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Another link to share...has some stuff for all of us to read and review for our own issues


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Hi!  I never respond to threads but I felt so strongly that I really had to reply after reading.  I consider myself a very educated person when it comes to health.  I am a PhD student at a health sciences university.  I chose the cooper IUD because I thought it was the "safest" option for permanent birth control (no hormones) However, I have had many of the symptoms these women are describing, especially the constant fatigue and COMPLETE lack of sex drive, of which I have never had in my life.  It truly must be from imbalances caused by increased levels of copper in my system from the Copper IUD.  I would completely advise against it!!!!!!!!

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So I had my Paraguard put it at the end of february 2012 and removed at the end of august 2012.  I knew within the first month that something wasn't right but I kept with it to see if things got better.  I had some intense issues with anxiety and frequent panic attacks within those 5 and a half months.  It was like I was an instrument strung out of tune.  but these were all things that I was trying to cope with and rationalize by saying that maybe it was because of all the changes I have recently been through in life.  But every month around ovulation and sometimes menstruation, I would have these 12-24 hour dizzy spells where I would wake up in the middle of the night and everything was spinning and I couldn't get back to equilibrium again for a long time, and when I did feel 'normal' again it was still not totally balanced.  I tried to speak with a doctor about it and she couldnt really help me much but also didn't deny my beliefs that it could possibly be because of the IUD..since it had never happened before.  all she could really tell me was that my blood pressure was very low.  Anyway, I finally got the courage to schedule an apt and just have it removed last week.  That night I slept like a baby.  It was truly the first time in 5 months that I have felt calm.  I realized that the entire time I had the IUD in I was unable to take a deep breath.  Now, I don't even need to mention the intense pains and bleeding associated with it that left me unable to function.  I knew to expect that and thought it was getting better.  What I couldnt tolerate were the panic attacks, intense dizzyness, fatigue, and depression after ovulation followed by EXTREME PMS...yes painful, but more peculiar than that was HOW INCREDIBLY IRRITATED I felt.  Much more than before.  Now I am in that stage again without the IUD and I feel like my old self again..slightly emotional because of PMS, but not in a way that makes me irritable or angry or depressed like before.  I am just fine. I can breathe. I know there are the theories out there about copper and whether or whether not they are true, well, i don't know or truly care, I am just glad I took that IUD out.  I am totally happy to have condoms in my life in place of panic attacks and dizzyness. ----That is my story.  and this forum definitely gave me the courage to follow through and listen to what my body needed.  There are people out there who say I shouldnt listen to women complaining in forums on the internet, that that will only cause me more anxiety, but I disagree.  Because if the doctors can't think outside their medical text books then the most powerful thing we have is female consciousness and women cooperating together to share information, knowledge, and support. That's what we've been doing forever anyway.... So keep talkin' , ladies!

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I am so happy you posted this, cause my doctor tells me "not to believe everything I read on the internet and that it couldn't possibly be the IUD, I am simply suffering from anxiety." I also have been second guessing myself because I go through times when I seem to be okay, some months I am fine and others I have the anxiety and dizziness and irritability. But when I do feel bad, it's usually around ovulation time. I can't wait to get it out and rule out my craziness all together. Thanks again for sharing your story, and I'm so glad you are feeling better.



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DeeDee,...my gyn told me several times over the 4.5 years I had the IUD that is was me, in my head, never the IUD, I was the only patient who had these issues...cut out coffee, exercise and other'helpful'advise ;) in the end he laughed at me the day 2.13.12 i had mine removed and told me ...'go to an allergist and "show me"that your allergic to the copper' SERIOUSLY.... he was that unprofessional and rude...a POOP HEAD my sister WAS his patient too...now onto finding someone who listens. This will likely be difficult as one i just saw 7/24/12 she acted like she knew what i was telling made sense then freaked me out an told me to get a bunch of autoimmune tests done! A friend's sister in Chicago area is having these same issues so I know I am not alone, not just typing into this forum and awaiting to here more stories...how i wish more of US would post how we are feeling since IUD removal...if you've had side effects, skin stuff, hair changes, strange metal/garlic under arm odors? burning in face or hands, stool issues, what your diet is..i.e. paleo diet/ no wheat/ gluten/ dairy, supplements, emotional issues, charting when these symptoms are occurring?  We have witnessed that there are VERY FEW places for us to turn to...so F the Dr.'s who say not to read the WEB...unite and share...it may not work or apply to each of us but we can help each other. OK...so I am emotional today...awaiting that hair tissue test still....while my face has a burning sensation on the right side again.....stress most likely the cause today.

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I can't recall if it's been mentioned, but there is a site on the FB that is gathering signatures for a class action lawsuit.  It's called No Paraguard, or something along those lines.

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The FB page....i joined and will be for a class action suit against them...is Bayer the maker or parent company for Paragard? Certainly we can try...my motyher had the 1st genereation of Copper IUD's in the early 70's....then it was recalled! Major health issues were being presented for many women...looks like the laws were more in the consumers favor then, now big phama owns our Government.



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a great site to source functional med professional in your area! I found it last night...and am reading Dr. Mark Hymans pages too more for general understanding of nutrients...informative stuff.... many blessings to you all.

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this link has fruit & veg (i think too)  with mineral content :)

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Hi all,


I wanted to give everyone an update because I don't think I have since my removal. I got my Paragard removed 5 months ago. After a lot of poking in my cervix (ouch!!!!) the Dr was able to locate the string and remove it, so I was happy I didn't need to have it surgically removed!! But it was very unpleasant! That weekend I felt HORRIBLE! But I was expecting it. Within the first week though, the ringing in my ears stopped, my vision improved, and my anxiety levels dropped dramatically! 5 months later:

1. My toe nail fungus (with the help of tea tree oil) has cleared up and gone away

2. This spot on my face (which I think now is a liver spot) started scabbing and peeling and has almost disappeared (it's very faint now)

3. I don't get anxiety attacks doing simple things like showering and washing dishes anymore (those were a daily occurrence for me)

4. I don't have sensitivity to alcohol like I did all the years I had the IUD, I can actually have a cocktail or glass of wine without feeling sick!

5. My hair isn't falling out like crazy!

6. I sleep soundly every night 

7. My vision is back to normal

8. My libido is back!!!!


While getting the IUD was the worst decision in my life, removing it was the best! It feels good to feel normal again =) 

Good luck to you all and spread the word! We are not crazy, we are just lacking the medical support we need since the IUD is one of the most used forms of BC. But beware, the pill is also high in copper! I'm back to the old counting method (until hubby has a v) and condoms and I'd rather go a day without sex than put my body through anything like this ever again!! 

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Anyone ever get a RASH while detoxing from their IUD?? the flushing of my face / burning underskin has deminished and now i have a Rash on my thigh and stings a bit. Also how is everyone doing on their supplements/ protocals? I am looking forward to better health, but the wait is VERY stressful..take care.

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I just want to warn everyone--because my doctor did not!! I am sure your doctor will tell you, but I will let you know that you can pregnant the second they take the IUD out! I had a lot of bad symtoms from the IUD and couldnt wait to get it out...well i was not told that sperm lives inside of us for 5-7 days!!! So, I got pregnant, and did not get to experience any relief of symtoms. Now that i am not pregnant, I am on birth control pills,and feel horrible once again. So, hopefully I can feel better once i get my tubes tied..but this whole thing is just a nightmare!! I am glad I got it out, but I have yet to feel better!! good luck..my doctor also thinks I am crazy

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Oklahoma -  I just wanted to respond to your message about the copper and the rash.


See the Restco Blog post about her copper detox rash:



I also had a rash... mine was on my chin.  It was very itchy and red but no bumps like the website above. Mine started immediately after I began chelating/nutritional balancing and went away after a couple of weeks.  Occasionally, it will start itching again (since I'm still chelating) but its never appeared as severe as the initial detox rash.

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I am so glad I found this thread, because I had no idea that some of my symptoms were even being caused by the IUD. For background, I'm 38, married, no kids.


Here's the story:


A few years ago, hormonal birth control stopped working for me and I tried everything - NuvaRing, all kinds of pills, Yasmin, etc, etc. What led me to the copper IUD was the fact that it was non-hormonal. I was warned that periods could be heavier and come with more cramps; that's it.


The IUD was inserted in May. Around that time, my weight loss just stopped. I'm a member of WW, and you can see it - starting in May, I couldn't lose weight no matter how well I ate or how much I worked out. I felt fat and bloated all the time and looked pregnant. Around my period, the gas was so painful I'd be doubled over. And believe you me, I have had some bad gas in my life.


I was also having joint pain and couldn't figure out why. Stairs were hard to climb and whenever I stood up, I'd have stiffness primarily in my left leg. I'm a 38 year old woman who has worked out for years and leads a pretty healthy lifestyle, yet I'm hobbling around like a 90 year old. I later realized that this also coincided with getting the IUD inserted.


I bought some zinc to try and counteract everything, but it didn't do much. I did tell a doctor during my first string check that I was having weight gain and bloating, and she said no one had ever mentioned that to her before. I find that so hard to believe now.


On Wednesday, I made an appointment to have it removed (tried to do it myself, but it's just way too slippery in there and I was giving myself hand cramps trying to get it). The doctor asked why I didn't like it and I told her all of the above.


She looked at me like I was crazy. "But it's non-hormonal," she said. "It's probably just your normal hormones." Look lady, I know you're a doctor, but I'm the one who lives in my body and I know what's normal and what isn't and this was NOT my normal hormones. She tried to tell me how unreliable the diaphragm and sponge are. Are these people getting kickbacks or something? It was weird how insistent she seemed to be that I stick with the IUD.


I insisted that she take it out, and she did. Two days later, I feel back to my old self. My stomach is no longer bloated, the joint pain is all but gone and I'm just happier and clearer-headed than I've felt in months.


I am so angered by this whole experience and joined the FB page to start a class action lawsuit. I encourage all of you to do the same, because it's not right that doctors are still pushing this thing when so many women are having problems and then being made to feel crazy that they're having these problems.


Screw the Copper IUD!

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If you feel like sharing your detoxing experiences or asking for detoxing advices join http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/. You just have to go to that url and press join! Let's help each other heal from this awful experience!



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Thanks for that link!


Since so many of us are encountering resistance and denial from our doctors, I encourage all of you to report these side effects directly to the FDA. I plan to do it myself!


Here's the link.

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Ok, I'm trying to do this but it won't let me proceed unless I check EVERY box.  There hasn't been a death, there is only one manufacturer, the product wasn't used improperly...  This is ridiculous.

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SO here is the diagnosis ...it's Adrenal Burnout. My pratictioner is suggesting following the Atkins Induction phase of his diet along with 5 supplements daily(Meagapan, Ovadrin, Limcomin, GB-3, Paramin and acadophilus probiotics for gut help) still I may provide additional support w/ dandelion tea, apple cider vin., massage and saunas, even daily walks 10-20 mins. I made a a call to the LAC & am awaiting to speak w/ her. I located a nutritionist i found who works out of downstate Illinois and phoned her as well...just making sure I am on the right path I am also considering looking at a glucose testing as my analysis shows glucose intolerance & insulin resistance! She did NOT know i was gestational w/ my 2nd childpregnancy  nor that i was borderline w/ my 1st preg! It's all pretty wild stuff...basically I'm not going to be in the clear for while, as for the copper it is oddly low but she thinks it could surface as my adrenals recover....ever heard of adrenal issues-and what to do to aid in recovery?
I am not going to take the Analysis recommends 6 pills 3 x's a day, she advised against taking the rec. amount & said way too much and said start w/ once a day. I am feeling mentally better and she did state that the burning in face, ears, arms hands could be one or both symptoms of the blood sugars / copper detox. Well that all I know for now, eating a low carb diet for about 4-5 weeks now and half felt better up until I got a nasty cold Sunday - its hanging on: ) but so am I!  Again my gratitude for your time in reading this and any thoughts/ insight you may feel will be helpful.
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Oklahoma - You and I are doing the same detox path.  Do you mind sending me a PM with your email address?


I'd love to join the Yahoo group but I deleted my Yahoo User ID recently.


Take a look at these copper toxicity websites too:









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I wish I would have read all this before having the paragard for 4 years. I got it inserted october of 2008 and just had it taken out 3 weeks ago.  I had it taken out because my period was too heavy. That's it.  That was the main reason....or so I thought.  Last night, I was laying in bed and felt different.  I felt like I haven't felt in years.  Normal.  Then I realized that I haven't been moody lately.  I frantically picked up my iphone and starting searching for side effects of the this copper iud.  Oh my goodness.  I attributed all of these effects to other things.  But I had: heavy blood flow, heavy cramping, major hair loss (looked at pictures from before and what a difference-I am praying it comes back), weight gain (20 pounds), irritability, moodiness, depression, anxiety, my phobias were more pronounced.  I am fuming but am glad that it's out.  I haven't been this UN-annoyed by my husband's habits in a very very long time.  Oh, and thyroid problems too.  I am bloated and I have a new spare tire.  I think it would be easier to be pregnant.

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