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I think the undiagnosed twins were from mamas who suspected or maybe firstime moms? I know I suspected at 8 weeks, and by 12 weeks was sure. I even told people that I thought I was having twins I sounded crazy, but I was right! I cannot imagine not knowing by 30 weeks, I could clearly feel two heads (baby B was breech)
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Well, I absolutely did not suspect at 30 wks. It was at exactly 30 wks that my m/w palpated 2 babies, MUCH to my horror (er, surprise). I confirmed it by u/s at 32 wks. I was not bigger than I had been with my singleton, although after 30 wks I grew a lot more. I was feeling a lot of movement, but I just thought it was a very active baby. I really didn't have a lot of differences from my singleton pg until the last few weeks, and even then I was mainly just bigger. My singleton was 9-2, born at 39 wks. My twins were born at 39 wks, 5 days and weighed 7-4 & 7-6.

ETA: I'm sure a lot of it has to do with positioning of the babies. I could clearly feel baby A's head like a shelf sticking out from my lower gut, lol. I could actually hold his head in my hand. Baby B was neatly tucked behind, and quite difficult to feel. I am pg again now & dh said last night that it must be a singleton because last time he felt that whenever he touched my belly anyplace, there was always a foot or elbow sticking out.
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I would have known even know they were my first. I felt TONS of movement and yes, they both got hiccups at the same time - quite frequently actually. I got more hiccups at the same time with my identicals than with fraternals. I knew the second time by about 18 weeks based on movement. I would not have needed an ultrasound to confirm they were two.
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No, I didn't know at 30 wks. Mostly, I think, b/c it was my first preg. and I had no idea what was normal--in terms of size, movement, sickness, etc.

Actually hiccups were the way we finally decided there were probably two and we should get the u/s (at 31 wks.) My mw had a clear heartbeat up under my rib on the right side and then we felt hiccups way down near my left hip--either it was two or one barrel-chested little kid!
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Yeah, that kind of weirded me out a little too. I can feel the baby on my right side, ALWAYS on my right side, his little body sticks out a lot right there and after 4 babies, I'm good at figuring out position, lol. Well, at my last MW appt they got the heartbeat on the opposite side where I dont feel anything. It was odd. This whole pregnancy is odd! At least my belly shrunk a bit-I think he flipped or something, lol
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