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Is this life jacket safe?

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We are going to Florida next month. DS has impulse issues (developmental delays) so would have no issue running right into the ocean without a second thought. So, rule is, he wears a life jacket when we're at the beach. I have one, and it fits him, but it doesn't have a crotch strap. Is this okay? I don't really want to have to buy another life jacket. If it needs a crotch strap, can I just sew one on?
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Is it rated for his weight?

I would look for one with the neck flap that will keep his face upright in the water.
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I don't have an expert opinion but if it were me personally, I would get the one with the crotch strap. The problem, I think, when you don't have the crotch strap is that, theoretically, he could just slip out the bottom (imagine how it looks when you are taking a shirt off and his arms are raised). I wouldn't be as concerned if I was using it in a pool, but the ocean is a whole different deal. Even if it fits him snugly normally, a strong wave could pull it off.

Also, speaking from personal experience as a small person, the crotch strap prevents the life jacket from riding up and constantly being up around your ears which is really not comfortable.

Again, I'm no expert so take my advice with a grain of salt.

My DS has impulse issues too so I hear ya on the running right into the ocean thing! We went to the park today and my dad wanted to sit by the river!!! Uhhhh...not if I actually want to sit down while I eat!!!

Have fun in Florida.

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I would not use a life jacket that didn't have a crotch strap.
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If it's rated for his weight it should be safe however you can do a test! Put the jacket on him, get him to hold his arms up and then give that jacket a good tug and see how far off it comes. If it's close to coming off his head, I'd run to the nearest store and get one with a crotch strap.

As for sewing one on... I'd try it but I'm not sure it'd be possible. You'll want to make sure you've got it stitched on really well and that might be hard to do with all the padding. it might depend on how much the lifejacket came up with the tug test.
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