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Evelyn Carole is here!!

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Our little girl is here!

Short version:
born 6/10 at 1:24am
7 pounds 15oz
21 1/4 inches long

Long Version:
Can I just say how great my labor and delivery were for her. Wow- I don't know if it was because it was a second L&D for me or because I practiced hypnobirthing or what, but this L&D may convince me to go for a 3rd child someday...or maybe I'll just go out on a high note.

Monday morning I woke up to my normal BH contractions- just tightening, no pain or tension associated with them. Henry and I went about our normal day- library time, park, went to mall to get sandals for Henry, dropped stuff off at Goodwill, etc. We got home for lunch and we both ate and then it was nap time for both of us.

I got up from my nap around 3:30pm and quickly realized that the BH contractions were falling into a pattern of about every 10 minutes. Again, they didn't hurt but they were consistent. I called my husband since he works 2 hours away from home just to be on the safe side. I also called my mom because she wanted to be here for the birth and my parents live 2.5-3 hours away.

Over the course the late afternoon and early evening the contractions started getting closer together, but I wasn't experiencing any pain. I was able to go about normal activity. I made dinner, we all ate together, gave Henry a bath and put him down for the night.

After Henry went to bed around 8pm I noticed that if I sat down the contractions would start spacing out. Chris and I went for a walk and that helped to get the contractions back to about 5 minutes apart, but there wasn't any real pain and the duration of the contractions were only about 30 seconds.

At 10pm I decided to take a shower to see if that helped get the contractions stronger. This whole time I was worried that I was just experiencing prodromal labor and that it would eventually stop. While in the shower I had some pretty good ones, but I was visualizing my cervix opening and baby coming down. I wanted to avoid my long labor in the hospital like I had with Henry.

At 11pm I had my first painful, need to breathe and relax type of contraction. But again, the contractions were short-only 30-45 seconds long. By Midnight, I was ready to drive to the hospital and Chris called his mom to come over so she can stay at the house with Henry.

This is when the contractions started to get intense and I was getting nervous about our 30 minute drive to the hospital. I did a lot of breathing and relaxation exercises while in the car. It was brutal. I labored so much better while standing up and swaying, so sitting still in the car did not equal a happy me.

We got to the hospital in 18 minutes thanks to my husband's driving skills (he was quite proud of himself!). I got into the L&D room at 12:50am. The nurse checked me and said she was happy I got there when I did because I was 9 cm dilated! Holy crap!! I was so happy because my plan all along was to not have an epidural since I had 2 failed ones (before I knew better) with Henry. All the staff went into panic mode and someone ran out to call my doctor.

I changed and quickly got out of bed so I could labor standing up. 5 minutes later they asked to check me again because my doctor was on his way. At that point I was already to a 10, but I had a small lip left. I got back out of bed and while I stood there I had 2 strong contractions back to back and immediately announced that I needed to push. My doctor walked in, confirmed that the lip was gone and that I could start pushing when I felt ready. Umm, I was more than ready!My water broke during my pushing (that was a sight!) and once it did everything seemed to speed up to warp speed.

I pushed through 3-4 contractions and in less than 10 minutes little Evelyn Carole was born at 1:24am. We were only in the room for 34 minutes. Thankfully, I did not need an episiotomy like I did with Henry, nor did I tear. OMG, I can't believe how much better I feel after this birth compared to Henry's.

Evelyn had some bruising in her face because of the fast delivery, but they are almost gone. She was able to nurse right away and breastfeeding is going so smoothly. Again, the complete opposite of my experience with Henry who didn't latch on until 6 weeks and wasn't 100% on the breast until 3 months (oh, how I detested my breast pump those 3 months).

I have been feeling so good that I requested an early discharge from the hospital and allowed to leave 36 hours after her birth. We got home on Wednesday, which was her due date and are getting into our groove. We went to the park Wednesday afternoon with her big brother and she got to feel the breeze on her skin. We went again Thursday and I even took her to the grocery store with me to pick up a few items.

We have some pictures, but I need to figure out photobucket since I have never used it before. We are Snapfish users, but I guess you can't link to that site from here. Hopefully, I can get to that today.

Sounds like someone is hungry.
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Congratulations! What an awesome birth!
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Wow mama!! Great story congrats! Happy baby moon
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CONGRATULATIONS! I am so glad hypno-birthing helped you so much and that you had such a beautiful birth experience!!!!! Welcome sweet Evelyn Carole!!!!!
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Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful birth!
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Wow, if that's not the labor style everyone dreams of having...
Awesome job Mama! I'm glad to hear it went so smooth and recovery has been so great. I have to say that no-epidural and epidural births are VASTLY different in every aspect - all the way down to nursing issues (or lack there of ) and recovery as well. Glad this is going great! Can't wait to see pics.
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Yay I'm so glad you had such an awesome birth!
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Congrats! That's such a great birth story and I love your kids' names. My g-mother is named Evelyn.
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What a fabulous, empowering birth! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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what a great story!
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That's awesome! i can only hope mine goes that well Congratz!
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Congrats on the birth of your little girl! How wonderful that you had such a positive experience this time, too.
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What an inspiringly good birth story! Congrats!
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Congratulations! I hope my hospital birth is just like that and I fee that good! Beautiful name. Can't wait to see pics.
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Lovely birthstory!
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