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Hello mizfiesta,


Your doctor might say this has nothing to do with the IUD.  Some women say that's their docs reaction.  I was lucky.  My OBGYN immediately thought it was the IUD and since then my anxiety has diminished. I would say stick to how you feel.  If you've had your anxiety/depressin pretty much under control and have had no major life changing events that could have caused the anxiety/depression etc to return, then chances are it's the IUD.  Remember it's your body.  I didn't think it was the IUD either.  Honestly, I thought it was a hormonal imbalance from going off the pill the same time I got the IUD.  IF it wasn't for the panic attack Monday morning and my OBGYN stating it was probably the IUD, i would have left it in.  and thank goodness I didnt.  Good luck and if you need encouragement/advice let me know!

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Thanks Mommakris, I go on Tuesday to Family Planning Clinic. I'll let you know how I get on. I just want it out now and I'm worried they don't take it out on the day.

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I have had the exact same thing I think ! I swear I was going crazy like a nervous breakdown I was anxious and it felt like my brain was literally going crazy. I went to the doctor and they said ur depressed he`s a script for an antidepressant. I tried them for about 4 days and it didnt feel right I wanted to know WHY I was/am feeling this way but they dont care!!! so I went off them and started on proxan a natural antidepressant and another chinese herb for stress. I have been on them for about 3 weeks and am slowly improving but I read ur post on Monday and booked that day to have the IUD removed. Istant relief!!! I was feeling better the day after and better again each day but I have my period now and definatley am having good and bad moments. Did this happen to u? Im just alittle worried its coming back again. I had my copper levels tested and they are high so im thinking that everyone has good and bad moments and it takes awhile for the copper to leave my body so I should be patient?? ur post gave me hope xx THANKU

Originally Posted by lactavia View Post

I had the copper IUD for about 9 months. Shortly after I had it inserted, I started having anxiety, panic attacks on and off (nothing to be consistent enough at the beginning to make me wonder if it was the IUD) I also became unhappy, unmotivated, and just plain blah. I felt like I was sick all the time.

I had my IUD removed and two days after I felt like my old self again. Now I feel fantastic one month later! People at work are even commenting on how different or rather "normal" I am.

Did this happen to anybody else out there?


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Hi Ladies,


I have been having nothing but problems with my paragard since I got it, insane cramps, very heavy bleeding, foul menstrual odor, etc.  I was searching forums tonight and read of many people who removed their IUD on their own.  I don't have insurance and I really wanted it out, so I decided I was going to try it.... I first thoroughly sanitized my hands, washing, washing, then scrubbing with alcohol.  I then laid on my back on my bed as you would at the doctors office, reached in, felt the string, wrapped my finger around it then gave a small tug and it popped right out. No pain and just tiny discomfort. I then used a masengil medicated douche with iodine to prevent infection.  I could smell the menstrual odor on the paragard so now I know that is what was causing it.


Don't be afraid, just relax and gently tug and you'll be rid of that pesky iud in seconds.


Good luck!

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I am so happy , I found woman that are going through what I am experiencing. I had the iud place in September 2010 after my second born. I had the depo Vera for three year b4 I gave birth to my first child. It was beautiful . The second time around it was awful I has stomach pains. I went to a natural alternative center and had foot detox done. Which pulled it out right away. I became pregnant the same month.

I wanted to try the copper iud I had a bad panic attack in march that placed me the ER. Of course after blood works, EkG, heart monitors they could not pin point if it was a panicattack or just dimple heart palpitations . Last week I felt horrible like in was going die my blood pressure was elevated and my heart was pumping. Again the same test was performed. They even checked my lung for blood clots. The dr. Couldn't pin point it. I told him I had the iud he said maybe it's giving off substance eqaual to estrogen . I though hot dame let me look this up. I am reading all the systems. Copper toxicity . I am having it removed tomorrow. I want to be myself. I am experiencing racing thoughts, sinus problem, sluggishness, out of touch, and my brain feel heavy and low sex drive.
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It took me over a year to realize what was going on with my body.  When the hair loss got more than I could ignore I had my husband go on the computer while I was putting the kids down for the night.  I knew the IUD was the only "new" thing going on with my body.  His first words were "oh honey this is so you".  I had symptoms I didnt know were even related.  I was tired, come on what mother of three isnt tired.  My body ached especially in the morning, well I was getting older, 40 this year.  I just felt sluggish and my pms was absolutely horrible.  I didnt realize how bad I was feeling until I got it removed.  But before my apt I did go give blood on advice from a nurse at work.  SHe stated this is an old school treatment for copper toxicity that they did with the vietnam vets.  After donating blood i was tired that day but the next day i felt amazing!  I woke up before the alarm and was not hurting.  Two days later I had the iud removed.  I feel like my old self again.  The minor depression is gone and my energy level is back.  I am just sad it took me so long to figure it out. I had it put in 3 months after birth of my son.  I think since it had been a year (9 months preggos and then 3 months) that I had kind of forgotten what my "normal" felt like.  If you are having symptoms get that thing out!  Go give blood if you are able.  oh also wanted to mention that my hair is growing back.  It took awhile for the hair loss to stop but my head is itchy due to new growth.  Good luck to all.

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I feel like I am reading my own story.


I've only had Paragard for just over a week now. Last night, I had the dreaded PPD talk with my husband. I never thought a non-hormonal IUD could be the cause of making me feel like I am a damn psycho. I feel like an idiot for wasting that much money for only a week and a half - and I will feel like even more of an idiot if I get it removed it IS postpartum depression.


I will probably be back to update.

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I think it's really great that this thread is still open and has been going for so long. It's really hard to find information regarding this online or anywhere. I am so thankful for all of the information and experiences posted here and glad to also know that I am not crazy.


I am on my second month of having the paragard in. At first it was alright, I could deal with extra cramping and a heavier period. But about a week before my second period with the thing it just kept getting worse. I've had a pretty much constant foggy headed feeling, I'm often tired, this morning I could barely get out of bed despite 8 good hours of sleep. I've been overly emotional, crying at the drop of a hat. Not to mention the physical symptoms, aching head, dull pains on the right side of my stomach (my liver, I'm guessing) and lower back pains. I just haven't felt like myself and couldn't figure out why until after trying a myriad of things I realized the IUD was the only variable left. I feel like it just keeps getting worse and I can't wait to have it out. Unfortunately I spoke with planned parenthood and its going to be atleast $300 (as I have no insurance) if not more to stick some tweezers in there and pop it out...out of desperation I even found the string and tried to give it a tug but to no avail.


Regardless, somehow this thing is getting the f*** outta there. I'm so bummed it didn't work out but I can't wait to feel like myself again. If this thread is still going maybe I will update post-removal, but in the meantime keep sharing ladies, when it comes to this it looks like this thread is one of the best resources we have.

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My Copper IUD experience: Copper IUD, Depression, Anxiety, Fear


I have experienced severe migraines for several years and though I have yet to conclusively pinpoint the trigger for them, several doctors have suggested the Pill (which I have been taking on-and-off over the past 8 years) has been the likely cause. After a terribly violent migraine in July this year, I opted to get off the Pill in order to determine whether the migraines would cease.


Given that I had experienced horrendous side-effects with Implanon (which I had tried a few years earlier) – bloating, overly emotional, fatigue – and needed contraception, my only viable alternative to the Pill was the non-hormonal IUD. I thought that cramping and heavy periods would be a small price to pay every month for 5 years of highly effective contraception. Therefore, I decided to have the Multiload Copper IUD inserted in August this year.


In summary, my copper IUD experience has been hell – especially since I put up with it for 5 weeks until I realised it was causing me all the problems. Within seven days of insertion, I began to experience anxiety, sadness, and fatigue. As the days progressed, my anxiety got worse, even though I had absolutely nothing to be anxious or worried about. Soon thereafter, my mind began to race, and despite feeling constantly exhausted, my brain simply would not stop stressing. I desperately wanted to pull myself out of the way I was feeling but I honestly could not. I'd ask myself what I was stressing about, and I could never come up with an answer. I'd wake up several times throughout the night, never be energised regardless of how long I stayed in bed, and was constantly paranoid with irrational fears. I couldn't concentrate on anything and lost all motivation for everything. I felt like a completely unfamiliar person. I truly thought I was losing my mind. I even took a short relaxing holiday with my partner and nothing could make me calm or relaxed. After a month, I realised something was seriously wrong. I have an amazing job, family, boyfriend, friends, and no matter how much I wanted to be happy and calm, I simply could not burst through the depression. I really thought I'd never be my happy old self again. It was a dark time. The worst part of all was that I was constantly reassuring myself (and everyone around me)  it couldn't be the IUD – I had specifically told my gynaecologist that if there was a chance of ANY mood changes I did not want it inserted and she said there was no way it was possible.


Finally, following the insistence of my boyfriend who said he had noticed a change in me as soon as I had the IUD inserted, I googled depression /anxiety and the Copper IUD. Stumbling upon this thread was the help I really needed – thank you so much to everyone who has posted. When I realised that it was possible this 'no side-effects non-hormonal IUD' was creating an imbalance in my body, I looked into copper overload. Though the condition may be rare, the symptoms of it matched everything I had been feeling over the past 5 weeks. If you are unsure what I am talking about, please turn to Ann Louise Gittleman's work on copper overload as a starting point.


Being a vegetarian since the age of 11, it is likely that I already had high copper levels, (or a zinc deficiency) before I had the Copper IUD inserted, and the additional copper in my body was just too much. My gynaecologist gave me absolutely no indication there was a possibility (albeit tiny) of this happening, and for that, I am extremely annoyed. Patients have the right to make informed decisions based on full and frank information, and I certainly wasn't given that. I made the decision to have my Copper IUD removed, but before I could get in to have it removed I began taking zinc supplements. The zinc definitely decreased my anxiety and panic levels, and I wish I had of known to take it at the start as it may have prevented what was to follow. My IUD was taken out this morning by a different gynaecologist under light sedation. I still feel like I have a long way to go to get back to how I felt two months ago (before the IUD was inserted), but I know I'm a lot closer now the IUD is out.


I post this not to scare people, or talk women out of the IUD, but to let people going through a similar experience know that they are not alone. I know many women with both copper and hormonal IUDs who have nothing but positive recounts of their experiences on them. Unfortunately, I just wasn't one of those people. In the event my symptoms don't improve over the next few weeks – I promise to eat my words and retract my criticisms of the Copper IUD, but in the meantime, the Copper IUD was hell.

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I'm so glad you found this thread! I did too, about 6 weeks ago. Within a couple of weeks of removing my IUD, it was as if I'd woken up from a nightmare!

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Well, looks like I am rehashing this thread.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but it started with lower back pain and gas... also abdomen soreness, some pain here and there from my ovarian area. what the hell.  So I go to the clinic and without insurance now, the costs are too high for labs, so I decide to take antibiotics.  Feel good off and on, but still the gas & soreness is not really going all away.  Thought for sure I was pregnant as well because the gas levels are alike, but no.  I had my period only 2 weeks ago and took a test anyway which is negative.  Feeling depressed & very negative like when pregnant too (for the past 2 months) and very tired.  What the hell is going on here.  I had my IUD placed in over a year ago and was referred to visit an ob/gyn regarding my problem as the PAC seemed to think it was uterine related as that's where the major soreness lies.  Over the past two weeks, I've felt like I have been out of my mind.  Some months I feel I've had miscarriages from this device as well when the clots are so large and my period is late= not a good feeling mentally.

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Do you currently have have an IUD then? If so, I'd suggest removing it. Then you will know if that's the cause of some problems.

Originally Posted by helloeverybody View Post

Well, looks like I am rehashing this thread.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but it started with lower back pain and gas... also abdomen soreness, some pain here and there from my ovarian area. what the hell.  So I go to the clinic and without insurance now, the costs are too high for labs, so I decide to take antibiotics.  Feel good off and on, but still the gas & soreness is not really going all away.  Thought for sure I was pregnant as well because the gas levels are alike, but no.  I had my period only 2 weeks ago and took a test anyway which is negative.  Feeling depressed & very negative like when pregnant too (for the past 2 months) and very tired.  What the hell is going on here.  I had my IUD placed in over a year ago and was referred to visit an ob/gyn regarding my problem as the PAC seemed to think it was uterine related as that's where the major soreness lies.  Over the past two weeks, I've felt like I have been out of my mind.  Some months I feel I've had miscarriages from this device as well when the clots are so large and my period is late= not a good feeling mentally.


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I would suggest donating blood.  It will clear a lot of the copper out and if you feel better after you might have a better idea of what is going on. 

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Hi Everyone!


I came across this thread over a month ago... and I'm glad I did! 


I have had a copper IUD for 2+ years. Initially I thought it was a god send. I had used a mirena device for 2-3 years but eventually wanted to take it out as I felt the hormones were starting to get to me and I actually like having my period. The mirena eventually made me feel like I was on the verge of pms all the time with no period or follow through to give relief to the mental build up. 




I got the copper IUD and notice a little bit of extra cramping and a little bit of a longer period but that was to be expected... no big deal. 


But over the past two years the periods became more irregular, cramping would start 3-4 days before bleeding, start, stop, drag on. It started to take a week and a half from the beginning of cramps to the last day of bleeding and even then spotting would happen on and off. I also started to complain to my partner last year that I was loosing a lot of hair. We chalked it up to stress but after reading this thread I see that other women experienced that same effect. I've also noticed my anxiety going up quite a bit (but I've also been on the anxious side my whole life... but in this case my situation and living situation has become very relaxed while my anxiety kept rising). 


Me and my partner are going to TTC in the spring and I was paranoid about charting since my period became unpredictable. I wasn't even sure when to decide my period started... the day of the severe cramps? bleeding? if I start and stop which day to I count? 


So after reading this thread I decided to remove my IUD and char to avoid until the spring. Last week I took out my IUD and it's been almost two weeks now and the difference is already very noticeable. I removed it before I expected my period and a few days later my period started. There was a definite start day (none of this start / stop crap) AND it only lasted 3 days (like the good old days!) Minimal cramping (I was cramping up more before I took out the IUD then during my actual period with the IUD). 


I look forward to seeing what else may change over this month... I have been experiencing low energy and high anxiety but I've also started a bit of a stressful job in China so it will be interesting to see if some of those symptoms decrease (yes please!). 


Thank you for everyone posting their experiences here! It was a huge influence in making the right decision for me and I am not sure if I would have made this same decision had I not found this forum. 



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So I've had my IUD out for two weeks now and finally getting back on track to feeling normal again. I wanted to share some of my findings with everyone else...


After a lot of reading and research I've come to a conclusion that the extra copper in your system from the IUD seems to cause a lot of stress on your adrenal glands, and if your adrenal glands aren't working properly then your whole endocrine system won't be working properly (thyroid and sex hormones). This explains the extreme fatigue and anxiety many people experience in addition to many of the other symptoms described by others on here. Search for "adrenal fatigue" to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.


I'm still having problems with bouts of extreme fatigue and foggy thinking but I've found it helps immensely to take a daily vitamin. I've also started taking some licorice root for my adrenals as well as some other adrenal supportive herbs. I'm hoping that plus eating a good diet while minimizing copper rich foods will help with time.


Some things I highly recommend...


I know it's been mentioned here before but, "Why am I always so Tired" by Ann Louise Gittleman, its a quick read and used ones go for pretty cheap so worth picking up to help you understand the effects of copper overload, she also touches on the subject of copper overload and its effect on adrenal glands


"Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled" by Richard and Karilee Shames. This one doesn't touch on the issue of copper but deals with restoring hormone balance in your body. Very helpful for understanding how the endocrine system affects you and good tips for getting everything back in balance.


I found this copper-free multi vitamin on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002A8GOHI

It helps me feel much better during the day. No copper, daily value of zinc plus it has a lot of minerals that help the body eliminate excess copper like molybdenum. It also has high amounts of many B vitamins, which is very helpful for restoring adrenals.


I also got the book "Taking charge of your Fertility" and purchased a used Lady-Comp off of ebay, no more hormones or uterine devises for me! Very excited for that.


I hope I could be of help to anyone who's come across this thread. Best of luck on your road to feeling better.


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Thank you so much to everyone who has posted so far. 


I too had very similar problems within about 4 weeks of insertion of Copper IUD - anxiety, racing mind, inability to relax, emotional vulnerability, spaciness, all of which has started to lead to some depression because I just have no idea why I am feeling like this. It is scary! I have never had ANY of these problems before, and it seemed very coincidental that with a month of the IUD, everything changed. 


It's now been two and half weeks since I had my IUD removed, I've seen a naturopath and have started taking zinc supplements, but I'm still petrified I'm never going to be my old self again. I have good moments but I continue to experience completely irrational anxiety and depression, and honestly, for absolutely no reason. I truly feel like I am losing my mind and I'm worried because many of you started to feel better within a few days.


Did anyone else feel like this?


Have any of you got advice on how long it took you to recover?


I would love some indication of how long this may take me so I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Any help/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I just want to be calm and happy again! Xo

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I just got the paraguard put in at my 6 week post check which was 4 weeks ago. I'm starting to get headaches and feeling extremely tired. My baby is sleeping pretty good at night so I'm getting more sleep now than before the IUD but am more tired. Also I've noticed that I have more gas.It's so embarrassing and seems to smell worse than normal. I don't want to go anywhere. Anyone else notice having more gas after having the copper IUD? I have an appointment on the 24th of Oct to have it checked and a pap smear. Not feeling bad enough to have it removed but debating. I'm also feeling really stiff especially in joints. 


Got a really weird pain in my back several weeks ago that was so painful, turned into spams that I had to have my husband stay home from work to take me to the Chiropractor. I was loosing weight quite rapidly after the birth of my baby. 45lbs in 4 weeks and now haven't been able to get the scale to budge in over a month. Tummy is starting to bloat. I'm trying to be more careful of what I eat and drink more water to see if that helps. My friend has had her copper IUD for over a year with no problems. I was hoping this would work for us. My baby is 2 months old and EBF so I haven't had a period yet. No pain with insertion. Didn't even know he put it in until he said he was done. Didn't really even cramp. Did have a wet sensation later and checked and found blood so had to get a pad out. I've spotted off and on but not enough to fill my diva cup after a day of use. 


Today I thought I was starting to have period cramps but they were very faint and went away. 


We thought this was a better option than getting my tubes tied. Thinking the diaphragm might be a better option but I still have quite a bit of weight to loose and it says you need to be refitted every 10lbs of weight loss/weight gain. 




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I am having my IUD removed in a few days after reading all these blogs. I thought that I was in perimenopause for the last 4 years - had that tested and I'm not. Read an article today in a magazine regarding copper poisoning and started to Google. So last 4 years: hot flashes, weight gain, FATIGUE (can I say that again), panic attacks, mood swings and absolutely no libido, the list can just go on. No matter how much I sleep it's not enough, no matter how well life is going everything is a big deal - is this really fair on the family? I'm really hopeful that it will solve some of my symptons

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I just joined this site for the specific purpose of commenting on this thread.


I had my copper IUD put in the end of June. I was still tired/hormonal from the birth of my (awesome) daughter, who was about 2 months old at the time. A week or so after I had it inserted, I tried the South Beach diet for the first time - and immediately noticed that I felt like less crap. I thought it was food allergies/intolerances - probably to gluten, at the very least. So I tried eating gluten-free. That worked for a little while, but my body kept reacting to different food/food groups - like cinnamon, peanuts, and finally dairy (on top of gluten). I was pretty sure I was completely losing my mind. In the midst of all of this, I kept bleeding - and bleeding, and bleeding. For 28 days (straight) the first month, then for 7 days straight, and finally for SIX WEEKS straight. I just had it removed yesterday and I immediately noticed that I could eat normal food again without getting the debilitating side effects. O.o I'm still having a little bit of allergy issues when I eat gluten, but it's gone from "I'm a zombie" to "I have a stuffy nose."


I want to cry, I'm so relieved. I thought I had some kind of autoimmune issue, because those were the kinds of symptoms I was getting. I have a history of depression, so I was pretty sure my (idiot) doctor was going to say that was the problem and give me a prescription for antidepressants. Anyway, I wanted to post because a) I'm so happy to find other people this has happened to and b) in case anyone else has the same symptoms I had and is debating having theirs removed.


This is what I experienced (starting out after I ate something, but lately it's been pretty constant):



muscle aches

extreme fatigue

brain fog/being "out of it"



And I've been eating the food that triggered all of this stuff yesterday and today, and I've been COMPLETELY FINE.

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Thought I would update: 


I had my IUD removed 6 weeks ago. I went from having drag on week long periods (and heavy cramping 3-4 days before that started) to 4 day long mild periods with minimal cramping and bleeding. Now I know the doctors tell you that you can have increased cramping and increased period blood so no surprise there. What surprised me about the IUD is that it would cause my periods to start / stop / start / stop. I couldn't even tell you when cycle day 1 was for the last year. In the period of one cycle all of that is gone, back to regular, average, mildly crampy, on time and definite start time periods. I also have noticed that I have less headaches. I still feel a little low energy. I am tempted to dry to donate blood to help clear out the copper but I live in China and am not sure if / how to go about that. :P 


thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. It proved to be very educational for me and helped me make a decision I was flip flopping on. I am really grateful I had this wealth of knowledge to make the right decision for myself. 



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