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I'm interviewing this week with a woman who has had recurring ureaplasma. Has had 3 HB's with this and no problems, though they did use hiba cleanse in the water during the last because it was active. I have no experience with it; anyone else out there know anything about it and/or have any cautions, etc?
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it can be a cause of pelvic pain and is associated with preterm labor--- it can also cause uterine infection post partum-- it is a fairly common critter but the concern is "infection" when it is overgrown
(Zithromax) is what I have seen most frequently RX in recent years to treat it

working on keeping healthy flora is still important and needed
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I had urea plasma infection with my first pregnancy, which ended with my son being born at 29 weeks. I had no issues with my second birth and delivered her at home. I can be related to preterm labour, but not always, or so that is what the neonatologist told us.
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That's what the info I've been reading on it has said. I know she's spent a significant amount of time on bedrest during past pregnancies. Hopefully we can avoid any flair ups this time around. She's got a secondary provider to help keep an eye on her condition, so between the two of us hopefully we can ease her through.
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the reason that there isn't just a standard treatment is because treating an infection doesn't change the stress/prostaglandins triggered same with having gum disease increase in irritating prostaglandins any how killing off a bunch of critters won't create balance so the studies haven't shown prevention/improvement by using abx treatment but - there is a big German study that shows healthy pH and flora change can help be preventive -- so keeping vaginal pH 3.8-4.3 is helpful-- vaginal pH of 4.5 and above more dangerous.
live culture lactobacillus that has H2O2 producing strains help to keep the pH the right levels
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