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Is it normal for a baby to never cry?

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Literally!! I mean, she cried her little head off when she was born, but I have never seen her cry since. The very most she will do is one or two good wails, then she settles down. When she's hungry, she smacks her lips and sucks on her fists (which, amazingly enough IS enough to wake me) but, even if she has to wait a minute, like if I'm going pee, she is content to smack away...never gets mad at me. This is new to me...my boys were SO incredibly demanding!! She's so incredibly good natured.

Oh, we had our 2 week (!!! already!!) checkup today...she's grown an inch and is back up to her birth weight of 6.6 exactly.

Funny tidbit of trivia for you: her head diameter at birth was 14 inches. My son's head diameter was also 14 inches, except he weighed 8.11....interesting, huh?
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Babies cry for a reason. If she doesn't have a reason, she doesn't need to cry. As long as you are tending to her needs and picking up on the signals she is sending, I wouldn't worry about it. Some babies are very easy going. My middle son did cry some but he was/is much more easy going than my other two. They cry(ied) and fuss(ed) a lot more.

I guess it's possible there is some kind of disorder that keeps a baby from crying. If you are really concerned, you could do some research or ask your doctor (although I'm not much of a doctor advocate).

You might get more answers to this question on the Life With Babe board.
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Oh my gosh... can I have her twin???

Mine scream their heads off in pain (reflux, etc.) for months. I'm praying for a new experience.

Seems like if she's not upset, she won't tell you she is upset. You just sound like you have a laid baby wee one. Yay!
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My 3rd child, my DS never cried. Well, maybe a handful of times. One of my SIL said, "If all babies were like him, I'd have 12". He was just a content baby/toddler. Now he's an "average" 5 year old, just very shy around women because of too much attention.
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dd didn't cry much at all. same type of thing as yours - a little noise, i'd feed her, we were good. my ds's cried lots and lots and lots, regardless!

enjoy it
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I was thinking the same thing about my dd. She is so happy and hardly even fusses... much different than her 2 brothers who screamed their heads off. As long as she is close to some body she is happy and even when she is not happy her fusses are quiet and are more like grunts than cries. She has only really cried once or twice and she was soothed imediately upon picking her up... I guess I'm just enjoying it while it lasts!

She is 2 weeks old today and she already has a double chin and you can visibly see her legs and arms plumping up!

I can't believe our little babies are already here!!!
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ds barely vried...only if something was SERIOUSLY wrong. dd on the other hand.....
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DS didn't cry until he was about 2 months old. Those first two months he was just the happiest thing ever. Then the reflux kicked in, poor kid.
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My first DS was like that most of the time. Both of my girls were, more than not, too. As long as mama and the goods were ready and waiting, they were pretty darn content. My second son...rougher start with him...(but then he turned into such a lovebug and still is at nine!)...
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My 2nd was like that. After about a week I sat up in bed one night convinced he didn't have vocal cords. Of course I heard his new born cries so he does after all have vocal cords. Back to sleep.

Enjoy your new little one.
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Gemma didn't cry for the first couple weeks. Honestly, it has only been in the last week that she has started to cry. I think she realizes that if she cries, she gets attention faster, rather than me taking a couple minutes to help the other kids before giving her my boob.
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that's funny you should say that, because ever since I posted this thread, she's been a wee bit more vocal Nothing crazy, but she seems to be kind of impatient Last night she grumbled and complained so much before, during, and after nursing that she kept waking up my husband. He sleeps like a rock, so that's saying something. She wasn't crying, just complaining. She seems to be waking up a bit more, which is really good, because I was starting to worry about having to wake her for feedings so much. I think she's nursing roughly every 2 hours now during the day, and about every 3 at night. A week ago, if I didn't set my alarm to feed her at night, she would sleep 6 or 7 hours straight.
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Bumping this because I just came to read it. My DD does cry, especially for diaper changes! But the thing that is freaking me out is her active alert phases. She is just completely silent and content. My other two kids both needed walked or bounced all the time if they were awake at first. They were either fussy or crying it seems. This one will wake up and just look around and I didn't even realize she was awake. It is eerie!

And then she is not that interested in nursing either. My son wanted to nurse constantly. DD will just nurse awhile and when she is done that is it. Never can get her to take both sides, no interest in comfort nursing. I can see that she is transferring milk well, so I have to think if she was hungry she would demand more... Of course she is only 4 days old LOL. I should only be hoping she will stay this mellow! But she is kindof freaking me out!
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