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if you worry excessively

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and have a lot of morbid thoughts - does that mean you are depressed or have OCD? I cant stop myself from always thinking the absolute worst and I hate it.

(sorry dont know where to post this?)
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I think that if you think bad/morbid/unwanted thoughts but can push them out of your mind and think about other things, it can be normal.

If, however, you can't rid yourself of the thoughts, like your mind is a broken record that keeps repeating and repeating them whether you like it or not, it could be an obsessive disorder. I was diagnosed with obsessive thought disorder a few years ago. It is awful.

When I was diagnosed, the psychiatrist prescribed me a high dose of antidepressants, which is supposed to help break the cycle and reprogram the brain. I never took the meds (was breastfeeding a newborn and was also scared of the side effects). At that time, just talking to the psychiatrist helped a lot.

But I'm thinking of going again because I'm having the same problem lately.

Anyway, . It's hard.
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I have this problem too with stuff that happened in the past, a bad situation with co-workers or something...keeps replaying what i could have done or said, it's brutal. Years later i still think about it. It's worst right after it happens then gradually doesn't happen as often. the ol broken tape demons!
as far as the morbid thoughts, i just went through a "stage" every morning upon waking i would have thoughts about my husband dying and how we would manage. I was waking depressed.
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It can be a sign of anxiety or depression from my experience. I am now on a low dose of antidepressants and it's wonderful to be free of those negative thoughts. I can however tell if I have missed taking my pill as they come flooding back though not as horrible as they used to be.
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I was having LOTS of them and it turned out that my thyroid was low. It was awful. I was always freaking out about stuff and thinking that the worst was going to happen (ie we were going to drive off a bridge, or my DH was dead if he was unreachable, or the kids were going to drown if we went anywhere near water).

Sometimes I still have them, though to a much smaller degree. I do have a history of depression and a bit of control issues. I try and do lots of positive self talk and think through how I would react if one of the terrible situations I can't stop thinking about *did* happen.

So, you're not the only one.
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Interesting ... I have several symptoms of low thyroid but tested normal... I want to get rechecked I think.

Here is an example... so stupid...I was cleaning out from under my bed, and I had a plastic bin with old clothes in it that I wanted to donate. Well the box was about 14" wide or so, and maybe 3 feet long or so... and I was kind of freaked out that it seemed like the size of a child's - ... ugh I dont even want to say it. Use your imagination. So I had to get rid of it. Who thinks that way for petes sake??? I have a drs appt in a few weeks and I think I am going to talk to her about it.
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I do that same sort of thing. More often than I think I even realise. It's almost like a superstition, except I'm not at all superstitious... logically. But the logical part of my mind loses out to the obsessive, worried, panicked part. You know, the "what if / just in case" part. Ugh. My brain just constantly spins the "what ifs" and plays out entire awful situations. And then think about how utterly horrible it would be, yadda yadda. It's an awful cycle. Very upsetting and draining.

Anyway, definitely talk to your doc about it, although a psychologist would be better. but your regular doc would be much, much better than nothing at all.
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This is me....I can't tell you anything to make you feel better, but I for one am glad that I am not the only one out there that does this. (Not that i am happy that you all experience this too, but it's even more scarey when you think that you are the only one that this happens to!) I have had anxiety for years, but the excessive bad thoughts (thinking of the worse case senerio/what ifs, etc) have just been the last 5 years or so...interestingly enough it seemed to fade during my pregnancy, and reestablish after my dd was born...not sure what that means?
Some things that seem to help me are: talking with dh about my "nutty thoughts" (and him reassuring me that everything is fine, silly , I know, but it helps)and exercising and socializing with people that I care about seemed to help a lot. Simple things, but they work to curb the bad thoughts and help my brain to put things in perspective.

**Mommytotwo: I have been there!
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I have this happen a lot but it is definitely worse when I have an infant. Right now my dd is a few weeks + old and it's really bad right now. And it's made it worse with my two year old. I had this vision of him getting hurt in our backyard... hung up on something against the fence and suffocating. I took DD to the races for the 1st time (DH races cars on dirt track) and I was so SCARED that she would get hit by a dirt clod in the head and get knocked out.

It's also been a little worse even before I had DD because my dad passed away in Feb and when he passed away, I got scared that my son was going to die. One night he bumped his head against DH in the night. They bumped heads pretty hard and we thought it knocked him out because he didn't cry or respond right away. My heart seriously felt like it stopped in that instant where he wasn't responding. He was fine but I was freaked.

So you are not alone!! I hope my feelings/anxiety/fears get better soon as my newborn gets older. I think they will. I haven't talked to anyone about it except for DH... who oddly enough had a nightmare last night that our son was drowning in the tub so I was thinking maybe the dads go through similar anxiety as the moms... maybe some do...
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Read the Mood Cure by Julia Ross, it could be traditional serotonin based depression, or another kind of depression caused by a different chemical imbalance. She identifies 4 disordered mood types and recommends supplements for each one as well as a diet (high in protein and fat) that helps with all.
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I am off zoloft now for 3 months and these thoughts are flooding back, more so lately. I am 8 months PP and this is when my ppd got really bad with ds1. I am wondering about going back on meds now. I hate to be in this situation.

So yes, the answer is, it could be OCD and depression. They usually go hand in hand.
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This is me too. I've been diagnosed with obsessive disorder. Meds help. Exercise helps. Nothing makes it all better though. Will have to get the thyroid checked out, I'd love it if there was a "cure".
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It could be many things. I've been going to a psychiatrist and therapist for a year now and they are still trying to pin down what my diagnosis is and I had similar symptoms (plus others) It's officially a "mood disorder (not otherwise specified)" but only until they figure out if it's depression and anxiety disorder, bipolar II, OCD, blah blah.. you name it.

I guess my point is there is no easy answer. Medicine has helped A LOT, zoloft, klonopin, lamictal and abilify. It's a lot of medicine, but I am feeling better than I ever remember feeling most of the time.
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It really does sound like OCD. I have that but it could be stress related too. I have had a lot of traumatic experiences so I think my thoughts kind of "stick" in that pattern. Be careful w/getting meds. I take Zoloft for OCD and a heart rhythm prob (blocks misfiring signals from brain), try something mild first. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and those meds actually made it worse.
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