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Knock-off Robeez from Target anyone?

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DS is finally really getting around well, and wanting to walk more when we're out. We generally keep him barefoot, but I'd obviously like him to wear shoes when we're outside (not on grass). I bought some random inexpensive soft-soled shoes involving velcro, but the fit is not really good at all. Anyway, we bought some actual Robeez for him a couple months back, and they were great. Then my dog had one for lunch. $$ is not exactly freely flowing, and I don't think I can bring myself to spend another $30 on toddler shoes if I can avoid it. I've seen the Robeez-style soft-soled shoes at Target for a third of the price, and I'm thinking about picking some up for him. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these, good or bad. Is there any real difference in design or materials? Worth it/not worth it? Thanks for any input!
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It has been posted several places at Mothering.com that the knock off target shoes contain formaldehyde.
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oh my god, gross! Thank you for letting me know! Get what you pay for, true again...
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posted where, by the way? I mean, which forums? Not specific posts.
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Cr@p. We had several pairs. My DD has outgrown them all now. They do fit well.
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Well, that is gross, but on the other hand, Dd has several pairs right now that she wears, loves, looks cute in, and I'm not buying her replacements until she outgrows them cause that's too much money for us.
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Originally Posted by OllieMama View Post
posted where, by the way? I mean, which forums? Not specific posts.
The two places I hang out in our the baby forum and frugal forum. I will look tomorrow for the links. I know people have posted where the information has come from about it.
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my ds wore them as a young toddler to keep his feet warm when it was cold outside. They worked fine. Formaldehyde doesant really bther me, I mean, he isnt going to EAT them, right?
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They tend to run slightly bigger then Robeez, but other then that...
Check out FSOT on places like here or diaperswappers
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We loved them.

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We love our JoShoes!
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I think they're of comparable quality. I will buy them again when the current ones fall apart or they're outgrown.
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Yup, they are made in China and they use formaldehyde in the tanning process.

Not a good idea considering some babies like to chew on these and also the feet will absorb the formaldehyde like crazy.

I know that platypaws are formaldehyde free, I know of a few others but I can't think of the name
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That's too bad. I always liked those with DS. Maybe to save money you can check e-bay, I got some nice crib shoes there for pretty cheap, but they were very nice, JoShoe or Robeez quality. Also check diaperswappers or marketplace because sometimes moms sell them there for a fraction of the price.
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Loved them... didn't know about teh formaldehyde but she always wore socks under them and never put them in her mouth.
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We loved ours, but stopped using them when ds started walking. (We LOVE Crocs!)

Originally Posted by silverspook View Post
We love our JoShoes!
Wow, these are priced similar to the Target ones! Does anyone know if they have formaldehyde?
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I haven't used them, as for some reason, my Target does not seem to carry any for boys? Or at least, the smallest selection known to man!

But, a friend of mine uses them and loves them. And can't beat the price, esp. the way they grow out of them. Yike.

Don't know about the formaldehyde, but I'll admit, that is not on my radar, and I would not worry about it. But I am me, not you
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Originally Posted by bottomsup View Post
I haven't used them, as for some reason, my Target does not seem to carry any for boys?
Hmmm...We got the monkey pair and the giraffe pair at Target. Definitely boy shoes. Maybe there are lots of mommies with boys buying them up before you?
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we had one pair and they were nice shoes! dd used them on the back deck.

the bottoms (which were suede) lost their traction, after about 8 weeks, and made it a bit slippery, so i used puffy paint and made wavy treads on the bottoms. then they were as good as new.

i don't believe *everything* i read on message boards (when it comes to "i heard from my neighbor" or "my cousin said that her pediatrician said" or "my father-in-law heard someone say") because it may not have been the leather from the shoes that caused a rash. shoes are filthy! i have a pair of organic loafers, and i am sure if i put one in my mouth, i would get a rash from something i stepped in earlier.

i like to make my own well-informed decisions.

for instance, Target sells "Ministar" brand leather shoes (like the ones being discussed.) Ministar is made by Bobux....the *original* makers of those leather shoes....Robeez is a copycat company. Bobux uses natural leather.

if the shoes from target do have formaldehyde in them, A TON of natural living websites will have that information! do a web search and see what you find.

if you are concerned about what the shoes are made of/from, just contact the manufacturer, yourself.

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we got them and love them. except our tops have worn down cause ds is still crawling mostly. as for the formaldehyde, well, they're are lots of sh@tty things in a lot of our products and environment. So, even if it is true, there are things we have to ignore to get through life. Like I know that non-stick pans are bad bad bad, but I have enough food phobias to know I don't need another and I just pretend I never heard it. KWIM?
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