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how to make a non-country looking quilt?

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ok i wanna learn how to quilt but my reservation is that it will look all country house like and im so not into that. i want one thats more like the old frontier women did or even women like my grandmother did. not some country decorating thing.. am i making sense? i really wanna make dd1 an autumn quilt b/c she was my autumn baby and dd2 a spring quilt. but like i said i dont want them looking country. HELP!
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So many people are into quilting now that you can find inspiration in just about any style.I know what you mean though.When I first started looking at making a quilt,all I could find was that country style.It's so different now.I see so many different quilts.

Try searching around on Flickr or maybe even Etsy for inspiration.
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I'll throw the idea of a Durham Quilt out for your consideration... one of my great-great aunts was a pattern designer and she and her sisters used to churn out 20 a year when they were snowed in over the winter (9 girls).

Story and picture

The history

The colour would affect the feel quite drastically, and you could use more modern motifs for the centre.
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You might want to check out Amy Butler's web site. She has patterns for quilts that are very modern and her fabric lines are great.

Are you into a scrappy type quilt or maybe a two-color quilt? You can turn a lot of patterns into what ever you want just by adjusting the fabric colors.

You might want to check the quilting forum on craftster.com for ideas. Some very creative people post over there. HTH.
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Try looking at Denyse Schmidt's website and books.

Also the quilts of the women of Gee's Bend are amazing.

I just got a copy of "Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts" and it is awesome! Lots of inspiration there.
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Go to a craft store and look at some quilting books or magazines. You are not alone in your quest for the uncountry quilt. You will find books full of inspiration!
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I was going to suggest Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt too. Also Google Anna Marie Horner and Heather Bailey.

Here is the non-country quilt I made for DD when I was pg with her:



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