did, so instead, I think I'm not but I still think I am but...AHHHHH. I know the chances of a missed twin are almost non-existant (on US at 20 weeks) but still...something is off. So, provided I'm not, I'd be in the category of feeling like I was when I wasnt?
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