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I'm not patient tonight dang it, get out. Or stop hurting my back, my pelvis, my sciatic nerves and every other spot in there.

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Not in your DDC but wanted to stop by to give you some love!

Sorry you are miserable and ready to be DONE. I am looking forward to reading your UC birth story soon!
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It's a good thing they don't usually stay in there much longer than 40 weeks, huh?! The crunch for room can make for a really uncomfortable last few weeks.

I'm with you... baby come on out or find a less obtrusive position.
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Sorry your having a tough time at the moment, but your "BABY GET OUT!" cracked me up! I hate to say, I'm feeling the same....done.
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I hear ya!!!
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I'm with you! I just want to meet this baby and be able to walk without waddling again...
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Originally Posted by Aries1985 View Post
walk without waddling again...
OMG- i totally forgot what that was like... ive been so focused on the swelling in my legs and feet! it'll be nice to walk 'normally' again!
i have to say we're almost done ladies.. i was in the, "baby get out" mode last week, now im just zoning out!
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I know. . .I even called midwife last night because the BH were so intense, lower, pelvic pain, thigh pain. I feel so stupid because I am still so very preggo O July can't come soon enough
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Double amen.
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I'm with you... It feels like babe had a growth spurt or something last night, b/c today is the first day I've been really uncomfortably big feeling during the day. I'm waddling, can't get up easily, get tired standing, etc. I've been having rough nights for awhile, but I've been doing fine during the day. All of a sudden, boom, I'm useless.

Ok, babe, you've officially reached capacity. Out, Out, OUT!!!
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