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6/14 Update thread...

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Add yours.
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Let's see. Tomorrow I'm going to be 39w.

I'm still shocked about that. Last time I was 39w pg was almost 6 years ago. I will undeniably say that this pg has blown my expectations for it straight out of the water yet AGAIN - every single thing has been so vastly different. It's amusing, sometimes frustrating, confusing and yet at the same time a bit refreshing.

I have a massage scheduled for today (my Mom gave me her apt. time with our massage lady - I am so happy!!! I have been trying to get in for weeks and weeks), an acupuncture apt. to see if we can turn baby to anterior and I'm going swimming with my newly pg sister (and my little niece) in my bikini no less !!!! I was NOT going to go alone...

We're doing my belly cast tonight too, just for fun...

Anyways, still housing someone else these days!
I got LOTS of BHs yesterday but I think it was just my body trying to move the baby to a better position honestly.

Yesterday morning (long before the BHs started) I called and talked to my back-up MW and she was wonderful and reassuring about some worries and fears I've had - I love that woman!

Nothing else to report...
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I'm still here - 40+2 days now.

We went to a great concert in the park last night and enjoyed a picnic. Heading off to the zoo today (it's *gorgeous* outside today) and making ice cream later this afternoon. To church tomorrow to meet our new pastoral candidate, and DH and I are planning to have dinner at a fabulous restaurant either Monday or Tuesday evening (still need to figure out where and make reservations). We'll just keep busy until the baby decides to make an appearance
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man, i dont feel like leaving the house today. let alone concerts, etc. i'm not so much tired, just blah
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40+ wks...

Well, luckily I have some good friends to pick me up when I am feeling down. I am feeling really grateful for that today! I woke up in a so-so mood, had breakfast and went to pick up our CSA farm share. Had to take the dog who usually goes to work with dp, but couldn't today. Well, we were in the barn getting our things for FIVE MINUTES!!! and in that time, my f*&%ing dog chewed through a seatbelt, ate the rubber lining around one of the windows and chewed the corner off the passenger side sun visor! WTF!!!!! I mean, I know she has seperation anxiety but this is a little rediculous. By the time we got back to the house I was in tears and cussing. Luckily one of my best friends called me and now I am feeling much better.....did I mention we JUST got the car a month ago? It is used, but the nicest car I have ever had, until today. icture me, screaming at my dog in the parking lot of this sweet organic farm with all these other families looking at the very pregnant woman freaking out!! It was grrrreat.

Other than that, I am a bit crampy but regaining some patience as far as when this babe will be born. DP is bringing home some paint(no VOC/no odor of course!) and I am going to start painting our bedroom. I figure why not, I seem to have the time. And the puke pink is less than appealing! I figure the more I get done, the better, and when labor finally kicks in I can really enjoy the space and the time with our new addition. Just gonna keep on keepin on!

Going out to dinner sounds VERY nice!!!! May have to get a babysitter and go do that!
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Daniel is 8 days old today and lovely, but the truth is, I have been crying since Sunday. The last 2 days has been especially emotional: I could literaly cry all day and night. It's not about Daniel, or even about the hardships of this time (very sore nipples, breasts that have ben engorged for 6 days straight, missing my 3-year-old, sleep deprivation, etc) but rather is just this bottomless well of emotion that has no name. But it feels like deep sadness, and I struggle with the paradox of deeling such sadness on the heels of such joy and gratitude. I still feel joy and gratitude for the gift of this baby, don't get me wrong, but it's rather overshadowed right now.

Um... I hope this is not too unusual. I hope this is just some baby blues and my way of processing a very hard birth (pitocin/back labour/hip labour with no epi) -- my first, and a powerful/vulnerable experience, obviously. I'm proud of my birth, but it has ripped a scab off of some kind of wound, I think.

For those of you who've birthed before, is any of this familiar??
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oh yes, mama. Keep aware of your feelings(you sound like you are) but this is not unusual. Get some rescue remedy, that can help. There are some wonderful herbs out there that could also help. Lemonbalm, oatstraw etc.(maybe an herbalist or naturopath could help you) I think this early on postpartum(from my experience) this is totally not unusual to feel such a well of mixed emotions. Your hormones are all wonky and your entire mind, body and soul just went through a profound transition! It is always good to talk to someone though, and especially if these feelings contunue for some time. PPD is no joke, you can't ignore it away, but some baby blues after birth are to be expected. You could also make sure you take some Floradix as low iron after birth has been linked to PPD. Be easy on yourself and know you are supported!
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nothing big to report today, but we are finishing up the final things that need to be done (like cleaning the kitchen more since things were shoved aside for the tub, getting food shopping done, etc.) just in case the castor oil does work tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about it. I know it doesn't always work, so thats a little nerve wracking too. My DH plans to take DD somewhere to play for a bit after I take it, so I'll be all alone and that makes me nervous too. Not that anyone needs to be here while I'm emptying my insides out but still.
I just really really hope this works, I'm not sure what to do if it doesn't
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From what I know your feelings can be very normal at this time. If they go past two weeks post partum you may want to take more notice. hang in there. You are having lots of transitions physically and emotionally right now, but life and your body will get back to normal. Peace mama
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For my report. Its a beautiful sunny day with a loud softball tournament going on next to my house (practically my back yard) and a going away party for my best friend tonight so I don't think I'm going to be going into labor today. too much excitement. I've been telling everyone tomorrow, but I'm curiously not in a hurry. I will mourn not being pregnant anymore although I saw the cutest newborn at the food co op today and wanted to take him home! Then I realized, "oh wait, I'll be getting one of those soon enough
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:bighug: Sarah

39w 1 day

I had contractions last night for a couple hours that slowed down. Went to sleep & had a few more that woke me up through the night. My motto for today is to enjoy this baby belly as it is going to be my last pregnancy.

We are going grocery shopping & spending some family time this weekend.
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Sarah. Sounds very familiar to me. The pps have given good advice.

As for me, dh and I are having our last solo date for awhile tonight. Yipppee! Fancy dinner and a movie. Now if I can just find something to wear...
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So tired and missing my man who is WORKING like crazy!! We are a little pent up but I just can't seem to get motivation really to do anything. I could just lay around. Only wish I had more company to do it with me. Anyway counting down. My belly feels soooo heavy.. .
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39 weeks today.

My grandfather passed away yesterday so mostly that's where my focus is. I got pretty much no sleep last night.
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Uncomfortable. My back and hips hurt - they're worn out. Scaring people left and right when they ask me when I'm due and my response is "a week and a half ago!" That part's actually kind of fun because they don't quite know how to respond.

It's finally sunny here and I couldn't resist a few more tomato and pepper plants at the farmer's market today (yup, scared more people there - like I'm going to drop a baby right in front of their stand). So I need to go plant those and the rest of my homegrown tomato starts and all. Hoping to get everything planted, and a bonus would be if it all kick starts labor so I can get this show on the road.

balancedmama ~ I'm so sorry. I still miss my grandparents so much, yet they've been gone for a while. It sucks.
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sunmamma , but aw....your poor car....i would freak too!
balancedmama - so sorry for your loss

sarah - i felt very much that way after #2 was born, with some surprise cord issues (no lasting effects) - it just really, really upset me and did lead to some ppd. the PPs advice is good, I would also do RRL tea/capsules to help with mineral absorption, lots of sunshine to make your soul feel good, and talking about it with something irl who gets it, if you can.

40 plus 4 today. Grouchy but trying not to show it
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Balancedmama ~ my thoughts are with you.

Sarah - no advice, but good vibes your way

I'm 38 weeks today! WooHoo. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. My feet are killing me, so I'm trying to stay off them. Which would have been easy if DH hadn't invited a bunch of people over for dinner tonight and I've been cleaning and cooking all afternoon. :

Went to my prenatal yoga class this morning and it rocked once again. The best part was that the instructor (also a doula) had asked everyone to bring their parnter in. DH & I had such a great time.
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feeling okay today, but tired. DH and I went out for dinner last night as our "last hurrah" it was wonderful. We walked down by the waterfront after that, and I kept getting the horrified looks from ppl...I think some of them wondered if we were walking to try to get things going.

Went down to the farmer's market today. vegged at home, and did absolutely nothing wrt baby prep at all. will have to make up for it tomorrow, though.

hips/pelvis in same state. feet swelling the same. it's humid and gross here today, but rained off and on, so we couldn't even get out the kids pool and soak my feet. oh well. I'm getting closer to the fearful of birth phase, which is not so much a fear as the realization of what this will really be like for me.

Oh. my toes are pretty from my pedicure yesterday. aaaahhhh.
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Thanks, mamas, for your words of wisdom. I'll be speaking to my doula tomorrow about herbal remedies and such, and I guess I just need to let this all be until/unless it goes beyond about 2 weeks.

Good luck to all of you waiting to birth!! I'm sending "comfort" vibes your way in hopes that it helps you get a decent night's sleep or a day with fewer aches and pains, or of course your baby!
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Originally Posted by skg_7 View Post
Thanks, mamas, for your words of wisdom. I'll be speaking to my doula tomorrow about herbal remedies and such, and I guess I just need to let this all be until/unless it goes beyond about 2 weeks.
Sarah, dh is a psychiatrist and has some experience with PPD. He agrees with the pp's. If it continues beyond 2 weeks, it's not the baby blues. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts of suicide or of hurting your baby, get help immediately.

Here's some info on Dr. Sears site.
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