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Dh had his surgery yesterday, so I'm busy taking care of him. We are so thankful that it was laprascopic, but of course the first few days are really painful and yucky. I feel bad for him of course and am doing my best to keep him as comfortable as possible with allopathic meds, heat pads, and homeopathy combined.

As for me, I just feel exhausted mostly...very little sleep the past couple days. For some reason I'm having trouble focusing on baby coming at the moment, even though I know it's soon...must be the distraction and worry about dh I suppose! My first two girls share a birthday...I wonder if this one will share one with dd3 since she was born on the 21st of June...

I'm 40w2d today and I'm getting the same frightened expressions whenever I do go out! I'll likely take the girls to church tomorrow morning which will certainly be interesting...I'll be accosted for updates about dh *and* because I'm overdue, all at the same time!
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balancedmama... I'm so sorry

Sarah... many hugs to you. You know you did awesome; be kind to yourself.

As for me, I actually had a good day, mostly because I got out of the apartment and away from DH's videogame male-bonding extravaganza with DSS and his buddies from work. I figured it would suck to be around while it went on, so I ran away to my parents' house for some much needed TLC. Despite the super swollen feet, the sore hips and bum, we went fabric shopping all over town (diaper-making here I come!) and had a nice dinner. My dad even gave me a gorgeous Canon camera so I can take pics of baby when she graces us with her presence.

No BH in sight, just lots of pain down there and very uncomfortable rolls from bellybean. It's getting tight in there!
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38+4. Dh and I spent the morning running around looking for a nice double jogging stroller, adn found a nice one second hand. I am excited to take the boys out walking in it this week!

MIL took the kids for the night so we spent the afternoon making soap and are going to make my belly cast in the morning. So all around a nice Saturday.

This week seems like it will be easier, nice weather and lots to do, plus DH is taking wed off for our MW's home visit.......

DH is re-reading the Birth Partner, I started skimming it and it just made me think of how the birth is going to hurt. I think I am trying to not count down adn really focus on it, but rather just keep busy and let it sneak up on me. Is that bad? I feel like I know the basics and once things get rolling my body knows what to do so there is really no point in dwelling on it now. I'm a bit concerned I'm going to be starteled by the baby at the end of it though Tell me I'm not alone!
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