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I had twins with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, and I felt safest being with a zillion mfms and perinates. The babies also came at 34w and needed a week in the NICU. However, it was a lovely vaginal birth.

With my second birth, I chose a birth center within a hospital. I didn't like that at ALL! It was basically the same as being in a hospital, imo. Still had to deal with the interventions and fighting people off and such.

With my third birth, I chose to be at home. I had a wonderful birth. Afterwards, however, I did transfer for a pph and retained placenta. But the hospital treated me so badly! Even with my history of a pph, I will have my next baby at home, without a doubt. My dh is totally on-board. He thought our hb was fantastic.
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My first was born in a hospital. I would've done a birth center had that been available within, oh, 300 miles or so. But why not at home?

We lived in a 7th floor apartment, in married student housing, and the fire alarm didn't work reliably. We had times that the FD would show up at our building, and no alarms would have gone off. As a result, any time we heard sirens, we spent time 'on edge' and waiting to see where they would go, if they would come closer, etc... as you can imagine, v. high anxiety. We lived in downtown, near the freeway... there was no way we could go more than an hour or two usually without hearing something.

I knew enough about myself and the physiology of labor to know that I would tense up and stop every time I heard a siren. Leaving the apartment was, unfortunately, the only way to go, and we really couldn't afford to move elsewhere at the time.

As hospital births go, it went fairly well.
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In my state, only non-CNMs attend homebirths. My state doesn't recognize midwives that aren't CNMs. Because of this, insurance does not pay for any non-CNM deliveries, thus they don't pay for homebirths. And like a PP said, that's not insignificant for my family.

Also, because of that gray legality of the provider at a homebirth (it's perfectly legal for mom to homebirth, just not so legal to have a provider there with you), we decided that we are too much rule followers to have a home birth in this state.
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I didn't know there was any other option with my first.

With my second and third babies, I intended to use the birth center, but they risked me out in the end and my option was UC or hospital. And I was just not in a place where I could do UC. That was partially emotional, and partially the fact that we share a wall with another family and I felt like I coudl be *less* inhibited at a hospital than knowing two guys across the wall must be wondering what the heck was going on.
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Because that was and is where I feel most comfortable. It's a very personal decision. Do what is right for you
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i think that if you have any fears, concerns, or doubts about HB that can't be worked through before birthing, then a BC or hospital is a good alternative.

what is most important is that the mother feels comfortable with her decision and safe where she is giving birth.
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I've always been afraid that something would go wrong. I was even too afraid to have a birthing center birth.
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I had a hospital birth because I found out I was pregnant very late in the game, was worried that my baby might be at risk because of that (he wasn't), didn't have the proper time to plan, and was determined to get the birth experience I wanted hospital or no hospital (I tend to be stubborn like that). My hospital experience was great. If (big IF there hehe) I decide to have another, a homebirth is what I would do. But I do not regret my hospital birth one bit.
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With our first two we lived 80+ miles away from the hospital, and was just a distance we weren't comfortable with. That said we had an amazing hospital midwife and experiences.

With number 3 we lived closer to the hospital in case of transfer. I can't believe how wonderful homebirth is and I finally understand what everyone raves about.
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We had a hospital birth with a CNM for our daughter. My husband was very uncomfortable with a homebirth at the time and so I found a midwife that I loved. In the long-run... I was stressed out and ended up with a scheduled induction (the OB she practices under "decided" on it because of rising BP and excess amniotic fluid..) I didn't realize at the time that I could have just refused, instead I ended up getting my membranes stripped and taking castor oil in hopes of getting labor started before my induction. I labored and pushed w/out drugs but ended with a c-section due to presentation (right occiput transverse).

Our next child is going to be a HBAC (hopefully!) and a water birth.
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Because my insurance covered it and not homebirth.
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Honestly, neither my husband nor I were comfortable with homebirth and I don't think my insurance would cover it. I had a wonderful hospital birth. I'm debating between a hospital birth and a birthing center this time. It'll take me some time to decide. I think a homebirth can be a wonderful thing... it's just not for me.

ETA: I'm one of those people that ALWAYS worries about the worst possible situation and such, and tend to be very tense and stressed. I'm just less worried at the hospital.
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With my first, I just assumed that everyone went to the hospital. It's very difficult to find a hb midwife here. And I honestly think I would have been scared to birth at home just because I didn't know what to expect. As it turned out, I would have ended up in the hospital anyway as I developed pre-eclampsia and needed to be induced.

This time I had several complications arise early on that ensured no midwife would take me. I had already been seeing my ob for infertility treatment and found him to be very supportive of my desire for a natural birth, so it was a very easy decision to birth at the hospital, knowing that I would eventually risk out of a hb anyway.
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Originally Posted by gcgirl View Post
I felt similarly to you - in theory I understand my body should work, but I get really hung up on what-ifs. Plus, I knew I'd relax better in the hospital than at home (odd but true). And I was right. My experience was pretty good overall, though. Nobody tried to push me into epidurals or pain meds or anything, and the staff on that night were really great.

It ultimately comes down to a personal decision. I hope your birth experience is great no matter where you are.
: I totally get this. Maybe it's my inner diva. In the interest of being completely honest, I'll risk being asked to turn in my MDC membership for lack of crunchiness commitment. I think you have to really love the idea of giving birth at home or really hate hospitals. I don't fall into either category and truthfully, the idea of giving birth at my house just isn't appealing to me. I'd prefer the hospital shower to my own shower (where the hot water runs out after fifteen minutes), and the hospital jacuzzi to my 1960s tiny tub or a kiddie pool. Yes, call me a prima donna, but if I'm going to drip, poop, bleed, or gush in any significant quantities, I'd rather it be on hospital linens and linoleum, not my own sheets (and mattress pad cover, and mattress pad) and hardwood floors. For me, babymoon begins with someone else handling this aspect of clean-up because I don't find it romantic at all.
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With my first, I never really considered any other option. If I had, I'm sure I would still have chosen the hospital because it seemed safest.

With my second, I just didn't see any advantage to being at home. Having to deal with guests in my house at the same time I was giving birth didn't sound very relaxing to me. I didn't want to have to think about whether the house was clean enough for the midwife, or whether we had all the supplies we needed. Our local hospital is really small and relaxed, and most people don't get epidurals, and I knew I'd be just as content there as I would be at home. When I'm in pain, it's not like I really care about my surroundings anyway; I'm just focused on what's going on inside.
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With #1, I was 19, it was pre-internet days and I really had no idea that it was an option. When I went into labor I settled into a LazyBoy and had to literally be forced to the hospital though. I wanted to stay right where I was.

By the time I was expecting #2, I knew about midwives and after wanting to stay home so badly with #1 even though I didn't know it was an option, I hired a midwife. Unfortunately my water broke at 34 weeks and I was transferred.

#3 I was in a new state, and where we lived, the homebirth midwives were too far away - 1.5 hours. I thought that a hospital midwife would be a happy medium but I was so wrong. It worked out ok, but only because my midwife was away and the on call OB was more of a midwife than my midwife, ironically enough!

#4, I had just lost my job 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant, the home birth midwives were still nearly 2 hours away, and we had no insurance, no money, etc. I started googling about the internet (by now, there WAS an internet, where the really wasn't with the first 3) and stumbled across some UC sites. A light bulb went off in my head and it made perfect sense to me. I wasn't willing to go to a hospital this time AGAIN anyway and had always been so disappointed at not being able to stay home, so I was thrilled. We had an awesome UC.

Pregnant with #5 now and planning another UC. Unless something changes to give me reason to need professional assistance, I will never go near a hospital again for birth.
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Crystal, I could have written your post when I was pregnant with my first baby. Those were my reasons for choosing a hospital birth. In addition I was under the impression that hospital birth was safer (being low risk and healthy, it is not). Also, our insurance covered it 100%.

Despite the best laid birth plans, a great doula, and using a midwife instead of an OB my birth turned out to be more interventive than I desired. Still vaginal, no episiotomy/vaccum/forceps etc, but not the 100% natural experience I hoped for.

I learned that I do not labor and birth well around strangers, in a strange environment. So this time around, I will birth at home.

If I could go back in time, I would have planned a homebirth for #1. But that may not be the right choice for you. You need to read, read, read and find out what your heart truly desires. Really consider how labor and birth will play out in home vs. the hospital.

As far as DH I don't think you should put his feelings aside totally, but if you end up feeling strongly about homebirth, talking to some midwives and educating him with all the facts, will probably make him feel better about it. I understand that he should have a say but ultimately the decision is yours since you will be the one giving birth, and your body needs safety and comfort to do so.

The bottom line is, you need to birth where YOU will be most comfortable- for some it's in a hospital and for some it's at home. I hope you have a great birth no matter where it is!
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With my first, I just didn't know better. I had no idea that people still had babies at home. My home at the time would not have been appropriate anyway. I lived with a roommate and she often had people over. I didn't even really feel "safe" to labor there, We ended up going and walking around the mall while I was in early labor for that reason. I considered a birth center, but I was honestly not that confident in my ability to forgo pain medication. I had done some reading and knew what I wanted. I thought my wishes would be accomodated at the hospital. That did not happen in the least, and I really feel that had I chosen the birth center I could have avoided my c-section. Live and learn, I guess.

With #2, the only local birth center was ruled out because they VBAC was not an option there. We wanted a home birth, but the cost was truly prohibitive. Insurance covered the hospital. Looking back, I wish we had done whatever necessary to make the home birth happen. I did get my VBAC, though!
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I didn't know that homebirth was an option where I live, as my insurance only covers OB or CNM managed birth in a hospital or birth center.

My experience in the hospital and subsequent education has led me to plan a homebirth with a CPM for our next birth. However, this is my decision and I would never, ever place judgment on any mother who feels more comfortable with a hospital birth. I cannot relax in a hospital with people I don't know during one of the most vulnerable experiences of my life. ALL women deserve better, more personal treatment than what we receive in conventional care. It's unfortunately so rare where I live.
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i couldn't afford a homebirth the first time around but i don't think thats what you are looking for..i didn't choose to hospital birth so i probably shouldn't even respond here

the second and third i was home
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