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Crafty Tribe!!

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Come one, come all crafters to chat and discuss crafting in the CRAFTY TRIBE. All craft-related banter welcome, but please remember swaps, co-ops, business posts, advertising, etc should not take place on this thread.

Welcome!! Maybe we should re-introduce ourselves? I'm Grace, I make bath products, do collage, and thrift and repurpose stuff. I am currently looking into book-making and paper-making as new craft outlets.
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: I am actually new to the craft momas tribe. But I do just about all of the craft swaps. I am huge into crafting. It is way cheaper than therapy.

I am Candice, I love to sew (children's things mostly, I HATE patterns so I make up my own most of the time), I also love to scrapbook (and card making) I love photography (kind of goes with scrapbooking I guess) and I have a ton of beads and hemp for jewelry making which is a blast.

My new journey is embroidery. I would love to teach myself how to do it. I think it is beautiful and I love the history behind it : I have fond memories of some of my mothers work.
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I'd like to learn to embroider too. It just seems so...civilized, you know? Like a lost art. And I really really wish I could sew, but I've tried, and it just makes me crazy.
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Hand Embroidery is so hard for me to get. My little stitches look so sad.

Now machine embroidery.... that's a different story. I : my embroidery machine, even though it's a PITA sometimes.
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I do a little of this and that. I agree, crafting is cheaper than therapy! When I'm not working or dissertating, you can find me making soap, knitting, crocheting, making fun toys and jewelry out of felt, embroidering, sewing (I too hate patterns), making stuffed animals, painting, scrap booking, and repurposing just about everything in order to save money and prove how clever I am! I hand make nearly all my gifts. My current passion is also to find cool craft projects to do with my soon to be 2 DS. Crafters Rock!
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I'm here! Right now I'm working on some "abstract quilt" notecards. I'm so happy with how they are turning out!

I sew, I dye, I knit mediocrely (is that a word?) I cook.
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I love sewing, scrapbooking, embroidery, applique, making dolls and more. I've done a bit of knitting, but I don't have the patience to do it "right" (i.e. I never make that swatch you are supposed to make). I am also a really slow knitter. But I did make a pair of mittens once that turned out cute! I would love to learn how to knit socks someday.

My latest project was sewing some curtains for our playstructure so the kids wouldn't be looking into our neighbors' yards when they are up there. They turned out cute and make it like a little playhouse up there.
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I am here too, I was so confused about how the tribe is in Arts and Crafts and not in the tribal area..lol

I'm Kara-I felt(both wet and needle), I am a beginner seamstress(notice the word STRESS in there..yeah..lol), I like to try to do scrapbooking stuff, I make vinyl decals of all shapes and sorts, I make custom flash cards, I am semi-good at dyeing things, I can cook lots of yummy stuff when it isn't a million degrees here!

I love to learn new stuff and am a VERY visual learner, so video tutorials are my friend

This group of FAB mamas has inspired me to do great things(or at least in my own mind! LOL)- I : this group!

I am working on all kinds of projects right now that I haven't done before like a felt mailbox set like one I have that was WAAAYY overpriced..lol..some fabric notebook covers, necklace stringing,

I host the Crafty People Unite yahoo group too(where all kinds of things we aren't supposed to talk about here are rampant..lol), click on the smilie in my signature for a link to the group!
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Hi, I'm Jenny. I sew mostly but I also really enjoy hand embroidery and marble dyeing.

I'd love to learn knitting and crocheting but whenever I look at knit or crochet patterns my head hurts. Maybe someday...
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Jenny~ I'm the same way about knitting patterns. I'm almost stubbornly refusing to learn how to read them. So I just knit big pieces of flat fabric that I then sew and felt into bags.
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Do any of you shop at Michael's for your craft supplies? 50% off any one item until Saturday.
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HI lovelies!
I'm here. I'm Saamy. I make stuff of the crafty persuasion. I'm tired and need a nap, so I'll dish more later.
Oh! And I just found my scroll saw in the garage! I thought I wouldnt be able to make wood toys, but maybe now I can. It was waaaay back in the corner, not in its case! My baby! Thats what I get for letting my babysitter's boyfriend clean our garage for extra $$. Now my lil saw is packed in its case where it belongs, but I did just roam the woods and started cutting for a small treehouse/gnome home. yay. ok, gotta go
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Im here, Im here!

Ill be back! Off to sit in a girl scouts leaders meeting
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I'm sooooo excited about all the wool sweaters I've just received! I'm making bunches of longies and some capris with pockets! I'll post photos when finished!
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Oh Saamy, I love the idea of a little gnome home! I can't wait to see pictures!
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Joining! I love crafting things. I make wool playfood out of wool sweaters and blankets I find at the thrift store. I do those by hand with the blanket stitch using perle cotton embroidery floss from JoAnn's.

I scrapbook and make cards, when I have time and table space. I am learning how to dye clothes.

I also machine sew, but only really easy things like pillowcases, curtain panels, etc. I am terrible at sewing clothes, or using a pattern.

I am interested in all natural toys and kids clothes, and I am learning slowly. I am trying to replace all the plastic toys with things my DD will actually play with a lot.

I also like to repurpose things I find at garage sales, paint old stuff and things like that. I have done a little woodworking, but I don't have many tools yet.
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hi I'm Dara. not much time to post now, but will be back!
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Originally Posted by Tilia View Post
I also like to repurpose things I find at garage sales, paint old stuff and things like that. I have done a little woodworking, but I don't have many tools yet.
I am doing this too! I am custom painting a crib and changing table probably this weekend. I can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it when I am done

And I am making a kitchen and grocery store from old entertainment centers too!
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I'd like to join in too! My name is Amanda. I paint, scrapbook, embroider, and I am "trying" to learn to knit and sew!!
Originally Posted by Tilia View Post
I also like to repurpose things I find at garage sales, paint old stuff and things like that.
I am just starting to get into this too!

So is anyone planning what to make for Christmas gifts (or is that a whole thread in itself )
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I'm thinking about it...Christmas gifts, that is. I've got four LOs so I should probably get going.

The husband wants me to make traditional kilts for everyone......he's nuts.
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