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My children are 13, 10, and 7. My youngest is vax free.

I have been reading again. We are doing more education with the kids. On tenus when you are injured they want to give you a tetnus shot. I know that was/is useless. I know they should get the tetnus immugoblin. But I read something that said that was only useful if they had been previously vax'ed.

Can some one help clear the matter up for me.
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So your question is whether or not the tetanus immunoglobulin (sp?) (the shot they give after possible exposure) is ineffective unless the person has had previous tetanus shots? I don't know for sure (not a doc) but that sounds like bad information. I compare it to the rabies shot. We don't get rabies vaccines, but if you are bitten by a stray animal, they give you the shots---and yes, they work. I have a friend whose kid didn't get a tetanus shot until they ended up in the ER with a deep nail puncture injury. It was not a big deal and they did give her the shot at that time.
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TIG is useful if there is a wound that's a tetanus concern. Vax status doesn't matter.

If they HAVE been vaxed before with tetanus, then a tetanus vax is sometimes used instead or as well to boost their immunity.

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one more piece of info: The DTaP does not have thimerosal but the DT does.
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FYI: You only get tetanus if you cut yourself, deeply, on something that is currently buried in the soil or feces. If you cut yourself with a knife, scrape against a barbed wire fence, or step on a nail that's on your deck, you're generally not going to get tetanus. Tetanus bacteria are anaerobic, and cannot live in the presence of air.
Tetanus was always biggest in rural areas, not that it was ever that big in the first place.
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