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Ultra sound today...long post

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We had our first u/s today. I'm 6 weeks today. We saw the gestational sac and a little bean! It was pretty cool. We did not see a heartbeat though and the radiologist came in and totally freaked me out. He said it was of some concern...went on to say that we really should see it. I cried as soon as I left the office. We have been TTC for 2 and half years. I was on clomid and we did our third IUI when we finally conceived. I don't think I can handle losing this baby. Well we went to talk to my dr right after. He said he is not at all worried, 6 weeks is the very beginning of when we can start to see the heartbeat on u/s. I felt much better but I'm still worried. He said things change so much that if we did it tomorrow we would likely see the heartbeat. Anyway, we are going to do it in one week again and hope all goes well. keep us in your thoughts.
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Easier said than done but try not to worry! Sounds like your doc is the one to listen to here

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Try not to stress too much. That radiologist is an idiot, why would he think it's OK to scare a new mommy like that! Listen to your doc.
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I had some spotting when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was 6.5 weeks pregnant and went in for an ultrasound, and they didn't expect to see a heartbeat that early. On the way in, the technician said, "Don't get upset if we don't see a heartbeat. You can't always see it this early." We did, but apparently it only happens that early maybe half the time.

So please try not to stress. Take care of yourself.
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Some Dr's just have no tact. Try not to stress. I remember with my first my midwife couldnt find the heartbeat on the doppler at 13 weeks and then made me wait 4 more weeks-everything turned out just fine, but it was hard.

I hope this week flies by for you.
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6 weeks is very early to see a heartbeat. It also depends on the tech and the equipment too. Sounds like that radiologist was inexperienced. Try to relax. Everything else about your little bean was ok yes? Sounds fine to me. ::
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I agree with the ladies here, six weeks is kind of early. I can only go to my first prenatal visit when I'll be eleven weeks. That's the norm where I live. The radiologist was an idiot. Listen to your doctor, he sounds like he knows what he's talking about. Best wishes and keep us posted
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Thanks you guys. I'm trying to focus on the Doctors word that everything looked good. Everything else was as it should be. As a new mom I don't know what is normal or what to expect. I will be going in next week for a second u/s. I know that many women do not do u/s this early but we have been through so much to get this far that I wanted some reassurance that everything was ok. He said the fact that I've been sick and that my boobs have been so soar tells him more then the u/s anyway! I will disregard the dumb u/s tech!

Thanks for your support!
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The u/s tech should not have said anything like that, honestly. They're not supposed to offer ANY kind of diagnosis or medical commentary, as I understand it. Besides, everyone here is right, 6 weeks is absolutely very early and hopefully your next visit will prove the tech very wrong.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Not in your DDC ( I am due in January) however I had an u/s at 6 weeks, 1 day that showed no heartbeat. Then today at 8 weeks, 1 day we had a strong, good heartbeat. 6 weeks is a touch early to see a heartbeat. Apparently the machine, the size of the mother and the position of the uterus can impact the ability to see it that early. We were very worried but got our relief today. I would wait 1-2 weeks and try again. Try not to worry too much, especially if you still are getting good hcg results and have other strong pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts.
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I will say a prayer for you! Keep us updated!
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