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*update, add pictures to post* UC at 44 1/2 weeks, boy Zimm 9/10 lbs

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i just add these pictures. zimm is now 8 weeks and 4 days, weighs 12 or 12.5 lbs and he was about 4 weeks in these pitures, enjoy.



it was morning of may 22 i didnt get up was cranky and crampy. by noon the curtains still shut, my toddler still in his jammies, doggie probably wet the flooor since i didnt take her out.. by 2 pm royce (my partner) call from work ready to come home and i told him get a ride call a cab but i need you home soon. he aske "are you ready" i said "For What?" and he said "well whatever is going on. are you ready?" "yeah i guess so , oh f*** i don[t know, what the h*** is going on anyways???" he came home i was mooing and squatting all over the living room floor.

i spent most of the day ok all of it after 2 pm, in the bathrroom the sweltering heat with a steaming tub. spent time on the tolet (i had diahreeea and pee myself with each contraction, so leaving the tolet wASWNT rreally an option), then get in the tub, fall asleep on the floor, etc. it was like 103 degrees in the bathrroom cause i wanted it hot, i felt more relaxed. azzo kept peeking at me under the door "AH SEEEEE YOUUU" and taco coming under the door to sit with me and shake.

well royce just left me alone but chekcing on me eery few minutes, which i was glad he wasnt trying to talk.

i kept eating apricots, and drinking water and wondering what the hell, if it was labor or not.

since the contraction were never "5 muinuts apart and one minute long" but instead 20 minute, 10 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minutes.... and only last a few seconds. and really hard, but nothing in my back. very intense, but if i squat or crouch like a frog or whatever, i cant feel it, just go potty all over the towels. seriously, i thought the 32 oz of cranberry juice i chugged that morning is what did it. i thought i just gave myself the runs. lol

anyways about 7 pm i started getting really loud and irritable, pissy and somewhat exciteable, like intense feeling. and royce started to get antsy too and pissing me off. but in a good way. whining about how hot the bathr4oom is, so i sayh "take off your f****** corduroys" and he got mad/ but took them off later when i wasnt looking. i ask him "tell me i am strong doing a good job" and he started arguing, but its' not my idea to say it like that , i cant just repeat you that's rediculous. i have to say it my own way. or its not the same." something like that. typical royce, argues samantics when its totally not the point. anyways, i can count on him for level headed tri9vialties like that

so then he tells me i need to get out of the bathroom, ive been in there all day and its hot blah blah wah wah... "just go into the kitchen with me, just walk out there and if you don't like it you can come back"

i make it to the hall, squat for another "weird really strong braxton hicks" and then turn around jump up and waddle quickly to the bathroom.

i am on the toolet feel pushy all of a sudden like a big dump. i grunt and wiggle and my body squeezes up and probaby make the poo face, you know the one, and then POW SPLASH there is water EVERYWHERE. then the babys head RIGHT THERE i can feel it, that bulgy feeling, and stand up royce come running in and squat down to watch and support. i get a little excited panicky, the baby head is out, omg i can feel squishy little baby hair, and then i hold his head and the rest of him fall out. more water, and then a spray of meconium. i stand up, 'happy birthday baby hi there i love you and i'm your mommy!!" or something, all at once.

azzo woke up when my water broke, and royce brought yhim in as soon as the baby was out , he p0oined, "BE-BE?? is 'zat BEE BEEEE??" then pats him says AWWWE

into the bedroom, baby does breast crawl, finds boobie, latchse on and nurses. 45 min later, i feel pushy again, get up on my knees an bear down placenta fall out. a little bite off it after afew minutes since there was some blood, didnt know how much but felt it would be a good idea.

Baby Zimm joined the Outsiders on May 22 at approximately 8 pm. CST.

commonsensemom (my friend and half the couple i stayed with during my pregnancy) was at a movie when we called (right after the birth) but came over and saw him, weighted him (9 or 10 lbs i say 9 and 3/4 or so, 20 inches, 13 5/8 head)... then cleaned up the bathroom and started some laundry, there was a big bunch of towels with blood & stuff i didn[t really prepare for it like i planned, i had a closet full of special stuff and ended up just using whtever was handy, saving the "good stuff for the real thing" lol)

i never really admited i was 'in labor" until my water broke. well right before that, when there was a few drop of bright red blood, i knew something was up, but then Bam water, bam, head, baby TaDa here we are!!

he was beatuiful pink and slippery, cover in vernix, nice nails, good size, open eyes and head up, started breathing and spitting stuff out no problems. then latch on and nurse all night.

he is 3 weeks now, 11 pounds and pees and poos famously. sleeps well at night, right alongside me and the rest of the family. i wear him pretty much all day cause he likes to be held and gets bored really fast. he is already holding up his head and looking at stuff, i think he's been smiling, at least when he sleeps.

i am so relieved everything is over really, and hes finally here. i was 44 and a half weeks pregnant.

anyways we are still trying to get the birth certificate. because apparently our signed and witnessed statements were'nt exatly right. and now i have to get "a note from the er stating that i did indeed have a baby" which I think is bullshit, i am going to do more studying tomoro to find out.

alright gotta go for a second but i will add a picture in a few minutes.
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Wow, what an amazing birth!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of that big ol' baby!!
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Wow. That was an exciting birth story. Thanks for sharing & it sounds like you guys are doing great.
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Oh Wow!! Congratulations! Sounds awesome! And welcome Sweet baby Zimm!! I love the name!
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congrats to you and your family!!!! thanks for sharing your story!
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That has got to be one of the best birth stories I've EVER read! Congratulations!
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Wow! Welcome to the world little boy!
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Yo, wonderful! I was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering how you and baby are doing and whether or not I'd missed your birth announcement somehow--

anyway, thanks for posting that great story, awesome for you and your family, do enjoy
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What a great birth! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations mama and welcome Zimm!
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How awesome!! I am so happy for you and your family! Congratulations!!!
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very cool! congratulations and thanks for sharing!

and 44.5 weeks, that's a long time to cook. very inspirational!
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Congratulations! I love your kids names
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Congatulations Mama!! will come back and read your birth story shortly.
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby!
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What a wonderful story!!

44 1/2 wks
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what a great job you did!!

especially funny that you saved all the 'good stuff' for the real thing. totally something i would do...

Welcome Zimm!:
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I finally add pictures to the original post at the top, pls look how beautiful fat he is!
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He is gorgeous, and is that you in the picture with him? If so, you are gorgeous, too!! Congratulations again! :
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You did great! HE is fat and beautiful too. 44 1/2 wks .. wow.
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