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my last birth at the hospital was the best exerience anyone could ask for. i was only there for 1 1/2 hrs before i delivered. my midwife did not make me lay in bed. she wouldnt have been able to get me to lay down anyhow. no iv no meds no stitches. i didnt have someone checking me telling "ok, its time to push" i just stood next to the bed and pushed my baby out. i knew i couldnt relax at home caring for my toddler,looking at my messy house, trying to figure out what was for dinner.i'm happy for the waymy experience turned out.
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For DS, I couldn't get a straight answer from my crappy insurance company about whether they would cover the birth center or not, but he came at 35 wks, so it was a moot point anyway.

My labor was so incredibly painful, and my experience with the hospital staff, stay, and birth/recovery/epidural was so positive, that I'm definitely planning on doing it at the hospital again. I had a very positive hospital birth and am very happy with the outcome. I feel thankful that I have access, in this city, to top notch medical facilities. I'll turn in my MDC membership now if needed when I say I'm also really really thankful I had access to the epidural, which, while I was well educated on the risks, was perfect in my experience. No pain, quick recovery, no headache/nausea, I could feel when to push. I look forward to getting one again, if necessary and timely, though I'm also doing hypnobabies too.
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I'm considering a hospital birth after my second extremely painful birth (and first homebirth) so that I'll have access to an epidural if I want one. It's either that or no more kids, and we really want more kids.

If the epidural doesn't work and the birth is as painful as the last one, there won't be any more kids. I hate natural childbirth.
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With my first one, I hadn't even heard that some (well, a few) people homebirthed. I thought you just went to the hospital. For everything I managed to get my hands on and read, I was pretty clueless.

Soon after that birth, I became good friends with a mom who went on to have a HBAC, about a month before I became pregnant again. To my credit, lol, I was about the only one besides her midwives who really encouraged her and told her she could do it while she was pregnant. I was amazed, and that's the story of how homebirth initially landed on my radar.

With ds2, they ruled me out of getting to use the in-hopsital birth center for no good reason at about 32 weeks, and I eventually wanted to UC. I made the mistake of telling the Dr's this when I didn't want to see them anymore. It was further complicated living right next to my mom who worked with these Dr's daily. I was badgered from every angle until I finally agreed to "go along" with them the rest of the pregnancy, for the sake of some peace. Only a few weeks later I had no fight left in me and they pressure/scared me into an induction at 39 weeks right then and there at my last appt.
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I felt alot like you for the two hosp births that I had. I was attended by midwives at both so I didn't feel the pressure for unnessesary interventions. Also, my first birth was in virginia where midwives were not allowed to attend homebirths and I wasn't really up for a free birth with my first one, let alone my dh. I have the same feelings as you about the abilities of my body but dh has many ifs. He is an amazing man and would never in a million years MAKE or FORCE me to do a single thing, no matter what it was, and so I feel I owe him that same respect here. We have had wonderful experiences at both births, we came in, quickly delivered, refused nursery care, and left a few hours after delivering. Honestly, I would change a thing about my past births.
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I had a homebirth with DD and it was an amazing experience!

With ds our only option was UC or black market midwifery and I wasn't comfortable with either. DD got stuck and went into fetal distress (I was the second patient in 20 years that the doctor did an episiotomy for) and I wanted someone there in case DS also got stuck. I had a midwife and my hospital experience was also amazing.

I would still love to have a homebirth, but this baby will be born at the same hospital as DS with a doctor attending (midwife got a new job elsewhere).
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I have a few reasons, but mostly I could not find a midwife that did homebirths in my area. I started out with a CNM for prenantal care, but then the hospital changed their policies and no longer allowed them to deliver babies there anymore. I would have switched to a different hospital, but this one was already 40-ish minutes away from my home. I had also already paid in advance for my prenantal care and what was supposed to be a vaginal delivery since I didn't have insurance until later on in the pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by ~sweet pea~ View Post
: I totally get this. Maybe it's my inner diva. In the interest of being completely honest, I'll risk being asked to turn in my MDC membership for lack of crunchiness commitment. I think you have to really love the idea of giving birth at home or really hate hospitals. I don't fall into either category and truthfully, the idea of giving birth at my house just isn't appealing to me...
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I'll turn in my MDC membership now if needed when I say I'm also really really thankful I had access to the epidural, which, while I was well educated on the risks, was perfect in my experience. No pain, quick recovery, no headache/nausea, I could feel when to push. I look forward to getting one again, if necessary and timely, though I'm also doing hypnobabies too.
Nah, MDC isn't ALL about HBs and UCs and stuff! I think the spirit of this community is about respecting ourselves and our bodies and knowing what's right for US. We're educated and wise women who are not afraid to stand up for what we want and need. And if that means we have made the choice to have a hospital birth, or an epidural, or a UC waterbirth, whatever we choose should be what's right for us and not just what the crowd mentality leads us to believe.

I think it's awesome that there are mamas on here who've had positive hospital births. You just HAVE to be in the right place in your heart and mind before doing a homebirth, and if you aren't then it's not for you. Absolutely no shame in that!

My first - well, I was active-duty military back in the day when you didn't have a choice. You get pregnant, you go to the hospital to birth. End of story. It was a terrible experience.

Second - I took a Lamaze class with a midwife at a birth center, and honestly if she'd clicked with me on a personal level, I'd have probably gone with the birth center that time. After all my very first experience with birth as a 7-year old was watching my SIL birth my oldest nephew in her home, on her couch, with her MW. Homebirths were not a foreign concept for me, but I didn't have the level of self-confidence needed to attempt it just then.

Third - I did the same hospital with the same doc (even the same room) as I did with #2, because it never occurred to me to do something else. DS was only 15 months old, DD#1 was 3-1/2, and I was too tired to care about how it happened. I know that sounds bad, but I was also quite young. The epidurals, by the way, never worked for me. My transition goes so fast, and I have a slight curvature to my spine, that it just never took, in any of the attempts.

Fourth - different state, different DH, different frame of mind - and no insurance. Birth center was cheaper and I loved the MW. So I ditched the hospital mindset and went with the birth center.

Fifth - I took the plunge entirely and went with the homebirth. I loved it so much it actually hurt me to think I would not be able to do it with #6... but after I left the H, my options were much more open and now I WILL be able to HB with my best friend and a different, but much-loved MW.

Like PPs have said, it's what's best for you. Your birth can be beautiful no matter where it happens... it's all in how you view it. Besides, the birth is not the most important thing - the BABY is.
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First time, i didn't know there was an option. Second time, I was terrified that my horrible first birth was an indication my body couldn't do it. 3rd time, I felt guilty spending the money out of pocket.
Finally did a homebirth for number 4. I try not to regret the other births, but I won't ever go back to a hosp. if I can avoid it. Though 2and3 weren't bad experiences at all.
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Because we had an emergency transfer from our planned homebirth.

The birth part was sort of stereotypical hospital, with a bunch of random strangers crowding around and yelling, "Push! Push!" and the immediate postpartum was more of the same, with somebody trying to take my baby away every twenty minutes for some stupid reason. At least the birth itself, I had my regular midwife, who made a safe little space around me, and I had the kind of birth I wanted (vaginal, no pain meds).

I'm not sure how I'll do it this time.
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I've had two hospital births. I'd love to have a homebirth but I don't think it's in the cards for us, unless we UC and I don't know if dh/I can get over that hump.

#1 - While the women in my family all do NCB, only one was an out-of-hospital birth (surprise UC). So I went with the OB she'd used (we live in the same community) -- home birth didn't occur to me as an option (I suppose that I figured that, other than 'accidents,' it was illegal - and that's pretty much the way the law reads in my state. No assisted homebirths here).

#2 - Our OB is from the midwife model; we went ahead with our second at the hospital. Go when it's time, give birth about an hour later, no interventions at all (other than a hospital gown and IV for my heart condition - abx).

For me the real problem with my hospital births has been the afterwards stuff - the nurses checking me every other hour, and checking the baby every between hour; so there's no rest at all. I was able to cosleep with SJ in my room, but it certainly was NOT restful to have the nurses popping in all the time!!!

Honestly I'd love an assisted homebirth. And I think I could get dh on board with that (will be watching The Business of Being Born with him soon, he's already leaning more towards homebirth). We pay out-of-pocket for our births, so a $10,000+ hospital birth just is craaazy.

We've talked about me and the girls relocating to my aunt's in the next state and birthing with a lay midwife at her home, or else at the birth center there (much cheaper than our hospital here). I labor too quickly to try to drive that far --- and again, not so certain that a UC is something we'd want to transition to (yet?). But then, I hear the horror stories about medically-minded midwives, and nurses, etc. and --- hard as it may be to believe, my OB really is awesome. NCB, pro-extended bf, no episiotomies, will delay cord clamping.... If we could get him to do a home delivery, I'd be really happy!

I do think that even if we do have a hospital birth next time, we may discuss with Ped and OB and check out immediately after delivery rather than put up with all the interruptions etc. from staff. I'd be far more relaxed just at home in my own bed with my baby!There is a part of me which hopes that by the time we're ready to have another baby, dh is ready for us to 'accidentally' have a baby at home. Just go to the hospital to be checked out, and come home.
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i had a hospital birth with my ds because i was young (18), kinda scared and not very informed of all my birth choices. i thought a homebirth would be lovely, but couldn't get past the 'what-ifs'. i was naive enough to think that my OB and the nurses would listen to all of my requests. i am having a homebirth this time. my dh was not very comfortable with the idea at first but i've spent a lot of time educating him about it. i don't think that homebirth is right for every woman. what's more important is that the woman be happy and comfortable with where she is giving birth and having attendants (if she chooses to have any) that respect her wishes. if i were to have another hospital birth for whatever reason, i would definitely be a lot more picky about which hospital based on how mother and baby friendly they are. granted, where we live now we actually have a choice of hospitals, which wasn't really the case where we lived when ds was born.
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Because I didn't realize homebirth was an option. And because of that I set in motion the events that lead to 5 c-sections. If I could do it all again I'd never so much as see an MD. I caution anyone thinking of having a hospital birth for their first to make sure they take future births into consideration as well. Don't limit your future options, learn more about homebirth.

Just my 2 cents.
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I've had 4 hospital births.

I delivered at the hospital with my first because I didn't really consider another option. I had an okay birth experience. Not
a horror story, but not great either. I was unprepared and the
very small community hospital I delivered at had 10 deliveries in 24 hours, so things were busy. I had a pph, so I guess it was a good thing I delivered at the hospital.

I delivered my second at a different, larger hospital, partially because I had some complications early in the pregnancy, and partially because the previous pph scared me. I was induced because I was showing signs of pih. The other factor that played into my decision is that I had a toddler at home, and I wanted the time to recover before I got thrown back into the housekeeping and childcare thing, since DH didn't get any time off after the baby was born. I had a good experience there.

The births of my 3rd and 4th were at the same hospital, only with epidurals because I knew DH was going to be in and out of the room. Again, good experiences, other than vitals checks and daily checkups, they pretty much let me be.
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Because the birth option I had planned on (freestanding birthing center with a midwife) wasn't available. Hospital with an OB was all that my insurance covered, and I didn't know enough about homebirth to be cool with it. A mistake, in retrospect.

If a birthing center was available now, I'd definitely go for it (I don't think my tiny cluttered apartment is a terribly nice place to birth and would *much* rather go somewhere else). Since it isn't, I'm doing a homebirth this time.
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I had an OB attended hospital birth, because, well, that's just what you *do,* right? I read, I researched, but I liked my OB, had heard good things about the hospital, and overall had a good birth experience.

We're in a small, 2-bedroom condo with neighbors upstairs, downstairs and on both sides. I don't want to deal with a homebirth here.

I'm planning a midwife-attended hospital birth with this little one. So far, I really like the MW. Have heard excellent things from like-minded mamas about this hospital.

There's only one birth center around here, and while DH and I would be willing to look into it, our insurance won't cover it.
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I had a hospital birth with my first because I was brainwashed by our culture into believing it was the only safe route to go. I thought homebirth was only something freaky celebrities and hippies did. I didn't know anyone IRL who had had a homebirth, or even heard of someone who knew someone who'd had one.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I started reading some of the actual statistics on homebirth and also about interventions in hospitals. I got really paranoid about not being able to get a NCB in a hospital or ending up with a c-section. I realized, intellectually, that hb was safe. I have a stats background, and the MANA study is pretty darn convincing. But, I still wasn't in a mental space where I could see a homebirth for myself. It was just such a FOREIGN concept. And I also wouldn't have known where to begin looking for a mw (I'd never even heard of Mothering at that point!). Although, it turns out I could've just looked in the phone book.

I had a good hospital birth with ds1. I hired a doula and had confidence in my doc (a family practitioner, so more like a mw than an OB philosophically). But afterwards, I realized I really didn't need to be there. Birthing at the hospital gave me confidence to trust that my body really knew what it was doing, and all the hospital stuff just got in the way. Plus, I later joined LLL and actually met several mothers who had homebirths, and I was just awed by their stories.

It's funny how life changes. I'm now part of a natural parenting group, with about 5 of us all due around the same time, and we're ALL having homebirths, lol! So, now hb has become normalized for me and I wonder why anyone would choose a hospital!
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I had a hospital birth because there weren't any homebirth midwives in my area when we lived in NY. Instead I got a great midwife and had an awesome hospital birth the way I wanted it. No IV, no drugs being offered, no pushy nurses. I got to eat and drink, I labored and birthed exactly how I wanted to. Everyone present wanted to see me succeed in getting my waterbirth, and I did. I'm sure it was much like a free standing birth center rather than a hospital birth. That being said, I know my experience is rare, and it has cemented the idea that normal birth should stay at home. Most hospitals will not be supportive of the birth I had. Plus is sucked having to get dressed to drive to the hospital when I could have just stayed at home naked
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i was dead set on home birth after being enlightened by a friend's experience. her story was amazing and that was what i wanted... just do what all my grandparents and aunts did and just have 'em at home.

so when i finally DID get pg, dh was adamantly against it and there was not alot that would convince him. i tried to just wait it out and do it anyway (haha...like he wouldn't notice or something).

anyway i ended up having some complications that put baby in distress (very odd position, heart rate dangeroulsy low) and almost had to have c.s. but had a very good dr. who did everything he could to keep that from happening and did, indeed. his father was a babycatcher in the caribbean and he knows his stuff and was never invasive.my mom thought he was "negligent" because he thought certain tests/procedures were unnecesary. lol.

i was disappointed with certain nurses though... they treated me like i was stupid because i refused medication and wanted to walk around... the dr. let me do whatever i wanted, though.

by the time it was over, i didn't care where or how he got out... i was just glad he was alive and there was no damage done to either of us.

btw: pitocin, i am convinced, is a distillation of pure evil. that's really the only other bad thing... that and the nurses trying to give the baby formula even though his isolette had a sheet of paper with BREAST plastered on the side... geeze. that was a fight... had a little jaundice so they said i couldn't bf. i showed them, though. that's one thing i got my way with
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I just didn't realize how much better homebirth was. I had never attended one. I didn't attend my first homebirth til after my hospital birth, which was pretty good but could have been much better had I stayed home. Once I saw the deep respect for birth that is present in that environment, I knew I could never go back to the hospital. I regret having had a hospital birth, especially since my husband would have supported whatever I wanted.
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