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Kids discussing/arguing about vaccines.

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DS is 6yo and DD is 11yo. DS teacher has made general vax statements where I finally had to discuss it with her. why would you argue a 6yo when he insists he never had a shot, even if you assume he is lying? But otherwsie she is a great teacher, so we worked that out. I told DS many times to leave it and not discuss the issue-but he hates when someone tells him he is wrong... Fine.

I have always discussed the issue with DD who was vaxed until age 4. I tell her to PLEASE stop discussing religion and vaccines (never in the same conversation though) at school! The biggest issue is she does tends to speak to factually when she has the "facts" mixed up. And has the habit of fibbing a bit to cover her mistake-this does not help. Well, the school senta note hoem a month or so ago saying how all kids entering 6th grade need some shots. I have my letter ready and (I am sending tomorrow-I kept putting it off as she has been on file for vaxed thus far, unlike DS. Appaarently many of her friends are gettign their shots now and talking about them. I have taught her that there are times to smile and nod. Nope, she argues. I explained I know it can be frustrating but she must educate herself before she talks too much! I also explained that it takes years of reading and coming to conclusions before knowing what is fact! It is so frustrating.

Anyone else?
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I think it is the age.............really argumentive stage of life.

Because of the vax push we are giving the kids more intense study of them. It has helped.
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im sorry..i know it must seem frustrating to you, but its cute that your kids are advocating. i dont think there is anything you can do that you arent doing already. just dont let your kids know any weaknesses of your exemption.
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I remind them that the practice is against our personal religion/spiritual beliefs. We no longer attend a church and both my kids run at the mention of "going to church". That is a completely different topic of course!

Thing is they both have been sworn not to bring up the topic with very doctor obsessed, overmedicating Grandma! So far, so good... *cross fingers*
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