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I posted a reply a few days ago but it wouldn't go through!

Sara, I'm glad your little guy is doing so well! I know it must be hard to leave him in the NICU, but you guys are a team. He's so strong doing his part working hard to be ready to go home to you guys, you need to be refreshed and energized to do your part! I realized this while crying my eyes out one day holding Lucien, begging him to just eat and get bigger. He started eating immediately and it occured to me that he's working so hard to hold up his end of our bargain. I felt terrible feeling as tho I had let him down in my stress, I pulled it together and promised him that I'd be as strong as he was, he was my inspiration. Its GREAT that he's breathing on his own!

Shelby, YAY!!! Congrats on your great results! How are you feeling otherwise?

Erica, when do you get the cerclage out? Are you excited? Nervous?

Selena we've been working on finding a routine over here too. Lucien is now eating every 3 hours, almost to the minute! He's 6 lbs 2 oz, growing like crazy!!!
Yes, I do know the thrush scream, he doesn't have it. He was just having some problems keeping nipples straight. He was getting frustrated that the second my breast was in his mouth milk wasn't dripping in. We're much better now, breastfeeding pros!
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I'm glad you've gotten some of the breastfeeding problems straightened out Sage. Has the SPD pain faded yet?

I get the cerclage out Wednesday, I really am itching to get it out, so I'm looking forward to it even though I'm dreading the pain a bit (I don't like to do anaesthesia for it, since its not horribly painful, just really uncomfortable) My son has a dentist appointment the day before and I'm more worried about that than the cerclage removal.

I really doubt that I will go into labor right away though there is a small part of me that hopes he'll be born on the 29th which is my grandma's birthday. More likely though that he'll just hang out for a few weeks and be born closer to Christmas. I am just really looking forward though to being "allowed" to go into labor, it feels like reaching the final stage

Holly how 'bout you? Did you figure out when you are getting yours out? Since you have a rescue cerclage you really might just go into labor when you get it out I guess!

Where is everyone else in their plans? Christy how did your appointment go?
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The PSD pain is mostly gone, its still a bit sore to go down stairs but I can stand up and change pants and get in and out of bed without pain in my bones.
What is still hurting worse than it should be is the incision pain. There is something goin on on the left side of the cut, there's an area about 3" in diameter thats all red and swollen and I get a lot of pressure and shooting pains in there. I'll have to go back to the doc and get him to look at it.
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Yay Sara!!! Thanks for sharing your birth story. Glad everything is going well!

Sage, you sound much better! Glad you and Lucien are breastfeeding champs now!

Good luck on the cerlage removal Erica!

AFM, I would love some advice if anyone is up for it! I got a message from the nurse that they didn't want to do an ultrasound next week, and she wants me to talk with my OB about it at that appt for scheduling it the following one "to ease my mind". She said it would be too soon at the next appt, as they had to be 15days apart, but they are actually 17days apart, so that shouldn't be why. It was my original thought to wait that long until the nurse from the insurance company told me to ask for one in 2 weeks and another in 4 weeks instead. She seemed a lot more concerned about the issue than even I was, and much more concerned than my OB, so I am not sure what to think at the moment! And being that she works for my insurance company, I don't see why she would want to talk me into any unnecessary testing. Her reasons why are:
1) that it would give us a better idea of whether the growth is still reducing
2) if it is still reducing, whether it is steady or accelerating
3) also to more accurately notice any sudden change
4) Once you hit 36weeks, it is harder to estimate growth, so we really should have made our decision prior to that whether we would induce at term or not, or at least plan to monitor things further in other ways.
Her growth estimates so far were
1) 37-50th percentile
2) 37th percentile
3) 25th percentile
Neither of our other two kids had growth rates dip below 50%, and both stayed consistent. Between the sch and the pre-e stuff, we are in general concerned about how the placenta is functioning. And the concern isn't the actual number so much as it is the steady drop. The pre-e is going as predicted, slow steady bp rise (mostly 120's/70's, some 130's/80's), manageable swelling, and trace protein for the last 3 checks.
My other thought was to ask for some more info over the phone that my insurance nurse told me to look into. Specifically, what the fluid measurements were at each of the ultrasounds, what each head/abdominal/height measurement was, and whether there was any sign of kidney issues - sized different than average or one bigger than the other. If any of those are off, then she said we should be more aggressive in monitorring this. So then I could decide whether to push for the earlier ultrasound based on that. And from the message today, I think this is the OB's nurse making the judgement call, not my OB, and I am guessing my OB wasn't in today.
So if you are still reading, thanks! And any thoughts or advice?


Have a good night!

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hey christy,

i really think the only guidline for you is what info you feel you need to be more clear and feel the best. it is MORE than fine to call the OB or peri directly to discuss. you have your questions all written down, that is great. im sure they have answers as well. this sounds too complex to go thru the middleman of a nurse so id call this morning and get them before the holidays. if they ask if its important, id say yes. you shouldnt have to stew about this.

erica, willbe thinking about you and cerclage removal tomorrow. im actually in good shape, the ultrasounds show a nice long cervix but im thinning. we feel there is probably no chance of my going into labor asap, but we're keeping the darn thing in a little later as im wrapping a television series and i dont want to go early. for lots of reasons, i shouldnt go late, either, so we're looking to do both removal and hopefully delivery at 38 weeks. hopefully i wont go into labor before then. im feeling good.
sara, thinking of you and your sweetie in the NICU.
we're doing pretty well for a bunch of high risk babes. hang inthere everyone, its almost over!!!!
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Sage i am glad you two are pros at breastfeeding.

unfortuately only DD remains pro, Cameron seems to have a bit of difficulty. I think he may be a bit tounge tied, but DD is catching a cold so we skipped LLL today. I also don't think he is getting enough milk because of DD, i try to limit her nursing but it doesn't work well. Besides that everything she does drives me crazy. ( i am wondering if it is a touch of PPD directed towards her) Why oh why does she see the need of constantly touching me. I am still her. You would think almost 3 months of bed rest would let her know i still love her even if i am not right there every second.

although in general the PP emotions are mostly under control. could not say that with Lilah.

anyways back to that pesky homework which is hard with a nursing baby and a toddler that insist on lay ON me so it is hard to type let alone think and make comprehensible thoughts, bummer NAK doesn't work on professors/graders
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Holly you are doing a TV series 9 months pregnant? I think I must bow down before you. I'm like sooooo proud of myself if I get up during the day and put the dishes in the dishwasher. If I remember to make one phone call I've surpassed my expectations!

Selena I hope the nursing issues clear up. Tandem nursing is complex, maybe you could call and talk to the LLL leader since you couldn't make it to the meeting?

Christy I couldn't really even begin to tell you what the best choice is, except that I agree with Holly that you have to be comfortable and if that means getting the doctor on the phone rather than the nurse you might have to be a little pushy about it.

Sage you sound so great! Even with the incision acting weird. I hope that turns out to be a small temporary issue.

I should be in bed, I think I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. Glad to get it over with though!
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Thanks for the input! I finally talked with my OB today, and she is fine with another ultrasound next week, we just pushed it a few more days out, as she wanted to be outside the 14day error range of their u/s equipment. And she is orderring a fluid level number, not just normal/abnormal as a result this time. The fluid levels have been in the normal range though, which is good! So I am glad to know we are set to monitor things, so I can relax and stop thinking about it!

Erica, good luck with the cerclage removal today!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! :

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christy, thats all great news!!! so happy you got it cleared up!!!

erica will be thinking of you today. i actually know of a ton of women who thought the removal was no big deal. so im hoping youre gonna fall into that category. i know youll feel better to have it out and the green light for your beautiful birth. you will be at home, yes?

it is nuts to be in production in the last weeks of pregnancy but both having a baby and having a go project are dreams come true... adn the only stance you can take in the face of god making your biggest dreams come true is gratitude, you know? and it just feels ungrateful to complain about timing, overwhelm, pain, whatever when all your dreams are coming true. im being treated like a total queen tho, lots of assistance for parking and laying down, etc. i did have to buy a bunch of fancier maternity that i wasnt counting on, tho!

and weirdly all the timing looks perfect for both, which is another blessing.
thinking of you all. thrilled for our whole ddc but when youve had roads like we've all had its pretty poignant to get so close. hugs h
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Holly you are going to tell us all the series right when its all wrapped and ready to air so we can watch and cheer for you? (hah you'll be too busy with a baby to watch it yourself maybe!)

The cerclage is OUT! And Holly you were right it was so easy compared to last time, it took him literally five minutes to get it out. Then he did a cervical exam though and that made me nearly pass out. Weird huh? A few minutes rest and I was fine. I'm a little crampy now, but no contractions and my cervix is still high, long, closed and firm so it doesn't look like we are going anywhere just yet.

Anyway I'm fine and good to go, though no, we are planning a hospital birth...I'm just strangely not comfortable at home. If I think of a home birth I imagine something in our house falling apart just as I'm in intense labor...we've had a traumatic few month with home repairs and such on our old house! I don't want to have to think about it during labor and this way my son can stay here with grandma until we are ready to have him come join us at the hospital.

Christy I'm glad you found a solution that feels good.
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oh, great news on the cerclage, erica. like i said, i know plenty of women for whom it was easy peasy, and some where it was damn unpleasant. you seemed to have an excellent attitude about it and im a big believer that thats a factor in what you get.

thinking of you all today and GRATEFUL we are still cooking our babies. and remembering our one angel baby today too.

hugs to you all and try to have some fun today!!!
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How's everyone doing? We've all gotten so quiet now that we've made it to the home stretch. It feels great not to be so high risk anymore but I still want to check in! I'm doing good, I'm tired of being pregnant but figure I can't have too much longer, another two or three or four weeks at most. Its countable.

I have an NST tomorrow, my blood sugars continue to be annoyingly borderline despite the glyburide, I hope it isn't doing the babe any harm, its hard to get them under control really this late...there isn't much time left anyway so I hope it will be ok, and that's all I really can do.
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Happy thanksgiving or happy almost December...

I've been thinking of you all and hoping that all is well, even though I haven't been on the computer as much this last week. It's hard to type when I'm holding Zephan!

Christy, for what it's worth, our growth scans in the last few weeks were all over the place, going from the 50th percentile to below the 25th to the 60th and then to about the 25th. When Zephan was born, he was actually above the 50th percentile. The scans are fairly accurate, but not perfect. You are close and one way or another, you will be able to make a good decision.

Zephan's still doing great. He's up to full feeds (about 9 ounces a day) and is growing. He's almost 4 pounds. He's still breathing well on his own. He will probably be moved out of an isolette into a little crib or bassinet in the next day or two. Then the only issue is learning how to breast or bottle feed. We're starting slowly and when he is awake and hungry, he's very interested in nursing. He latches on well, but takes a lot of breaks. This week, we're going to begin letting him breastfeed before he gets his tube feeds at least 1-2 times a day and hopefully he'll get stronger. We're still hopeful that he can come home before Christmas.

It's nice to be off bed rest and to get back to life a little. It's so good to be home with my older boys. They are so funny and sweet. It's great just to sit around our little table eating freezer pizza and drinking $4 bottles of wine. This weekend we decorated our house for Christmas. Mark and I went to our favorite restaurant for happy hour last week at like 9:30 pm after we left the nicu. It was good to drink a beer. This weekend I sold about $300 worth of my maternity clothes and went shopping. So good to be headed back to normal!!!
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Good morning!

Erica, glad to hear the cerclage removal went well!

Sara, you sound great! Sounds like Zephan is doing great as well! Thanks for the input on the ultrasound. I have heard they can be all over like that, and our friends' that just had their baby this week was a full pound off from the ultrasound 2 days before! I feel better just knowing we are watching though, as it is really the trend over time that will tell us the most!

Busy times here! We took Michael to a chiropractor last week, and he found a few major issues that correspond with some of Michael's biggest ongoing medical/physical issues we have been struggling to manage. We will know more in a few weeks how much he can help, but it looks really promising so I am really excited!

How were all of your Thanksgivings? How is all the Christmas prep going? I am getting a long list of sewing and projects to do, but having fun with it!

Have a good morning everyone!
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sarah, you sound great. so do all of you actually. its so great to get the heaviness of high riskness a bit behind us as we have babes or get ready to have them. i say its time for us to celebrate too!!!!

im kicking off the holidays NOW!
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I have a coooooold. NOOOOOOOOOOO not fair not fair!

Zephan sounds like he's doing great Sara!

Christy when is your ultrasound?
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hey guys! how's everyone doing?
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We're doing really well. Zephan's two weeks old and up to 4 pounds 4 ounces! He's out of the isolette and into a little bassinet. He is also wearing clothes and looking pretty darn cute.

We're starting to work more on breastfeeding. He's doing really well. Yesterday we tried using a nipple shield to help him learn how to latch and stay on the breast. Today we were able to take off the nipple shield and he still nursed really well. He's little, goes slowly, and isn't as strong as my older boys were, but he is breatfeeding! This afternoon he had almost 1/2 of his feeding by breast!

He's excited aobut it too. When the nurses do his "cares" - temperature, weight, blood pressure, etc. - he starts to open his mouth and root around and make little hungry noises. And then when I put him to the breast, he leans all of his little body in to me.

We're doing good. So thankful that after everything, Zephan's so healthy.
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Awesome Sara! I'm so happy he's doing well.

Sage how is Lucien?

Selena is Cameron nursing any better yet?

Where is everyone, if ya'll don't post every five mintues I'm sure you've gone into labor.

I was thinking of Soulshine today I hope she's holding on. Hugs if you are out there still dear.
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Congrats Sara on Zephan doing so well! How are Lucien and Cameron doing?

Sorry about your cold Erica. I am just getting over one too. Ahh, the joys of winter weather!

I had an appt today, and have an u/s Friday. My uterus was back towards the middle more, so we got a confident 32cm at exactly 32w, which was a great sign! It had been so far to the right that measurements had involved some guesswork the last few times. So we will see Friday how the u/s goes, but we hare hoping for a steady or increasing number on the growth!

Have a good morning!

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