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All your symptoms sound very familiar to me, I've had almost all of them. But the issue with me is that some months I was fine and others were terrible, how about you? Were your symptoms regular or different all the time. I still haven't had the IUD removed, I have an appointment to remove it on Wednesday this week. We'll see what this doctor says and I'll keep you posted. Let me know how your symptoms are doing. Stay in touch and good luck.

Dee Dee

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How are you feeling now?

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If you want more information about detoxing from the IUD, please join our Yahoo group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/


ALSO- read the earlier posts about detoxing, not many but some may apply..then Join us at the link above.  PS Facebook has a possible group for class action lawsuit, therefore document everything you can think of should you wish to be involved with it ..as of now they are looking for a Law Firm to handle the case...Anyone know a Great Attorney? Due to the size on FB page it looks like this could be serious.


Wishing each of us health and recovery <3

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Ladies: I wanted to ask those who ARE now IUD-Free...please post how long since removed and how this is going for you? Also if you are using nutritional balancing, supplements, saunas, detoxing of any kind, yoga, etc?  I have posted about Yahoo page but not everyone may go there and its important that we keep this information out in many areas as I know when I began searching I went to at least 4 forums to look for clues as to what was wrong with me.

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Oh my goodness!!  I dont even know what to say!!  I have had my copper IUD for 6 years now.  I feel like I have a weight in the front of my head, it feels heavy alot.  I have EXTREME anxiety, EXTREME panic attacks.  I am TIRED all the time!  I am ittitable, cranky.  I am scared to death to be alone!  I was the most outgoing, social person, and always there to help EVERYONE!  I love to help anyone who needs it, I love people!!  Now im a prisoner in my own home!  Could this really be true??!!!  If I have this god forsaken thing removed, can I get better??!!  Or have I poisoned myself for tooo long??  I have been to a heart specialist.  I have been to a neuroligist.  I have been to a internal medicine specialist!  I have alot of thyroid diease symptoms, but my thyroid is fine!  I have terrible heart palpatations also!!  I am so sorry, I am rambeling, but all the doctors look at me like im crazy and try to put me on anti depresants!  Im not depressed, Im scared to death!!  I want my life back!!!  I also am thirsty all the time, and no matter what I cant fix it!!

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Apologies for the posts length:   NIKK18, It is not in your head, it is your IUD! I too got to a point after my 4.5 yrs w/ the IUD where I could not take being alone. Please read my earlier post to read my story (user: Oklahoma)...IN FACT read each story from all of these Brave Women! We each had MANY things in common so its worth the effort when your feel up to it.  Here are a few great links: I found this one first when trying to figure out what was wrong with me too. I was told at first they were thinking MS or Lupus! I had 8+ autoimmune tests in last 7/12 to 8/12 and all were OK... A good link to reviewhttp://www.tvernonlac.com/index.html .   IMO Ms. Theresa Vernon is one of the main people I read to get help. She has great information on line at this link above as does Dr. Wilson's page http://drlwilson.com/detox_protocols.htm.  At the bottom is one more. Be gentle on your self and take YOUR TIME! Print and Slowly review these articles/ documents, as it is overwhelming to see it in black and white. I cried many times too see about my symptoms on this forum and these websites, also highlighted each story w/ symptoms like mine.. was really trying to clarify to myself that it was more than just me with all these issues. Many blessings and YES we will ALL get better! This last link has several resources to view http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/links.

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Thank you so much Oklahoma!!  I have been so scared and so alone and have felt like im crazy!  I will go to all the links you gave me and read all of it.  I now feel like there is hope!  Bless all of you ladies who have posted on here, and I am sooo sorry for your loss of years.  Thank you again, a 1000 times thank you. 

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Glad to get some hope out htere for you! Several of us have joined the Yahoo forum http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/links to share Detoxing and other information...anyone interested please join! Just like here support and information can be found there too. Take care!

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I had the paraguard iud put in May 11 2012. Since then I have gradual experienced numbness, burning, tingling in my arms and legs. It normally happens when I go to bed at night but I can still feel the symptoms mildly throughout the day. I experience eye dryness, constipation, bladder issues, bacteria infections, crave carbs, and I'm so moody.

My hands and feet are the worse. I'm in so much pain. I've been checked for carpal tunnel and my nerves are fine. I am 24 years old and was fine before the iud. I am scheduled for removal this Tuesday. I am hoping removing it will make these horrible pains go away. The doctors have me worried with talk of MS or thyroid issues.
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Just thought that I would share a bit of my experience...I have been reading through all of the posts lately looking for info...


I had the Paragard for just over one year.  I removed it myself at the beginning of August and started feeling better right away.  I finally wanted to eat healthier food and not only carbs and sugar and chocolate...the cystic acne started to go away and my skin that was looking like I was 60 years old started to get some life back---the wrinkles around my eyes have almost disappeared...I read about a connection between copper and the ability to create collagen so I guess that's where they came from.  I am 25 years old and have been a vegetarian since 2005, so my diet was already pretty high in copper though I had never had any issues with it before the IUD.  Aside from the skin issues that I had with the IUD, I had some sporadic joint pain and started worrying that I had inherited my grandmother's rheumatoid arthritis!!!  That seemed to clear up after a few months---it started last fall and disappeared again.  Then I noticed that one of my molars had broken--one of the "corners" or points, you could say, just wasn't there one day and that's when I realized how yellow my teeth were looking.  I have always had nice, white teeth and don't drink coffee or really eat anything that would stain them so drastically.  So I think that the copper's ability to deplete Vitamin D is related to the changes in my teeth...I have started taking Vit. D supplements...hoping that helps!  What else....the constant discharge drove me crazy.  So gross and some of my underwear went in the trash b/c it seemed like the discharge literally ate it!!! Like it destroyed the cotton fabric and left holes!  What else could it be?!  I had never had such a thing happen before the IUD....freaky.  So I realized that that's why the thing worked as birth control for me--how could sperm survive in there if the discharge could destroy things!?!  I also had a few periods where the pain and cramps were sooooo bad that I couldn't leave the house.  I have never had bad PMS or cramps or anything in my life but that little copper demon sure brought it all for a few months!  That was long after I got it put in, too....so these symptoms are super random and never all happened at the same time for me....


I also LOST a lot of weight....I am not sure if it's due to my lack of appetite which struck starting about 5 months ago or what.....All i wanted to eat for a while were carbs/sweets...so I was definitely not getting the vitamins and minerals necessary!  But I never gained weight with the thing.........I did get the MAJOR bloating at certain times of the month and even thought that I was pregnant a few times until I realized the cycle that the bloating followed.  I would retain tonsssss of water and get this little pouch that looked just like being maybe 4 months preggo...yuck.  I don't have a stomach to begin with so that was depressing!!!


On to the WORST part of it all.  My hair.  It started shedding maybe in May..I thought that it was just regular shedding which usually happens a couple of times a year for me depending on the seasons.....so I didn't pay attention to it since my hair still felt full.  Only later did I realize that in March or April the texture of my hair had completely changed before the shedding started---it got SUPER dry and felt awful...but I started using lots more conditioner and it seemed to improve and felt more normal.  But then the shedding....it was a lot of hair but I didn't notice a difference in the thickness of my hair until July when it seemed to coming out in clumps especially in the shower......so by August, I could feel that my hair was just disappearing and now in September, I think that I have only one third left!!!!   And even though I have been without the IUD for over 6 weeks, the shedding DOESN'T stop!!!!   I am getting married later in the fall and won't have any hair left by then!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo scared and sad..........I am taking all of the vitamin and mineral supplements that I have read about for copper toxicity and yet the shedding continues....there are some new hairs growing but with the shedding continuing, it doesn't make much difference and some of those tiny hairs fall out, too!  I had the most beautiful hair and had finally grown it out after 2 years of patience and care......now, I will be bald in a couple of months....I don't know what to do.  I am eating really well again and following the diet suggestions on the sites I have found...my acne is much better though still present at times.  The discharge stopped IMMEDIATELY after removing the thing and no more crazy bloating....but this hair loss is killing me.  I can barely stand to wash my hair b/c I know that I will see half of it going down the drain or in my wide-tooth comb.....:(  I really researched all of my options before getting this thing and thought that it was the best option. HA.  It has destroyed my life.  Oh and I didn't mention the depression and lack of energy....I had never felt depressed ever in my life but certainly felt that way the last 6 months or so.  Feeling much more like myself since removing that little devil.  


Well, ladies, that was very long!  Sorry.  But if you have lost hair with the IUD, I would really like to know how long it took for the hair loss to stop...I need some hope here......Take care and blessings on your healing, everyone!

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I just got a iud on September 18 (Tuesday). It is now midnight on the 22 and I am in the emergency room for iud complications. I called my dr after hours and was told by the hotline to go to the ER, I wasn't even able to leave a message with the on call dr to get a return call. For anything regarding the iud the hotline tells you to go straight to the ER. I'm still bleeding and have clear discharge, which I was advised I would bleed for a couple days, I am having really achy pains and had some blood clots. Can anyone let me know of their experiences after iud insertion? I gave birth on July 13, i went 8 hours without getting an epidural, but the pain when they were putting the iud in was unbearable. I wanted to close my legs, but knew that would cause more pain. When I sat up I was about to pass out and was seeing stars. Now at the ER I just had a trans-vaginal ultrasound and the ultrasound tech hit one spot and man did it hurt bad. We'll see what the dr says, but after reading all of the posts I want this thing out of me!
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Just get it out Honey!!! It's not worth all the pain and problems. Some people can tolerate it and some can't. Good luck.

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Did anyone expiriance breathing problems? Rib pain or visian disturbance?imm only 16 &keep havin eveerydaay headaachess
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How soon, after getting an iud, is too soon to get it removed?
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Take it out now, you've seen its effects on your body....remember not everyone can have an IUD. Remove it now, yes the cost of the IUD and removal are steep...however after 4.5 years of IUD hell and now 7 months w/ out it ...I am still spending money on "my health 'this toime to recover thankfully! So Listen to YOUR BODY, it IS reacting! Many blessings and feel better soon! ~Oklahoma

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Just a quick update to almost a week IUD-free. My knee pain is gone. I did have a headache yesterday, but could have been from another source. I'll keep letting you as time passes other changes I am experiencing.


(Hopefully I remove Anxious) DeeDee

I'll give it at least a month to go through my cycle before I get too excited!!!!

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For those looking for detox info, this might be helpful.  (Note:  I haven't used this, an online friend posted it after a discussion on our group about lead removal).

Reasonably-priced mineral analysis. Checks for mineral imbalances in your body & detects heavy metals. They recommend specific supplements to correct each individual's imbalances--based on the lab results.



I also have a friend that is an herbalist, or something along those lines.  For copper detoxing she recommends Vit C (NOT ascorbic acid).  "I suggest taking TONS of C COMPLEX (NOT ascorbic acid!). Rosehips, acerola cherry powder, etc. Take C Complex every hour, increasing your dose until you get diarrhea (not just loose stools). Then take 3/4 of the total you have taken so far and divide that number by 2, and that will be your daily detox dose for the next 3 weeks or so. So....if you take 1/2 teaspoon of acerola cherry powder at 8:00 a.m., and 1 1/2 tsp. at 9:00, 2 tsp. at 10:00, and by your 3 tsp. dose at noon you've got diarrhea, your total amount for the day so far would be 9 1/2 tsp. 3/4 of that is 4 1/2 tsp. So, your dose for the next 3 weeks is 2 1/4 tsp. at breakfast, and 2 1/4 tsp. at supper. Now, that is quite a bit of C Complex, so I'd suggest if you use acerola cherry powder, that you start out your day of "dosing" testing, with increments of 1/4 tsp. at a time."


You have to be very careful in what you get.  I went to the natural foods store and asked for ascorbic acid.  What I was given did have rose hips and acerola, but the main ingredient was ascorbic acid.  I was several huge doses in and it wasn't affecting me, but my nursling would have diarrhea when she nursed.  That's when I went back and checked the label a little more closely.  Have to say, I was pretty pissed.  She also suggested combining this with an Epsom Salt bath every day while drinking a tea that is sweat inducing, like yarrow.  So, hot as you can take it tea and bath.  You want to treat it like a steam bath (if you have access to a steam bath or sauna, even better!); putting a towel under the door to hold in the heat helps.  I still haven't found a source of Vit C in town, so am ordering it.  Will let everyone know how it goes.

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Thanks Ms. Jljeppson! Great stuff... my Hair tissue Mineral Analysis is via http://www.arltma.com/HairAnalysis.htm - same lab.  My practioner submitted the sample and reviews the report s w/ me first. She has been SO calming for me, listening and patient with all of my questions about my report/ supplements recommended on the report as well.  You do not have to purchase supplements listed on the report,  its only suggested. I choose to do so as my Husband (amazingly supportive man) insisted that I get the supplements recommened ASAP, so I did. It is a true learning experience.     Look up Nutriotnal Balance practioners in your area/ adrenal fatigue, etc. to find folks to work. Again you can go it alone, the report is comprehensive and detailed - many things you can look up online to refer too.

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May I also state that PLEASE READ FIRST ALL INFORMATION regarding detoxing - BEFORE - you test it out, purchase products, and the like! Just noting that not every detox will be effective for each person AND even for some it will cause additional side effects- not that can linger - but can be not easy to tolerate.  I chose hair tissue mineral analysis because after several attempts to heal myself I needed guidance -answers too! Please keep in mind this as you are on your journey, I keep w/ this forum and others so I am always getting new or possibly useful tools to aid me in my recovery.  Many blessings to you all!

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The above it the CONTACT link for PARAGARD! A good old fashioned write in/ email/ calling campaign is something we should look at doing. It takes ONE Stone to make a ripple in even the largest lake :) Thoughts? Thinking of you all.

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