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Chiming in here!

I'm totally in the same boat, so its good to see this thread up. 37/38 weeks along here and, although I feel huge, I keep getting the comment "but you're so tiny. You're probably going to have a tiny baby.": However, like all you ladies, MW doesnt seem worried at all.

Thanks for posting this, I feel like I'm at the exact opposite extreme of the "wow, you're so huge" spectrum.
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I agree with everyone else. Try not to let other people's comments affect you. Your care provider isn't worried so you don't need to either.

As a point of comparison, I am 5'7" and started this pregnancy around 110Lbs. I am now 140lbs. At my 35 week appt I was 32 cm. I am following the exact same growth curve as I did with ds. People think I'm only about 5 months along. And yet, ds was a healthy 8Lbs 2 oz. I just carry my babies differently than other people.

Hugs to you. I know from experience how tiring the comments get. Just as it is insensitive to go on about how big someone is, it is also not cool to go on about how small someone is. Way to make a mama feel inadequate!
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Like everyone else said, don't worry about comments. Too many people just talk and don't even know what they are talking about. Everyone is different, and since it is your first, you don't have a guideline to go by, and just making it up as you go!

You sound perfectly right to me.
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These posts about being "too big" or "too small" have got me thinking:
has a pg woman ever gotten the comment:
"Oh you are the perfect size for how pg you are. You must be growing a perfect sized baby who will be born on it's perfect due date."

The fact that we are all either too big or too small just shows how messed up people's issues with women's bodies are in our society.
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