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Starting to love this.

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Well, its been a long time coming, but I'm really starting to love this. The big break came when I learned to nurse in bed and got comfortable with cosleeping, and since then it has just gotten better and better. Don't get me wrong, there are times when all I want to do is ignore the baby for ten minutes while I take a hot bath LOL but thankfully those times are few and far between. I am so happy that I have an easy baby, I am thankful every day for it.

We tried going back to work and it was pretty awful, DH came with and we spent the whole 4 hours passing the baby, I only worked for about an hour and a half.. He won't go down unless he's on me or in his swing, and my back is too rough to use a carrier (any carrier, he hates the Ergo, we did try it) for more than an hour without pulling my shoulder muscle (old injury). I'm trying to find a cheap swing on craigslist, I think if I find one and take it to work with me that I will be able to put him down for nappies and get some real work done in the hours between nursing. If not, I guess I'll just try again in a month or so!

I never thought I would ever have the energy to go back to work after I had him. Just feeding myself was such a chore! Things have gotten so much better. Hang in there new mamas. You will be able to stop "sleeping while the baby sleeps" soon LOL and be able to go out without dreading it!
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your post made me smile so big. i'm soooo glad to hear you guys are doing so well! that is awesome!

are you wearing him on your front or on your back? any carrier hurts my shoulders for a front carry after a while, but i'm good with baby on my back. i too have an old shoulder injury, and it does get aggravated by babywearing, but *much* less so with a back carry and a good supportive carrier. i think we're just designed to carry things on our backs, kwim? anyway, ignore me if you've already tried it, but if you haven't, give it a whirl - it might make a difference
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I havent yet, he doesn't have awesome head control yet and I don't think he's ready. I'm sure he will in a few weeks and then I'll try it It would be great if it helped, but H pointed out that the injury gets agitated even if I just carry a purse- even if its a backpack like purse. I'm feeling pretty hopeless.. I have about $300 of carriers and he loves to be worn- I will feel so rotten if we can't find something that works. I can carry him for about an hour before I'm in excruciating pain that will last for three days- even if he's just in arms.
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have you seen the newborn "high back carry" instructions on the Kozy site? you have a MT, right? a babyhawk if i remember? you should be able to do it with that, i did it with a Freehand when DS was a baby. http://kozycarrier.homestead.com/ins...tml#anchor_316

and fwiw, i get much achier when i try to hold babies in arms then i do when they're on my back. of course every injury is different, and i'm not saying it will work, but it's worth a whirl. i found it easiest to learn doing it in front of a mirror. nice to have someone spot you, but not help you, so you get comfortable doing it alone. i don't attempt back carries out and about until i can do a hip scoot, but at home i do them all the time. i think Elowyn's first back carry she was about 2 weeks old.
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You should try a chunei carrier. It's a korean front or back carrier that puts all of the weight on your torso. You seriously don't have any weight on your shoulders. And it's much easier to get a small baby on your back in a chunei than in a mei tai. Check it out.

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Glad to hear you are feeling better
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thats great! how is your thrush?
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oh - how WONDERFUL - so glad to hear you and klaus are doing better!
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nak i think the thrush is gone knock on wood n thanks for recs ladies i will look into all of it!
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Originally Posted by Organicavocado View Post
nak i think the thrush is gone knock on wood n thanks for recs ladies i will look into all of it!
pm me what all you did to kick it!
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