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This might be it.... Nevermind. :(

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Contracting. Called doula.....
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Sending good vibes and thoughts your way!
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Whoooo hoo!!! Happy labouring! LOL
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oooh how exciting!!!! sending labor vibes your way!!
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Good luck!
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Yay, crossing fingers for you over here !
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Gosh I LOOOVE reading posts like these! I get sooo excited (not at all jealous)!!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL fulfilling labor! Update when you can! HUGS MAMA!!
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Go, go, go! Hope this is the real deal for you!
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Yay!!! And you were just saying today that nothing was happening and you were bored. What a great way to end the boredom Hope you're holding your little babe soon!
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Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear about the next June baby!
Wishing you a wonderful birth.
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Sending you ELV! :
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Strangest thing ever. Ctx for several hours, getting MUCH stronger and closer together. Lost my plug and had bloody show. Cervix changed and babe engaged more....

Got in the shower around midnight and it was like I flipped an "Off" switch. I had a contraction as I walked into the spray....... and then NOTHING.

I've never experienced anything like this... and I'm the queen of week long prodomal labors. I'm sad b/c I was excited that I was meeting babe SOON. But most of all, I'm : and confused. I literally feel stunned. If I've EVER been in labor, I was last night. And it just.... stopped. Not tapered off. Just stopped like I hit a brick wall. It almost made me feel nauseous, the change happened so fast. I feel strange.

Bah humbug.

PS - Thanks for all the good wishes! I all you mamas so much!
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Oh, man, that really sucks!! Was anything else going on when you hit the brick wall?
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Could you be working through your dream of a UC? Could something about that have triggered a labor stop?

I'm sorry Katherine....sending some more labor vibes your way.
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Awww. What a bummer. I don't want to say the words you don't want to hear - but it'll be soon. I'm sure the expectation of "this is IT!" would have knocked the wind out of me with the stop though...

Just think of all that great progress you just made Mama! You're doing great...
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Just try to think of it as that much closer, that much less work your cervix has to do later on, you know? I know its hard though, I'm sorry
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Thanks mamas! Honestly, I'm feeling kinda... good. I'm not too disappointed b/c I wasn't expecting to have the babe this soon.

It was really, really weird though. It's hard for me to reconcile my brain and my body. My mind is saying, "Ok, we went through labor, uh, where's the babe??" Physically, I'm still feeling fine and I'm ok with being pregnant for several more weeks.

I know that there were changes last night, so that's less work later. Just weird.

Oh, and the only thing going on when I got in the shower was that DH had started talking about leaving for the birthcenter.... maybe this really is a sign that I'm meant to do this at home, alone. The most powerful contractions I had were when I was completely alone in the bedroom on my birthball, while the kids were asleep and DH was downstairs washing up the dishes. Don't know.

Well, this babe will choose his/her birthday eventually... and in the meantime I'm content to wait, relatively peacefully. That's odd for me, too... usually I'm stressed about getting babe out by now. Weird pregnancy all around. Totally not my norm. This babe should be an interesting person!
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I was just thinking about the unpredictability of birth this morning. It's really pretty cool. After my first pregnancy I learned to just assume I'll go to 42 wks. - never have but it keeps me from driving myself crazy w/expectations.

Anyway, I thought about my past births and that unexpected moment when I realized "This is it!" and how great it felt. I love that part of birthing. I don't even pay attention to cramps, bh, etc. I just ignore it all although what you were experiencing last night I probably wouldn't have ignored and made the assumption that "This is it!". I'm glad you have a good perspective on it.

I hope your birth goes as you wish - whether bc or uc. I think the cessation of the ctx during mention of the bc is very curious... It's kind of like all those stories about womrn being in full blown labor, pulling up to the hospital, and everything petering out. I've always believed that was a clue or a sign.
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mama... I know how confusing it can be!

On a positive note, since my start STOP labor I've felt so great! I feel like myself again and I get to try again for the perfect birth!
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