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Originally Posted by sunanthem View Post
Oh, and good to see you Frog!!
Thanks! Nice to be missed and I'm definitely out here, crafting away.
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I hate to ask, Frog, but could you edit that post? The mods have been pretty clear that discussion of swaps isn't allowed in these tribal threads, and I don't want us to get shut down.
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Originally Posted by avengingophelia View Post
I hate to ask, Frog, but could you edit that post? The mods have been pretty clear that discussion of swaps isn't allowed in these tribal threads, and I don't want us to get shut down.
Yes, I can. I didn't realize it was a problem. Sorry!
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I'm confused about the no swap talk. I understand not organizing swaps outside of the TP,

"3. Swaps, co-ops, free for shipping posts, trades, and for sale posts are not allowed. If money or goods are changing hands in any way, it must take place in the Trading Post. You can read more about the TP guidelines here. Likewise, you may not advertise your business or services or fundraise."

but is it really not allowed to say "I made such and such for the craft swap"? I don't think that is breaking any rules. Perhaps a mod can elaborate what is and is not permitted? I certainly don't want to contribute in any way to getting the thread shut down and would like to clearly understand what is permitted.

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Hey Kat, I am enjoying today's second bowl of your awesome granola. Any chance you could pass on your recipe?
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I stated above what was decided by admin. Perhaps you missed it :
Also, all references to swapping, selling, trading, etc. (be it *wink wink* or blatant) that are taking place here on MDC or elsewhere on the 'net will be deleted and would get this thread removed again.
Without detail, such discussion (that deviated from the guidelines created by admin) is what closed the previous thread. This thread is take two.

If there are further questions, please send a PM. (that's another UA rule. ) And besides, it's getting us OT. Though FYI, the 'why' behind MDC's rules has to be asked of the administrators (in green), since they are the ones who make the rules along with Peggy O'Mara.
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In the biggest bowl you have, pile in lots of rolled oats, add nuts & seeds of choice, a bit of vegetable oil, salt, & liquid sweetener (like honey, maple syrup, barley malt, or rice syrup) I usually use maple syrup. Maybe about 1/2cup? Enough so the oats look damp but not dripping, you don't want them swimming in it. Add a tab or two of brown sugar if you like, if not, it's just as good without it, a splash of vanilla extract & some cinnamon to taste (ground ginger is yummy too) Spread on the biggest cookie pan you have. Put in oven (about 300degrees) for 10min. Take out, stir and put back in for another 10. You want to smell the nuts toasting, but don't let it get too dark, this stuff can blacken on you quick! Take out & stir in dried fruits of choice. Those dehydrated berries (like just organic strawberries) are a YUMMY change. I think that's it. Eat it with fresh berries & vanilla yogurt!
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Darling, I am really not much of a cook. Any chance you could be a bit more specific?

In the granola you sent me, I believe i can pick out the following ingredients:
sliced almonds
sunflower seeds
some other small seeds(?)
some larger seeds (pumpkin?)
some kind of dried fruit (cherries?)

But what else? Honey or maple syrup? Brown sugar? Ginger? What kind of oil?
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Try this:

4 cups rolled oats
1/2c sliced almonds
1/4c flax or sesame seeds (yours were flax)
1/4c pumpkin seeds
1/4c sunflower seeds
2 teas cinnamon
2 teas vanilla
1/2c vegetable oil (peanut, canola, etc)
1/4c maple syrup
1 T brown sugar

Mix above ingredients until combined. Bake at 300 deg on greased baking sheet for 10 minutes. Take out, stir, return to oven for additional 10 minutes.
Remove & stir in 1cup of dried fruit (yours were cherries).
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Now that I can do. Thank you!
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Today I am thinking of ways I can use my funky colored wool sweaters, since they aren't food colored. I am going to try that wool elephant I saw somewhere on here. I am trying to think of other toys I can make. I am also going to think up a roll-up checkboard. All of my wool is really thick from felting, so we will see.

I laughed out loud yesterday at the thrift store. They were asking $9.49 for an off-white wool tie-front sweater. It was name brand, but come on, its June. Regular price, the sweaters are $3.38.
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This is the same problem I run into. Wool sweaters never get cheap here. I've felted and cut up the ones I just got. I set one aside for me to wear....too cute to cut! Maybe I'll try an elephant. Do you have a pattern?
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Wool sweaters are always cheap here. Never needed.
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Oh, and no pattern, but I think this is the elephant? I love it so much.
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That elephant is really cute. I don't have any striped sweaters yet, but maybe I can find some this winter. I have a bright blue one that I used in my blueberry pancakes, an eggplant colored one, and a light blue one. Why I bought them, I will never know. I even bought them with food in mind.

In the winter here, I can find wool for a quarter. Usually its really old gross sweaters and the cashiers probably wonder why the heck I am buying them.
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I like this one too. Mine will probably look more like him, only blue with the blanket stitch. I'm not that good on the sewing machine yet to sew wool.
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I might try this cute monkey.
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Hello! I'm Liane, can I join? I like to make stuff but usually get easily distracted. I'm into sewing now but do lots of other stuff. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to try that granola recipe, it sounds delicious.
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Go to it, Liane! You really can't mess up granola as long as you don't let it burn. I made the best peanut butter cookies yesterday......

I get distracted easily too. I'll be working on a project, especially when I'm sewing and then I'll get this "fabulous idea" and "wouldn't that piece of fabric make a great_____!"

And off I go abandoning what I was originally doing.

Now, off to load up 4 kids & grampa in the car for some grocery shopping! (wish me luck!)
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Originally Posted by rajahkat View Post
Now, off to load up 4 kids & grampa in the car for some grocery shopping! (wish me luck!)
Oh wow, *faints*.

I have a Hanna dress that has a hole in it and its truly not wearable. The cute ruffled trim is intact. What can I make with it? I thought about making a dollie pillowcase, or a dollie dress. Its a floral print.
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