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Anyone planning on Black Friday thrifting?
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Um, I don't think very many thrift stores are open tomorrow here.
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Ours all took out ads saying they'd be open.
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I hadn't planned on it, but stopped by anyway. Everything was 50% off. My favorite find was a pair of Lands End rain boots for my daughter. $3
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I went to the one near my job and nothing was calling me.
last week i hit the 50 % off and got some wool sweaters, a blanket, some little girl dresses, a 4.99 wooden table for the girls play room, salad spinner 1.99, brita water pitcher .99 etc. i hit the lottery lol
all for around 15, but there was more, oh, a care bear that is the modern one for 99cents and 2 playskool chairs. lol
i forgot some, should have posted when i got them lol
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We went thrifting today, sort of by accident. I got a nice heavy organic cotton long-sleeves Patagonia shirt for .99, and Rain got a cute Betsy Johnson shirt for .99. We also got a brand new French press for $3.50. I think she got some other stuff, too, but that's all I remember.

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I ended up thrifting today although I didn't think I would. I found a really cute soap dish in the shape of an elephant on its back (trunk up!!). I also found three of those metal cabinet extenders (the kind that clip on to a shelf and basically add a shelf) and a rack for canned goods.

This is good, because I have been contemplating getting some additional cabinetry added to my tiny little kitchen.
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Can I join too? I love thrifting, and today at the Goodwill 40% off sale I got quite a bit, but my favorite was this toy in like new condition for $1.00 http://www.amazon.com/Plan-Toys-1355...922247&sr=1-37 It will make a fantastic present for my toddler this Christmas! I also picked up a bunch more vintage pyrex (I'm running out of room for this) a few storage baskets and bins, games for the kids, some french made (tempered glass/bakelite) saucepans and pots, a stepstool (yay, I needed one badly) and a few kids books and Bob books http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_t?...+books&x=0&y=0 for 10 cents each.
There is more I can't think of, but honestly I am just super happy with my score today because the thrift stores around here are very picked over and expensive. I felt that thrift store rush today that I haven't felt in a long time!
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Vintage Pyrex? Gosh, I haven't seen any of that forever. When I do see it, it's in fancier stores for more than I want to pay. Good for you!
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So I decided on my home from something else that I really wanted a "new" winter coat in a nice bright blue color. I stopped at the thrift store and found just what I needed! It is even blue. And I found a LandsEnd coat for my dd that fits her now but will fit her even better when she grows out of her current one next year. And I bought this for a friend because it was so cute I could not pass it up: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GYUY9C. They also have these amazing swiveling desk chairs that would make me feel like I was a business tycoon if I had one. And I want one. Can I justify it, though....
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Today, I thrifted.

Best find? Two of these sets, new-in-box, $12.99 each. Not phenomenal, maybe, but great gifts and MUCH cheaper than they would be otherwise. I also found some great new PJs for a friend's Christmas gift for $9.99, some mugs for shaving sets for $0.99 each, etc. Not a bad day.

AND a vintage doll house kitchen furniture set. All in its original box. I'm guessing it's circa early 60s, but I can't find it online anywhere. Amazing. $2.99.
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I find a lot of vintage Pyrex in my area, I am also running out of room for it. That and Fire King-LOVE it!! I have a bunch of bowls, casseroles and other dishes all from yard sales and our Senior center they just have some great stuff.
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I'm about to head out to the church thrift store and I'll report back with my finds!
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I went last week and came away with 2 wool blankets (a single and a double), $20 each.

-a mini muffin pan $1.99
-a heavy stainless steel ice cream scooper, the kind that has the sweeping arm $3.99. I know this sounds pricey, but its a good brand that normally retails for $15-18, not including taxes.
- a kids spelling/phonics/music playing computer $7.99
-a chrismas dress for Dd#2, in EUC for $1.99

Thats probably the most I've ever spent thrift shopping.
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I did pretty good today:
- A pair of black pants 2.98 (for work)
- A pair of tan pants .99 (casual)
- A shirt for DD 1.99 (Apparently the 3Ts don't cover her belly)

And I am proud of myself for putting back:
- 2 puzzles for DD. I realy wish she would do puzzles, but she doesn't like too. So we'll work with the ones we have before I try new ones.
- A set of Legos. They were a good deal, but we didn't need them. I've been trying to find spaces for the existing toys, and she has a variety of blocks. Someone else can have that bargain!
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I had a good lunch time thrift today. I bought:
  • 10 mugs for shaving sets, $0.39 each--8 new white ones and two funky vintage ones
  • An EUC vintage 70s Santa World Wooden Circus Train for $1.50
  • a NIP set of 100 Learning Tree wooden blocks, $1.50
  • a really cool vintage tin pitcher for plant watering, $0.50
  • three awesome heavy bottomed highball glasses, $0.39 each
  • a couple of cool glass jars for food storage/sugar scrubs, $0.50 each
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I was able to get 6 shirts for DD (who now needs 4T and 5T) and 2 casual shirts for me, plus a book for swapping, for $9.59. YEAH! I was really on the lookout for an easel, but clothes are good too!
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Ok- we moved last winter (actually had things ON The Truck New Years Eve), so I got rid of lots of wrapping paper and such that I knew would not survive the move.. I saved some paper gift bags that would fold flat, but really didn't want to pack things that would end up as junk, kwim?

So when I went through Christmas boxes, I realized I would need to shop to wrap gifts this year.. I have decided it is a good time to break my wrapping paper tendencies...

the first weren't so frugal- but if you give me a minute-

I bought

*wrapsacks from ebay that were cheaper than the website
*wrapsacks locally that were also on sale (tried to get more holiday colors)
Then I went to a thrift store

found a bunch of fabric gift bags for about $.40-$1 each. I found a cool reversible bag from Nordstroms, a fabric bag that looks like a wrapsack without the tie, tiny little ones for like earrings or something (maybe they were wedding favors?), some bigger canvasy type ones (maybe had building blocks or something inside)?, and some velvet ones (reminded me of something that liquor might have come in at one time)..

They also had zippered pillow shams which I thought might make good gift bags if you put the gift standing up in the bottom, zipped the top and added a tie midway ala tootside roll.. but the pillows were kind of ugly- just stored the idea away for sometime when I find pillow shams that are dressier looking..

I stopped at Michaels' craft store and found some HUGE feltlike bags with ties in specifically holiday themes.. really cute Santas and Frosties, and snowflakes.. $2.99 each..

I can just reuse them and reuse them.. If I have no problem reusing the paper gift bags (and regifting them even) then I am sure to use the cute ones I picked up today over and over again as well!
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I scored big today! I got a Patagonia fleecy pullover thing in sort of an oatmeal color for $1.49, and a vintage Sak's 5th Avenue 100% cashmere sweater for $3. It looks like it's quite old but still in nice shape, and it looks great on me.

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