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do you have a lot of clothes for baby?

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I went to wash all the baby clothes today and I only have 1 small laundry basket full... Now I'm starting to worry I don't have enough. Of course I am expecting him to just be wearing cloth diapers and wool most of the time, so I pretty much only bought/made him a bunch of shirts and socks and I think 4 sleepers and 4 pairs of pants...that's about it.

Just curious what everyone else has for the baby...or if you already have your baby what are you using? What do you have too much of? What do you wish you had more of?
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Here's all the stuff I've got from 0-9mo, and some 9-12 stuff.

And here's just the 0-3mo clothes. But. I've had two boys already (i.e. the boy section is 1/8th the size of the girl clothing section) and we haven't found out baby's sex with any of them. I do have a few smallish sized pairs of longies somewhere in that general vicinity, but I haven't washed and lanolized them in a long, long while.

I'm washing burp cloths and receiving blankets and such so often the first little while anyway that the kid doesn't need too many clothes because they get washed so often (when you get poop on one set of jammies and then spit up on two more, then you accidentally spray down kiddo with your boobs for outfit #4 of the day, yeah).
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I'm literally drowning in baby clothing, 85% of which has been bought by my very generous MIL. My parents bought me a crib and dresser, 3/4 of which are filled with baby clothing from MIL, who lives in Vegas and supposedly has access to lots of cheap stuff. She sent me everything from onesies, to cute pants, shorties, skirties, pjs, dresses, overalls, etc etc. It's crazy. I had to ask her (and other family members) to stop buying 0-3 month stuff and to focus on 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff, since that's when winter will hit here and we'll need lots of warmer clothing.

I think MIL is using the opportunity as an excuse to buy cute pink clothing, which she apparently hasn't done in years. There haven't been a lot of girl babies in my family so I also got stuff from them too...I hope the technician was right and that it is in fact a girl!
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Since this is #4, I have totes full I bought some new things for the baby too, so we are well, well stocked.

You really don't need a lot, though. Especially in the summertime!
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I have about 6 sleepers. Many white onesies and shirts because it's stinkin HOT in Kentucky and that's all this little one will need for awhile. Once babe is here I'll get more "gender" clothes but for now were good
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I have baby clothes coming out the eyeballs! My DH likes to say that she already has more clothes than he does and she's not even here yet! My mom has been busy shopping because I think we've only bought maybe 10-15 outfits in various sizes.
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We do not have a ton of 0-3 stuff at all. I don't bother w/ newborn b/c my kids aren't going to fit in it. For DD we just had some gender neutral basics, and some pink stuff people gave us once she arrived. But mostly the pink stuff starts at 3-6. We do a lot of onesies plus a diaper and swaddle blanket in the beginning, or sleep sacks so there just isn't much need for clothing for awhile, until we start leaving the house more.
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We don't have a much (but we have TONS of girl clothes). We have a couple of sleepers and tshirts, blanket sleepers, and a few onsies - Probably fills up a very small laundry basket is all... and we're doing fine! It doesn't take long to throw a load in the wash (with dirty recieving blankets, etc.)

They don't need much, and luckily he doesn't spit up much, so I don't have to change him too often (he's only 10 days old today.)
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I'd say 1 small laundry basket too. I remember giving away tons of stuff last time that dd wore once. I chose a limited number of things this time and got almost all of them at consignment stores. I spent all the $ on new diapers. I hope I have a smallish baby so I can get some use out of them!
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Boys stuff, yes. Girls stuff, no.
But my sister will bring stuff by if it's a girl. I have enough for a while and I get to have a babyshower after baby is here - looking forward to that immensely.
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I have what I would consider a good sized stash of stuff for the bean once he/she gets here. We've never known what we were having, so it is all gender neutral. I would consider it a 'newborn' stash, but w/ both boys being good size (8-5 and 10-6), never losing their 10%, and gaining a lb. a week once my milk comes in, they really aren't sized newborn. And, they wear a handful of outfits once, several more a few times, then we're into 6 mos and up.

summer babies don't need much...DS1 was born in the middle of a heat wave and was in a diaper, hat and sox for much of his first month. After that he wore onesies or little shortall outfits, but that's it.
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I'm pretty well set with clothes... I have tons of gender neutral stuff, plus girlier stuff that family bought for the girls. Plus, one of my good friends had a boy about 7 months ago and she has brought me several totes of boyish stuff. We prefer gender neutral anyway, so we're ok, whatever we end up having!

(I still don't believe that the U/S is anything more than a decent guess....)
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Although this is kid three, it will be child five for almost all our clothes (down the chain of siblings and cousins). Accordingly, many clothes don't make it that far before being stained, torn, or worn beyond good use.

I have one shallow drawer of clothes for this baby...summer means mostly a diaper and a shirt around here. When the weather turns, we'll have to find another drawer somewhere for the cooler weather clothes.
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I have about a dozen onesies and eight little cotton kimono t-shirts, plus a bunch of stuff for after the newborn stage. I had a June baby last time, and found this was plenty. It's hot and they mostly wear a diaper around the house, and a onesie when we go somewhere. I don't think I fully dressed my baby last time until September when we went up north to visit our family and the nights were a bit cool! I am going for minimalist this time!
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As long as gender is correct, we're set plus a ton. Otherwise, we're in BIG trouble!
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My bf irl and sister have both given me all their baby stuff from their girls, plus I've purchased a few outfits, and had two baby showers... so I have a ridiculous amount clothes. (People asked me what I needed, I said a gift card/certificat for our local cloth diapering store... but everyone likes to pick out cute girlie stuff, so that's what I got!) Maybe three big laundry baskets full of 0-6 mos? I doubt she'll even be able to wear everything we have. The good thing is most of it is on its second or third child, so it won't be total waste if it doesn't get worn.
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