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I have to tell someone

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We started a thing with our second child where we don't tell anyone we know in person until I'm 12 weeks or more except for our midwife. But I just can't keep it to myself completely.

After getting a negative at 7-9 days past when my period should have started I figured I must not be pregnant despite my mild symptoms. But after another week of increasing nausea , tender breasts, other mild symptoms and no signs of cramping and bleeding I opted to test again. I got a faint but definite positive after about 5 minutes and another slightly stronger positive first thing the next morning.

So my best guess is that my toddlers increased nursing these past few months might have helped delay ovulation by a week or so; I haven't sat down to figure out exactly how long. I figure I hit 40 weeks sometime between Feb 9 and 14th.

I'm not terribly sick but I am ravenously hungry and craving just about every food I've ever liked. I'm not very good at keeping up with due date groups but I'll try to stop in now and then.
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congrats and welcome
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(I can't imagine what this would have been like pre-internet when I didn't have a million people I could tell before we "tell"!)
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That is so sweet and exciting! Welcome!
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Congrats and nice to meet you!
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Congrats and welcome!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations!!! It's hard to keep it secret, isn't it?! We are also keeping it a secret-- our goal is simply to keep it a secret as long as possible. We want to avoid all the nosy (well-meaning!) questions for as long as we can.
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It is hard but I just found out myself so part of me wants to keep my sweet little secret to myself and the rest of me wants to tell the world.
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