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well check's and dr visits

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So we stopped vax when ds was 6 months and dd was 2 1/2. When we stopped this we also stopped there well check visits. I figured all they were for were shots anyway so what was the point of wasting the time and co-pay. Well now DD is 5 almost 6 and DS is 3 almost 4. I have to take them in to have their eyes and ears checked for school. We have seen the dr a handful of time in the after hour clinic they have when the kids have been extremly sick but that is is. I am just wondering if other non-vax parents take there kids in for there well visits or skip them like we have.
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Well my ds is only 13 months, but the last time he saw a doctor was at 6 weeks. He is unvaxed and I don't plan on taking him to a doctor unless there is an emergency.
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I do for one child and not for the other. My DD1 is 5y, she has seen a doc a few times for various issues or another but we haven't done well visits with her. DD2 is a different child however and has had some health issues. The last one being playing around with different inhalers, etc... trying to find the right meds for her reactive airway disease. So I do taker her to well visits, though by default she has never really been well when we do one. We use it to update her extensive chart by now, what is going on currently with her, etc...
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I skip them. I even signed a waiver for DS school entry (waiving the "physical.") I'm not opposed to them but I just didnt feel it was necessary and wasnt going to fork over $100 so they can say "yeah, he's fine" when I already know that, ykwim?
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Ds only goes when he is sick. He wont be starting school until at least 4 possibly 5 so wont need a physical until then. DD goes once a year for the required physical for school.

Other than that Ds hasnt had a wbv since he was 4mo and dd hasnt since last school year.
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I also do not take my children to the doctors regularly. If they're that bad, I take them to our ER or Convienent care.
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I did for the first year when we had some digestive issues. We stopped at the 12 months visit. Everythings fine, he's growing like a weed, nice weight gain, he is learning so many new things- I can see that myself, thank you very much. I am sure there are enough parents out there to make the yacht payments.
Besides, I was always dreading it, would he try to push back the foreskin, would vaxes be mentioned? Out Ped is pretty laid back-but it take a huge weight of us. He is pretty nice himself but the rest of the staff is as friendly as a cold fish, I got lectured by a RECEPTIONIST, I don't need that.

If I had the feeling something was going on or there are issues I wanted to talk about with him-I could call or go. With no issues (different if there ARE issues)
Just so-imagine, they get paid for NOTHING, a healthy patient. Although it seems to bug people that I don't know EXACTLY how heavy he is.
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The last time my dd took her son to the ped was when he was 15 mo old at which time he had one last vaccine. He is almost 11 yrs now. He has never been to an ER either. We treat everything ourselves. Or I should say, we let him deal with everything in his own way.
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We skip them. We are in the process of finding a Naturopathic Doctor for all of us to see instead and that would only be on a need basis. ER visits are only for urgent needs.

Glad to see we're not the only ones!
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I do take my DD (8 mo.) so far. She has not had a single vaccination. We go to a family Dr and really like him a lot. He's not pushy at all. I figure we're just building a relationship. We talk about how we feel about medicines and stuff. If we didn't love our Dr so much as a person, we might not though.
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we do 2 mos, 4 mos, 6 mos, 1 yr and then 1 x per year after... BUT, we live in Canada, so we don't pay for our doc visits, AND our doc is laid back, ok with our no vax and other non-mainstream issues (he would never retract a foreskin or anything). we know they are all fine, the doc knows they are all fine. we only do it so that there is a record of us going.. so that if anything should ever happen, should anyone ever make any (false!) accusations, there is a record of us taking good care of them. hopefully, nothing like that would ever happen, but you never know.

also, if my kids do get sick (sick enough to see a doc that is), he has a better picture of what "normal" is for them. i'm actually surprised how well he knows and remembers us, we really only see him once a year, and he remembers us well.

but if i had to pay, or i was worried about arguing with him every time i had to go, i might not go thru all that.
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We are non-vaxing and i'm taking my LO to a child health clinic today just to get weighed. He's not seen any medical professionals since April so I thought I 'll just get that done. Nervous about them preaching the vaxing message to me though. I agree with shelley4 that i would like the doc to have a picture of what's normal for DS. But I'm in the process of finding a good homeopath for us both at the moment.
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Well Visits

You can weigh your baby on your scale at home. You know that they are growing fine because they outgrow their clothes. Any book can tell you about the where a baby should be development wise. I like Dr. Brazelton. Dr. office germs are not worth the well visit.
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I did up to 18 months, but DS had a GREAT doctor who was supportive of us not vaxing. Now that we've moved, I haven't taken him. I see no reason at this point.
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We also don't take our son in for routine check ups. I know he's healthy and gaining plenty of weight. He's more "advanced" than most of the babies in his daycare class, according to his teachers, and has only gotten minor congestion twice in his life (of 5-whole months).
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I do - but I have a $0 co-pay for well visits. We don't vax. I basically go just to maintain a relationship with docs in the practice. If my son ever needs them, I think I'll be less worried if I know the docs a little.
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We have took him to every one up until 12 months. I just wanted to make sure he was on track and his eyes, nose, ears looked good and his heart and lungs sound good ect... Now, I really could care less to go unless he is sick to the point where I worry for him. No vax ever though
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I go but its free I like to go to show the doctor how some people live. To show him that non vaxers aren't crazy, we're educated. And because I've taught him a think or 2 about bf/cosleeping/no cio/and non vaxing

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We do well baby visits but my baby is only 6 months old and he is my first. So it could change, who knows. Also we love, love our ped. He is crazy and we love that. He also is cool with is not vaxing. He is also on the same page with us about lots of things (extended bfing, cosleeping, noncirc, no cio and others).
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Just a yearly physical for both of them. We will do a 2 week with our FP, then a 6 month, then yearly for the newest babe.
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