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Figuring Survival Rate for 25 weeker

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My baby was born 25 weeks 2 days gestation. He is now three weeks old. That would make him 28 weeks 2 days gestation if he was still in me. So my question is:

When I do research on his survival rate, how do I factor in the fact that he is now three weeks old? Do I go by 28 weeks for now since he would be 28 weeks, or do I go by 25 and do some other math. I have read that a 25 weeker has like 64% chance and then add 2-3% for every day he lives. This is quite broad, and I don't know how accurate? I know every baby is different. I guess what I really want to know is, since my baby has lived this long, what can go wrong and what are the chances that he will make it. If something was gonna go wrong, wouldn't it have already happened? I know that he only has lung problems. Everything else seems fine. He has just started with a few stomach problems, but they think its due to over feeding too soon. So far it seems unalarming. They have done blood culture to see if there is an infection, but are treating him with antibiotics just in case. His brain scans are good, and his heart is good. If anyone has any idea of what im trying to say...lol please give your 2 cents.

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I don't know, but couldn't read and not respond. What a tough thing to be going through. Sounds like your little guy is a trooper. I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts.
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Firstly, congrats to you on the birth of your son! He sounds like a little fighter!

Secondly,you work it out from the gestation he was born at not what he currently is. So even though he's 28 weeks correct he still has the survival rates etc of a 25 weeker which probably means he's already beaten a lot of odds.

You may find this page helpful. It lists the complications for prems by gestation so you can get an idea of what you're up against.

Good luck to you and your LO. I hope he continues to do well and comes home soon.
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Congrats and welcome to the club no one chooses to be a member of!

My Maggie was 24 weeks 6 days and 18 hours but they called her a 24 weeker. I call her a 25 weeker.

She was 810 grams or 1 lb 12 oz. She is now 2 1/2 and has a good time.

Reading your post reminded me of when they would rattle off those odds all the time, esp the first month. I remember when she was born they said she had a 50% chance of survival. After 3 days the odds went up to 90%.

Did he have a PDA? Is he still on the vent? Have they let you kangeroo yet? We could not until she was almost 29 weeks which is very hard as I remember.

Please pm me or let me know how you're doing.
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Can't read this and not post a <<<<hug>>>>

The NICU sucks.
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First off, congratulations on your son! Having a micro is so very hard. I understand. I have a former micro born at 26 weeks, 1 pound 5 ounces, but they considered him a 24-weeker because he was IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation) and just looked like a 24-weeker. Anyway, I never knew what the heck to go with in terms of survival rates and I obsessed to the point of obsessing about obsessing trying to predict his survival. This is toughest part, you really can't predict it. For statistical purposes, a 25-weeker should have a fairly high survival rate (in upwards of 60%) especially if born at a level III NICU, in which you can about about 20% to 25% chance of survival. The survival rate is global from gestational age and does not change (at least not in our NICU) with each passing week, but each day that they live is a day they grow stronger. I wouldn't put too much weight on statistics (though I know it's hard not to) because each baby is different.

My son had a lot of lung problems and even tummy problems and kidney problems, but he's 18 months old now and home on O2 with a feeding tube and he is a pistol!. He spent 8 months in the NICU.

If you want to read about him you can check him out here or you can send me a PM and ask me any questions. I may not be of much help but I've been there.
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All you're going to be able to find is a rough estimate for survival rate because so much of it depends on the individual kiddo. A 25wkr is at a high risk of problems throughout their entire NICU stay and beyond. I always just tried to take things one day at a time because I knew that the next day would probably bring on a whole new set of problems. My youngest was born at 25w0d at 658 grams and spent 8mos in the NICU. She had multiple infections, heart problems, lung problems and stomach problems but she made it out of there and she's 27mos old now and the cutest thing ever (so maybe I'm biased). Those days, weeks and months in the NICU are some of the hardest times you'll ever go through but each day you walk into the NICU it's because your baby is still there fighting for his chance to go home with you.

Just like Sarah, I keep a blog about my daughter (and the rest of my family gets cameo appearances). the link is in my signature but I also have all of the posts from when she was born and in the NICU at nicutimes.blogspot.com
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Congratulations on the birth of your son! I hope he continues to do well in the NICU and doesn't have any major complications.

I think at this point general survival rate by GA statistics aren't going to be that helpful to you. If you are looking at them, yes, you'd have to go buy the age at which he was born. But every baby is such an individual that I don't really know what statistics would tell you 3 weeks later. I could see that first couple of days wanting to look at that stuff for some reassurance, but I think the best reassurance you can get at this point is his condition each and every day. There aren't guarantees, but if he's not facing major issues and stays infection-free, those are really good indicators.

I will be thinking of you and your son - I hope you stick around and let us know how he's doing.
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Originally Posted by irangel View Post
but she made it out of there and she's 27mos old now and the cutest thing ever (so maybe I'm biased).
No, you're right. She's adorable
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Oh no, it's true, D is the CUTEST little thing! But all of your children are adorable.
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I hate when parents only hear about the happy stuff. The NICU is a hard place.. Yes generally things would have gone wrong now but sometimes things can be going fine for a month or so and then things suddenly go downhill. Ive learned you are never free of the NICU until you are out of there.. and even then you arent free from problems. My current NICU baby (all of my children were preemies) was fine until 1.5 months when she started having some problems. She only had lung issues until that time and even the lung issues were mild.. But the problems that generally occur when babies are a few weeks old occured in her much later.. My middle child was fine.. I mean sure he dealt with a lot of NICU problems, but he came home pretty fine... Within a few months he was worse off... Anyway my whole point is not to scare you but to just let you know keep your head up and stay positive, but know that something could always go wrong. Dont focus on the what-ifs though. Enjoy the good times.
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I agree that people see the healthy babies and say- hey its not too bad. My Maggie is healthy and a normal 2 year old. BUT our nicu stay (although uneventful in the big picture compared to others) it went literally day to day or hour to hour. Things can be great all day, baby is doing well and them bamn! an infection etc. They dont call it an emotional rollar coaster for nothing.

And this type of thinking goes on for months or even years after you leave the nicu.
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Bless your heart....saying a prayer; I can't imagine how stressful. My twins were only in the NICU for 2 weeks and did well...but we saw a lot of babies having a harder time. I never gave much for statistics either...because you never know what might happen, even a baby born at 41 weeks can have health problems! Thank God that your son has done so well and just do as much Kangaroo-ing as they'll let you. Keep us posted on his progress!
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Like the other momma's said, i could not see this & not respond.
congrats on the birth of your son. Things must be crazy & stressful for you right now. Although i'm not much help with the stats but my thoughts are with your son.
I was born at 25 weeks as well, i'm not 20 & doing just fine.
*hugs to your family*
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Congrats on your baby! I had a 28-weeker, and I can tell you it's easy to drive yourself crazy with statistics! The baby's survival rate is based on the gestation at birth. But, there ARE things that you can do to give your baby a better chance at survival and to help him come home sooner. Have you tried K care? If not, insist...no DEMAND it! Study after study after study has shown better outcomes for preemies who receive K care and extensive amounts of skin to skin contact. Also, breastfeed! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my milk to come in, but if you are able to pump then do it! Also, when you do K care let him latch on. The doctors WILL throw a fit about it, but it's necessary in order to help with lactation, prevent infection and it's a great stress reliever for your little guy. Spend as much time with him as you can and be his best advocate!!! No one will speak for him unless you do! It drove me absolutely bananas that the NICU nurses would get so upset about me reviewing her medical charts everyday and insisting on being present when the neonatologists made their rounds in the mornings and evenings. But if I didn't do it, then no one would have and I really don't believe I would have understood everything about caring for her that I needed to know. Good luck and let us know how he's doing!

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I just wanted to say @ that pic of Dakota after she fell asleep with her legs all sprawled out. Made me crack up
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Originally Posted by DocsNemesis View Post
I just wanted to say @ that pic of Dakota after she fell asleep with her legs all sprawled out. Made me crack up
which one?
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I wanted to just respond and say that I know exactly what you're going through. My twins were born this past Tuesday at 25w4d. I can't even bring myself to look at statistics right now because it's so overwhelming.
Hugs to you mama.
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She's in her ICU crib, she'd been playing, and then it shows her crashed out with her legs completely splayed-like she's doing the splits in her sleep, lol.
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Sorry it took so long for me to get back on here and read all of your responses. I am glad that all of you care.

Yes it is hard, and yes I have kangaroo'd. The first time I K. was when he was two weeks old. The ventaltor tube ended up comming out later, because when they handed him to me, the got tangled up. It was dreadful. The was sick that next morning and started having tons of problems. He had blood in his stool, and had green stuff comming out of his feeding tube. His little tummy was messed up. So i said that I would not hold him again until they extubate him. Now he is off the ventilator and is doing much better. He is on cpap. It is an oxygen tube that plugs into his nose, and it provides pressure to keep his lungs open. He is breathing on his own. His heart scans, and brain scans have come back great. So now we are just waiting on his lungs to get stronger.

Yes obsessing over statistics makes you crazy, but I was looking for some kind of comfort. He is so much better now. I got to hold him again and it was great not having to worry about his breating tube, because there isn't one anymore. I am sick today, and this is the first day that I have gone without going to see him. When I get all the way better, I will be in there holding him again.

As far as the charts go, I copy them down every day. If there is a nurse that I am not cool with in there on a certain day, I will just wait till the next day or untill there is a different nurse in with him and I copy them then. It is my scrap book. I also take pictures of him everyday.

Those of you who are going thru, the same thing I am, I am praying for you aswell. It is really hard, and the best comfort I have found is to ask as many questions as you can. Ask about the plan. "What is the current plan?" Dr.s usually make a plan and have a goal for your baby. Some don't like to tell the parents about the plan unless they know it is going well. I ask about what they are looking for in his charts, to determine changes in the plan. For example my son: They were looking for him to breath over the vent. for a few days, then try to wean him down to ten breaths provided by the machine, while on a fairly low oxygen level. When he reached that, they were able to take him off the vent. Things like that have helped me get by day to day.

Thanks again u guys.
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