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damn genetics..... kaden has eczema all over the area the diaper covers next to his penis. got him an appt with the doc at 2:30 any good natural suggestions?? Its getting all weepy and spreading real bad. i have had eczema my whole life so I know what works for me... but what can you do for an infant??
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Ugh. I'm sorry. We've never dealt with eczema so I don't know. I know my niece has tons of creams she has to use. She has eczema plus some really long name for something that is essentially asthma of the skin. She is two and has really scaly rough skin.
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thank goodness its just a diaper rash. but its a bad one..... but at least that goes away.
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Hmmm are you super sure its eczema? I only ask because my ds was "diagnosed" with Eczema and we were given all sorts of creams and such to "help" and they didn't. The poor boy was so itchy he was scratching his cheeks till they bled. Nothing helped. Finally we figured out he was allergic to cow milk and dairy products. Have not had an issue with Eczema since. Just wanted to throw that possibility out there.
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Super bad diaper rash, you may want to change the dipes you're using. All of the kids have had reactions to sposies except the Seventh Generation kind. You might want to check those out, or cloth dipes.
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My little lady had the begining of a rash about a week ago, it was quite red. I gave her a bath in a calendula hebal bath, and then aplied a little bit of organic coconut oil. Cleared it right up, plus the oil protects and moisturises the skin.
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I have been dealing with diaper rash too. I even took him to see our family practitioner as it was not responding to my usual stuff (Weleda calendula cream, Weleda Diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) or Burts Bees zinc oxide cream. I was suspecting yeast, so I switched to miconazole (Monistat). I think it was yeast and it did respond to the miconazole but it took about a week. My dr said that about a third of yeast is resistant to Monistat. She gave me a prescription for NIzarole which is ketaconazole. i went ahead and filled it but have not used it. Figured it would be good to have it around.

We've got no signs of thrush at all....so that is good.
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sorry your guy's got a bad rash. Leaving him naked as much as possible will help. Also, using a bulb syringe and spraying water on his bum instead of wiping when possible (baby bidet ) will reduce irritation.

We started doing this with Kehau when a little rash started, and it cleared right up. Plus, he loves it. Plus, we have way less wipes laundry this way. We'll never go back.
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