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William is here! Pics post #46

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William was born Thursday June 12 at 2:40 am. 7 lb 12 oz, 51 cm long.

VBAC after 43 hours of labor!

I started contractions Tuesday morning when I woke up at 7:30....thought it was more false labor. At my prenatal I was 1 cm and 70% effaced at 10am. I went grocery shopping and got home around 11. I was talking to my bff on the phone around 11:30 when the contractions started picking up and were around 7 mins apart. They were all in my back and legs. I told dp that he had to stay home from work. By 4 pm they were 4 mins apart and pretty intense. We headed to the hospital at around 6pm. We got stuck in contruction which made me very anxious. At 6:30 I was at 2 cm. I labored at the hospital and the contractions stayed around 4 mins apart. My doula and bff were there and helped me through them. The pain in my hips was very intense. The nurse checked me at 11pm and I was still 2 cm. I didn't want to go home because of the contruction zone, so we went to my best friend's house. I labored there until around 1 am. By then the contractions were 1-2 mins apart. I wanted to go in the bath tub so we went back to the hospital. I had a bath and the contractions went back to 4 mins apart. The nurse checked my cervix at 4 am and I was still 2cm. I just about lost my mind. I decided to go home and go to bed. Got home and crawled into bed at 4:30. I mentally willed my contractions to slow down and they did to about 10mins apart, but they still hurt so bad I could not sleep. I got up around 6:30 and they went back to 4 mins apart. At 8:30 I called my ob's office and told him I wanted drugs as I needed sleep....I had been at it for 25 hours at that point.
We went back to the hospital and they gave me a shot of morphine at around 9:30 am on Wendnesday. That allowed me to relax between the contractions so I could doze. It started to wear off around 2:30 so we got up and walked around to try and kick start the contractions again. The doc came to check me at 4pm and I was still at 2 cm. We continued to walk or bounce on the birth ball until around 7 pm. I was tired and having a lot of pain during the contractions. The doc came to check me at 8 pm. I was at 4 cm. I told him I was done and wanted a c/s. He told me that wasn't what I really wanted and offered an epidural and he would break my water and see what happened. He thought that I would dialate a lot quicker after that. I agreed.
I got the epidural at around 9 and the doc broke my water at 9:30. There was meconium in the water. Doc told me that he would check me again in 2 hours and if I wasn't progressing that I would need a c/s. At around 10:30 the anethetist had to come redo the epidural because my left side wasn't frozen and the pain was horrible in my hips. When the doc came and checked me at 11:30 I was 8cm! We were so excited. I dozed on and off and was complete at 1:45am. I started pushing around 2:15 and they turned the epidural off. His head was almost out when the hip pain came back. I was screaming in pain....Yelling for them to turn it back on. The pain was so bad I couldn't lay back to push. Doc decided to use the vaccum and he came out after 2 more pushes.

I never would have gotten my VBAC without the awesome support of my doctor....any other doc would have sectioned me alot sooner.
Baby is good....he slept for around 24 hrs staight after birth, but is getting more alert and nursing well.

Pics to be added later!
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congratulations!! 43 hours whoa!! I am so glad you got your VBAC!!!
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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a birth warrior!
Your doc sounds great, how refreshing!
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Good for you, Vanessa!!! Sometimes we just need that little bit of something to get through it. You did GREAT.
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Congrats!! I'm glad you got your VBAC and your healthy babe!
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Congrats on your healthy baby and successful VBAC. What a long and exhausting labor!
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Congratulations!!! So glad your doctor didn't want to rush to a c/s too, that's a nice change.
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...can't wait to see the pics!!!
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Oh Vanessa I'm soooo happpy for you!!

What a Strong will!! GREAT JOB MAMA!!!

Enjoy that bundle, HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow!!!! What an amazing story! Congratulations!
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Congrats Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You worked so hard! I am so happy for you, you must feel great! Looking forward to pictures.
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what a greuling ordeal, with a wonderful reward. congrats, i was thinking about you!
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Congratulations, Vanessa...you are an amazing woman! I'm so glad you got your VBAC!!!
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Congrats!!! Glad everything went well and you got your VBAC!!!
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I'm so happy for you!! Way to go!!

Congratulations and can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Congrats Vanessa! So happy that you were able to get your VBAC.
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Yay! I'm so glad you got your vbac! Enjoy your babymoon!
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