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Dr. Brommers 18-1

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Can you use the dr brommers 18- in -1 soap for cloth diapers. I bought it then was looking at the packaging and notticed it was soap. Will that lead to a buildup?
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definitely avoid with pocket dipes, covers, anything with pul. the build up would be bad for those especially. I don't know if you could use it with prefolds or flats only?? with lots of extra rinses?
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As far as I know, Dr. Brommer's is not a cloth diaper friendly soap. I have purchased most of my dipe supplies from a local supplier who specifally advised against using Dr. B's 18-in-1.
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I love Dr. Bronner's for just about everything, but i wouldn't use it on diaper laundry. for laundry (diaper or otherwise) we use Charlie's.
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We are bigtime fans of Dr. Bronners. I use it for wipes but I haven't washed my diapers in it. Maybe I will try it. It says "diapers" on the bottle. Yes I have sat there and attempted to read all the stuff on that bottle....
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