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Originally Posted by soso-lynn View Post
You were talking about obstetrics, that is why I said docs. I definitely think that vaginal deliveries of breech and multiples are much more suited for midwifery than obstetrics.

As for the skills required in case of complications, if you mean knowing what to do, then yes that is necessary. Many care providers may have been there for breech births before but still not know the specifics of what complications can arise and what to do with them. I guess I am so used to hearing the word skill when referring to doctors intervening for any reason. I talked with a doctor once who explained the lack of episiotomies done by midwives by the fact that they were not skilled to perform them...

Gotcha! Unfortunately, our MW hadn't delivered a breech baby vaginally in years and didn't feel comfortable with it. It's a shame, as I labored quickly, and have had a natural delivery before (that "proven pelvis" concept talked about in terms of a favorable indicator) . . . it would have been rather easy, i think. But I needed the caregiver delivering her to be comfortable and prepared.
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Originally Posted by ErinsJuneBug View Post
Oooh you're in Mass - I can actually help with this one! =). Call Nancy Weiner - I know for a fact that she does breech births. One of the women from my ican just also had a successful version done by a doctor while under the care of Kelly Faulkner. Call em all:http://www.massmidwives.org/?page_id=9
yeh, and if either of those arent available, i can put you in touch with someone else who may be (who is also in Mass.). a breech can can delivered easily vaginally, given the right circumstances.

even w/ an OK c/s, there is always a struggle w/ a next birth.

good luck!
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My last baby was breech until 38.5 weeks, then flipped. She also decided to come out completely sideways and with a complete knot in her cord, lol. I had her about 3 days after she flipped-it DOES happen!!

This is your choice to make of course, but I would definately at least attempt to find someone who is experienced and try for a vaginal delivery. And definately wait for labor to kick in before a cesarean. I think I'm nutty enough that I'd go out to the Farm if I had to (and I'm in SEATTLE!!!! ) or just trust myself and my dh to do it ourselves. I dont know exactly what I'd do-I just couldnt see myself scheduling a cesarean for a frank breech babe. If I remember correctly, I actually read that a cesarean has more complications than vaginal delivery for frank breech-provided you have a competent provider. So, yeah, I'd try to find a competent provider!!! Good luck in whatever decision you make!!
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I agree with PP- check with Kelley Faulkner. She is my MW and she delivered at least 2 breech babies just last month!

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