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The Mission by William Rivers Pitt

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Oh Joyce! I am so ashamed to say I missed him! Friday morning I realized that Thusday night was over and done and I messed up! I had some wierd onset of something on Thursday - was walking around in Twilight zone. By evening I was struggling to get out of the funk and actually suceeded and ended up playing with DH & son until after dark in the park. Thanks for posting this. I've printed it out and will read it soon - gotta get B'fast on the table!!
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WOW - am I sad I didn't get to him. That was a great article!! It explains so much - and between that and the link Left? Right? Here's How To Tell I'm feeling so much clearer on politics!!
The problem, as ever, became clear before too long. Unrestricted free-marketeering, deficit spending, tax cuts for the richest people in the country which would purportedly cause the trickling down of monies to the rest, unrestricted polluting, unrestricted defense spending, and the deregulation of absolutely everything, is poison to any economy that is subjected to it. George Herbert Walker Bush was left holding this particular bag in 1992, and he was not enough of a salesman to convince the American people that it was still working.

. . .

An analysis of the facts, and the record, reveals Clinton to have been one of the most effective progressive Presidents in American history. By 1998 he had managed to create an economic system that filled the Federal treasury with unprecedented amounts of available money, and he had also managed to pass a variety of progressive social programs that benefited vast numbers of middle-class Americans. When Clinton stood up in 1998, with a massive budget surplus waiting in the wings, and cried, "Save Social Security first!" he was roaring a battle cry across the trenches that had been there since 1932. Such a surplus would fund social programs all across the country. Such a surplus would, at long last, settle the argument: An activist Federal government can be a force for good within the American populace, and once more, can be paid for with extra left over. The New Deal/Great Society wars seemed to be coming to an end.

This was why he had to be destroyed.
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I just wanted to add - that this article only getting 15 views so far is a crying shame - co'mon y'all - read this! It is a really interesting article!! How 'bout this quote:
Many people believe the statement that "Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we've ever had." There are a great many facts to back this assertion.
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