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Prefold seconds - useable?

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I just received my order of infant and premium prefolds from www.clothdiaper.com - all seconds 'cause they were a great deal. However, I'm a little concerned about them the more I inspect them. I may not explain this well, so bear with me - the layers are supposed to be 4x8x4, right? With the stitching down the length of the diaper being inbetween the different thicknesses, correct? On all the diapers I have, the stitching appears to be in the correct place, but the layers do not. There's the first section of 4 layers, then stitching, then the section of 8 layers... and it extends past the second vertical stitching into what's supposed to be the second section of 4 layers by about an inch. Now, since they're brand new and unfluffed, I can still trifold it and what-have-you and it seems fine. I'm concerned that it's going to be too thick to fold properly or be comfortable when washed though. Basically, the stitching is even, the folding is not. Has anyone had this or a similar problem? I can return the diapers, but I'd be out shipping both ways and honestly I don't really care what they look like, I just want them to catch poop.
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hmm...they sound like they would work. They might not work great for a trifold that you would just lay in a cover, because the thick part might be a bit too wide...then again, they might work just fine, depending on the shape of your baby and the type of cover. But they sound like they would be fine for an angel wings fold that you would pin/snappi (this method works much better at catching poop then a trifolded dipe anyway). If it turns out that you wash them and then don't like them you could use them for burp clothes, changing pads, or cleaning rags, or they could be your back-up diaper to use in a pinch if need be. (its nice to have back-ups for unexpected events, like if you lose power and can't do laundry). HTH!
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that doesn't sound odd to me at all. once you wash, that 1 inch will shrink up. mine are that way and they aren't seconds. so you should be just fine!
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thats how mine where and they are not seconds. they work just fine
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About half of my pfs are seconds from clothdiaper.com, and they work just fine. I think it's normal for the layers to extend past the stiching a little bit. But I never trifold in a cover, I always snappi.
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Ah, thanks so much ladies! I didn't realize that's how they typically came. Helps explain why every last one of them is that way, huh. (Can you tell this is my first? ) I am planning on pinning or snappi-ing, especially at first, so it's good to know that that should help even if they're a little off. Now to just figure out what covers I want!
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My premium Indian prefolds were like that too, and they weren't seconds. But my infant Chinese prefolds weren't. They'll probably work fine.
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