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ditto that! hope everyone is doing well out there!
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Originally Posted by avivaelona View Post
Cheasapeake Born, you out there? Thinking of you today.

How is everyone else doing?
We're doing pretty well. Thanks for asking! That bleeding episode got me kinda down and scared for a bit. I thought that I was done with those because I had not bled for over a month. Oh, well. I am going to a specialist next week who will assess the placenta. I am soooo worried about an abruption. I'd rather not have all this intervention, but I also understand the need for it. An abruption can also be life threatening. What they find out really dictates my level of activity and whether or not I should stay on progesterone. I'm nervous about it. I just keep sending energy and positive vibes to my baby and placenta telling them to do whatever they need to do to compensate for whatever damage may have occurred.

Hope everyone else is doing well!!
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Oh I'm so glad to hear from you! I'm sorry about all the worry and intervention, its not how it should be, but sometimes it is what you need to do. Sending grow well vibes to that baby!
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i hear ya chesapeake, abruptions are very scary business. unfortunately i remember mine all too well. hopefully you won't have to go there.

how is everyone else doing lately?

so are any of you having to a c-section this time around? planned already or wait and see? i thought about posting something in the main thread but worried it would turn into a less-than-supportive thread or something. i have no choice in the matter this time, even if i did live in a place where vbacs were allowed, they'd never sign off on me! although it'd be nice to hear from more folks out there who know they'll be having a c and want to prepare for a family centered cesarean.
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Planning a vaginal birth for me Blair, but I think you could post about it, our ddc doesn't seem real jumpy about stuff like that.

Chesapeake Born, did you have your specialist appt yet?

I had a cervical length US done today, it was fine, stupid US tech wouldn't let me see the baby for the 30 seconds it was on screen, obviously not someone who understands how affirming those glimpses are to someone who has had a loss. Whatever, s/he moved yesterday, squirmed even, so hopefully I'll start feeling him/her soon. Next US isn't for a month, hopefully I won't get too nervous before then.
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yay, glad all went well with the ultrasound! even if the tech was a terd!
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now I feel like a jerk for not checking on this thread!

I'm sorry for the fear and the pain. I promise to come in and check on this more often!
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I'm planning another vaginal birth for this one. But if they think an abruption is likely, then I don't want to risk anything. (Then again, how do they do a c-section with an anterior placenta??) I am so desperate to have my full term healthy baby in my arms.

So glad to hear the u/s went well, aviva!!

My appointment is this afternoon and I am both looking forward to getting an opinion I can trust and scared about hearing bad news. I had some watery pink spotting last night so that probably means more blood has built up in there. At least it wasn't a bright red torrent. I just want the placenta to heal so I know I don't have to worry about it!
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sending you lots of healthy vibes chesapeake! fwiw, i was reading a great blog the other day and the mama also had a s.h. and it has totally resolved itself (shes about 20-21wks now) and she has been told she can have a vaginal birth... so that's hopeful! keep us posted!!
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I hope you are off getting some good news now CB. Let us know.

Sage don't feel bad, how are you doing? Any pain problems yet?
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Hi mamas. The appointment went really well today. I looooove my new perinatologist. He knows his stuff!!! He said the baby looks like "a million bucks" and is actually measuring a few days ahead. I still have a significant amount of blood in my uterus and will likely bleed again BUT he said the placenta looks great (no blood behind it, no detachment yet). Is is bleeding from the edge, but so far that is not compromising anything. He said, no guarantees but usually things go on to be just fine and he thinks we will be okay. He acknowledged the stress of the situation and gave me a number where I can get a hold of him directly! He wants to see me again in 2 weeks.

It was such a satisfying appointment and I am relieved to finally have found a doctor I can trust. Thank God!

Oh, and (I'm sure you saw my other thread) they think it's a boy!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today.
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Great news! and Happy (probably) boyness! I'm just curious, what causes the issue CB?

I had someone clean my house, I felt guilty, which is ridiculous because I'M ON BEDREST. Seriously though it was hard not to get up and help her. My house is clean though and I'm so happy about that. It was getting bad here.
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I'm trying so hard not to freak out. Today I've forced a ton of work on myself in fear of not being able to do it anymore. I'm scared. I'm not telling my husband yet.

Last night I was laying in bed reading (my favorite pasttime) and I went to lift both my legs up at the same time so I could cover them and nearly screamed in pain. When I realized where the pain came from I felt sick, like someone had grabbed a fistful of my stomach.

I tenatively moved my legs out and around and it hurt. Not screaming painful, but it hurt. I turned over onto my side to comfort myself with my bear (yes, I sleep with my bear) and within a few mins my pelvic was sore.

I hope and pray I was just tired and my body was sore, but those feelings I know so well. Ugh.. this sucks. Is it wrong to keep this from my hubby until is bad? I don't want him to worry and really there's nothing he can do about it anyway, except get really, really stressed out.
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ok, barging in here...

so relieved for you!
i have been lurking on this thread, i am 14wks tomorrow and basically am in the same situation you are- sch, edd 12/27. dx at 8wks, major bleed in e/r 5 days ago that landed me on bedrest until u/s at mfm dept on monday. i don't know if you remember me from the IF forum? turns out we got pregnant at the same time i hope i get some great news like you did today- starting to wonder where the sch is compared to placenta. i know placenta is up near fundus, on the right, so, well, i just hope this sch is away and going away, too.

while i am not too comfortable being in a ddc, i do want the support of this thread so i hope you all don't mind if i join you here.

my history is i have a daughter who died f/t in 2005 from unexplained stillbirth. then a late 1st trimester m/c, then 2.5 years of unexplained IF, now pregnant by ivf and cannot believe i have a freaking sch. the bleeding is totally traumatic. i am 38, will be 39 at birth. had ultrascreen and good results. have a doppler and baby is doing great as of this afternoon- hb 158bpm

i don't feel high-risk. i am however having a scheduled cesarean at 39 weeks and am so excited to meet this baby!

i am so sorry for your pain. and i know the stress of telling husband. i always tell, because he got mad once when i didn't. its a terrible place to be, mentally. i feel like there is a time bomb in me, and i am hyper aware of all my movements and any sensations in my abdominal vicinity.

blair, i will be your c-section compadre. since i have made the decision to do it, i would like to be as prepared as possible. don't want to be afraid of it, want to embrace it and then heal and move on.

first, i read your signature and i am so sorry about your son.
i was happy to read, while lurking, that your cervix check went well. jeez louise. i hope things stay relatively smooth for you for the duration. it is tricky to be on bedrest, because you have to keep telling your brain you can't do things... all i do is get up to shower, get more water, and use the bathroom.

so, thank you for having me here. each day of this pregnancy is like a friggin' miracle! my baby is really healthy, now my body has to heal that sch and i am hoping for some normal weeks in this pregnancy that me and the baby can just revel in it!! we are finding out the gender in a month or so, and i am also looking forward to feeling some movement by then, too!
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YAY CB! that's such great news, i am really relieved for you, on many fronts!!

sage, i am so sorry. that sounds absolutely horrific if it were me (and it's not, i know) i would tell my husband. for several reasons, but if nothing else... because he probably really wants to know if you're hurting that bad. even if he can't make it better. so sorry dear, i hope, hope, hope you can get some relief.

i have my normal checkup tomorrow, not expecting anything much to come out of it. since i havent had anymore bleeding and we're in wait and see mode, we won't have another u/s (hopefully!) until the end of next month.
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WELCOME SOULSHINE!! we must have cross-posted a second ago. thanks for joining us! : i am so sorry to hear about your losses, i can't imagine

let's be cesarean buddies! i think there is alot to be said for being prepared and doing some healing before the surgery even occurs. check out this website, i found it really helpful (found the link from an ICAN page): http://ican-online.net/resources/whi...edcesarean.pdf

in the meantime, here's to a non-eventful pregnancy from here on out! heal up placenta and take it easy mama... and welcome!
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Welcome Soulshine, I'm glad you felt brave enough to post here at least.

I'm sorry to hear of your losses too, it seems incredible that you have to deal with this too on top of everything.

I'm not on as strict bedrest as you and CB so if you guys can bear it, I will too.

Sage, tell him and don't try to do so much work I'm so sorry its this way for you. I hope you can find some new ways of making yourself more comfortable and enduring this.
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sage: Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain already. I think I would tell my DH. I didn't tell him about my first bleed when it was happening (just ran straight to the OB) because I didn't want to scare him, and then I didn't tell him about a few of my check-ups because I didn't want to worry him, but I think they don't want us to shoulder the burden alone. They want to be involved.

aviva: Yay for a clean house! I have seriously considered hiring someone too. I mean, our house was getting BAD. But then my sister moved in, so that has helped a lot. Of course, I won't let her go near our bathroom because it is just disgusting. As for the bleeding, unfortunately they cannot tell what causes it. It could be from a clotting disorder, but I tested in the clear (unless there is one that hasn't been discovered), or maybe there is some scar tissue in there (I did have an IUD...). I guess we'll never know.

blair: Good luck at your appointment today! Let us know how it goes.

soulshine: I am so so glad you posted!! Although, I am sad for your losses and the stress of your SCH. There have been many many moments when I too wonder "Why me?". Isn't 3 losses enough? And now this? I was so angry at first. And detached, I was too scared to hope, too scared to bond. But then something took over, I guess when I started feeling movement, and I couldn't stay numb anymore. I definitely can't quite get excited yet, but I am just so grateful for every day that I am pregnant. Like you said, it is a miracle. My goal is to make it to the second week of September, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving. I don't think I'll relax until I get to that point of viability. And even then I'll still worry until I am holding this baby - healthy.

Seeing an excellent perinatologist for the scan made such a huge difference for us mentally. He was able to give us so much information, information that our OB didn't have. I had to fight my OB to get the appointment - she told me that he wouldn't be able to give us any more insight. She couldn't have been more wrong (needless to say, I have a new OB now). Our peri has many patients like us; he deals with this condition all of the time. It was very validating to be there.

If you would like to hear some more SCH stories, there is a yahoo forum. Just a quick question, have you been tested for MTHFR or other clotting disorders? I'm sure that was part of your IF treatment, but thought I'd ask just in case. Anyway, best wishes to you and please let us know how the u/s goes. I think we will both be holding our healthy Christmas babies in December...
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i read online that a theory about why sch's happen is that when the embryo implants, it implants and then detaches a little, causing the bruise/bleed/clot. i wondered if more ivf patients get them or if there was a group that had more propensity to get them, but they seem to be an equal-opportunity crappy thing. older moms, teen moms, first time moms, moms with lots of kids, vaginal birth mom, c-section moms...

i got tested for all of them, came back + for one copy of mthfr, for which i have been taking foltx for over a year now. my daughter's death was unexplained so the panel of bc d/o testing was run for that, and then run again at the start of the IF stuff. what strikes me allo the time when reading and wondering about conception and pregnancy, is how little they know about the why's and how's. there are theories for everything, but i am always surprised when i get 'we don't know'.

i hope we get a good scan on monday. this is the larger hospital in northern maine, and they have a nicu and a mfm dept, with a peri. but i tell you, at the ultrascreen scan, the peri oversees them and she came in a said very little about the sch, which we were monitering at that point. all she said was that they are common, and to expect more bleeding, red, brown,pink and everything inbetween. i had no idea she meant to expect what seemed like gallons... what a total mind****.

anyway, this scan is specifically for the sch, and there is a repeat one set for 2 weeks later. i really want to get a good look at the placenta in terms of where the sch is, and see the bloodflow to the placenta, etc. i am so paranoid about moving at this point because i just don't know where everything is in relation to eachother, and that matters.

i usually work 12 hour days 6 days a week, and sitting this past week out has been really stressful on our business. we don't know if we have to hire to replace me, or if i will be back at work on tuesday! anyway...

do you see an acupuncturist? i have been seeing one for the IF and now thru this pregnancy, and i just wondered if there is anything that acupuncture can do to help with either the actual condition or relieving the pain. i told mine about a friend who had migraines theu her first trimester and the acupuncturist was like 'oh, that's because of (blahblahblah) and its too bad because that is easily treated with acu.'. so, i was thinking maybe that could be helpful for you in some way? its terrible that you have this pain. sorry if any of that was redundant to what you already know or have done/tried... just thinking about you.

thanks for the link, which i just finished reading. sigh. well, i am hoping to find a book or source that tells more about preparing and recovering, like herbs, etc. there must be info out there. when you have to have a cesarean, reading stuff that is very hostile to cesarean is a bummer, at least for me. i mean, if its medically necessary, i prefer to be spared the horror stories... if you are informed of the facts, well, you make your decisions and then move on from it. i see it no different than a vaginal birth... when i was pregnant with my daughter, i ran away from any horror stories about 50hour births and episiotomies and forceps, pain, etc. i didn't want to fill my mind and fuel any fears. i have had major abdominal surgery before, and it was necessary, so we all just accepted it and moved in a direction of healing and acceptance, rather than resistance and anger. this is all just me and how i would prefer to deal with having to have a cesarean. i have lots to say about why i chose to have it done, but i guess that is for another time!

thinking of you at your appointment today, hoping it uneventful.

thanks for your warm welcome i was reading on another thread some of your frustrations with maternity wear... tell me about it, sister! its a dismal state of affairs, fashion wise. this early 2nd trimester stage is particularly irritating, only because me body is growing all out of proportion to clothes, maternity and otherwise. its a total crapshoot as to whether something fits or not. i have a long torso, so unless something is cut long, i look like i am trying to expose my belly, which, i am not! lots of laughing from husband... the nice thing about bedrest though is that i am just hangin' out in my underwear and i have no worries about the ins and outs of maternity wear, at least at this point!

felix (rachel),
are you with us here? i saw a post from you on page 1, and wondered how you are doing, how your bp is, and just to check in...

well, that's all from me. this bedrest is turning posts into small novellas, sorry!
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soulshine: I could have written half of what you just posted!! I think SCHs don't discriminate. It seems pretty random; I mean, I'm not an IVF patient and I know a bunch of people who have this condition and didn't have fertility treatment. Maybe there is some condition doctors don't yet know about. I too have been surprised by the lack of knowledge on this stuff (and m/c). It has been so frustrating. I guess there aren't any big drug companies out there funding the research!

I went into yesterday's appointment with the exact same concerns as you have, namely, what about the placenta?! I too wouldn't move because I had no idea what could happen. My old OB could give me no info about the placenta, where the bleed was, etc, etc. And she could never advise me about what to expect. Well, I didn't expect the "gallons" of blood that you described - it was horrifying. I have had 4 big bleeds: 6w1d (moderate, red), 7w4d (moderate, red), 8w6d (severe, red), and 12w3d (severe, slightly older red). I am thankful to now know exactly what is going on in there. And to have a doctor who knows what to say about it.

Interesting you mentioned testing + for one copy of MTHFR. Is this the same thing as having one mutation? Because I have a single mutation (heterozygous), but I read that that shouldn't cause a problem. Apparently, 50% of the population has a single mutation (http://www.fvleiden.org/ask/51.html). My homocysteine levels were normal too. Nevertheless, I started this pregnancy on a daily baby aspirin and extra folic acid. My RE had me stop taking the aspirin when the first bleed happened. I seriously hope this isn't causing the problem.

Oh, man. The bedrest ladies are swamping the thread! LOL. Hope you guys don't mind. Feel free to counter our rambling with ample posting! It's nice to have a place like this to come to...
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