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I too am so thankful to have read all of the posts on this forum. I wish I would have seen all of this when I was doing my research on the iud before I got it put in. I was told all my life that I could not have children without fertility medicine called clomid. I have two girls as a result of the help of Clomid. then when my youngest girl was one I found out I was pregnant with my now almost 5 month old son. So at nearly 27 I found myself needing to look into birth control options for the first time. I thought I did a great job of finding a good one for me when I decided to go with the paraguard iud. I had it put in September 19, 2012 and almost immediately didn't feel right.

My background: right before I got pregnant this time I was training to be a personal trainer. I was in the best shape of my life! I worked out 5-6 days a week and had tons of energy to keep up with my kids, step daughter, work, training, etc. The daily migraines were now occurring maybe 2-3 times I month, and my mental health was wonderful with an extremely positive outlook all the time.

Now since I got the iud I have had may of the same symptoms as all of you. I now have daily headaches/migraines again, I literally have not worked out since the day i got it put in, no energy, no patience, sweat fits, extreme anxiety, heart palpitations, stressed about everything, sad and depressed everyday, I literally feel like a completely different person. I have thought almost daily that other than being a mother to my kids I have no other reason to live. None of this is like me. And even the few times I tried to attempt a workout, rather than get energy while doing it I felt worse and almost sick during it. I've talked about it with people and they just say its because I'm home with 5 kids and probably have ppd. I thought that was possible too, but I had my son in June, and from then until little the day I got the iud I felt fine. I was happy. I finally got my boy, and we were all healthy. I was already back to working out after my c-section in just 3 weeks! The relationship with my kids and husband seem to be suffering, and I literally feel lost.

Oh and I forgot to mention I've literally had a non stop bladder infection.It's been so painful and I literally pee blood almost everyday. It was so bad one night and I had so much pain on my left side I went to er. I thought the iud moved and was lodged somewhere on top of the worst uti I've ever experienced. The iud was not moved, and the Dr thought I may have a kidney infection, but because money is tight I wouldn't allow all the tests. I finished the first set of antibiotics, dealt with an extreme yeast infection, and within days the uti was back. Almost done with the second set. Neither of these are typical for me either.

After reading all of these today something clicked and I made the appointment to get it removed next Tuesday November 13, 2012.

Thank you ladies! At least we can all stick together through this and have someone know we aren't just dramatic or crazy.

I will post a hopefully positive update soon with my recovery.
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Mommy2225, I have some natural remedies for UTI's, if you're interested.  It's how I dealt with my last one and how I've dealt with yeast infections. For anyone that needs to choose a different birth control and is interested in Fertility Awareness, let me know and I'd be happy to talk with you about it. 

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Hello jljeppson:


Yes I am intersted in the remedies. I am getting the IUD taken out next week. My husband is planning to get a vasectomy soon, but until he actually does it I am thinking of getting the birth control pill LO because I am breastfeeding. I cannot wait until the vasectomy, so that I can just be birth control free altogether. I feel like a wreck, and just don't want to put anything else into it!!!

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Musician31,   I am so happy for you!!!  I hope you make a full recovery!!  I have an appt. to get mine


out the 13th!!  Next Tuesday!!  I am so excited, this has been 7 years of pure hell!!  May I ask if you were on your cycle when you had it removed?  As my cycle is so screwed up I never know when mine is coming.



Best of luck to you!!!   Nikk18

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I had the copper IUD fitted in October 2011. Have had it removed now for 20 days now and can feel the difference. My side effects were heavy bleeding, stomach aches so bad I could not lay on my belly and they would wake me up at night. I also had a feeling that jaws always bloated and cramping.
People kept asking if I was pregnant, which I was not.
After having it removed I found out one of the arms was twisted and scratching the uterus I feel so much better and have lost 5cm off my belly so far.joy.gif
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I have spent hours reading this entire thread and I am PISSED OFF that a product like this can be advertised and made available as a contraceptive method without any warning whatsoever of these side effects.


I got my copper IUD inserted at the beginning of 2011. The last year has been the worst year of my life and I have honestly thought that I was losing my freaking mind. I have always been a laid back person as far as my emotions go but for the last year I became irrationally emotional. Constantly either very touchy and easily upset or easily irritated. Mentally, I have been fighting a worsening brain fog and a lack of ability to concentrate. I was finishing law school and going through this during my last year of  school was horrible. I suddenly couldn't keep up with my workload and my marks went from great to just ok even though I was having to work twice as hard for them. Physically....I don't even know where to start:


Pelvic Pain: throbbing/stabbing/pinching pain between my leg socket and my pelvis (very hard to describe) - has been around longer than any of the other symptoms

Panic attacks, racing heart and trouble breathing

Trouble falling asleep & getting out of bed in the morning

Really bad night sweats - like waking up with my pjs drenched.

Constant vaginitis outbreaks  - for which the doctors tried to give me antibiotics (no thank you)

In the last few months: a skin rash on my chin (red scaly, peeling - gross)

Terrible and very weird Acne on the sides of my face, especially along cheekbone and jawline (always had clear skin before)

Weird acne on the sides of my neck -- won't go away!

12 day periods, with the first week just being spotting of "old" blood (sorry to be graphic, just trying to be detailed)

PMS symptoms essentially the entire month (irritability, bloating, cramping)

Undereye circles 

IBS-like symptoms (constipation, diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite)

Cravings for the following foods: breads, sweets (especially chocolate), mushrooms, nutritional yeast (vegan "cheese" replacement) -- all indicative of candida problems

Itchy scalp, no matter how often I wash my hair

Tooth decay - lots of new cavities even though I brush and floss regularly

Hair damage - hair has become thinner and weaker and literally turned a copperish color!!

Locked jaw  - I would wake up with a locked jaw and throughout the day would notice my jaw was locked and I was grinding my teeth (explained now by the fact that excess copper essentially puts your body into fight or flight mode - so you're essentially constantly "ready to fight")



I had the IUD removed a few weeks ago and am already starting to see some improvement. My period was late after I got it taken out (apparently this is quite common) but when I did get it it was quite normal.


How did the light come on for me? Well, it took me a very long time to put all these symptoms together. I was hating myself and hating my body because I couldn't figure out why this was happening to me. I went to so so many doctors - none of them considered all of my symptoms together and I didn't want to be one of those patients that just comes in to complain about everything. I saw many doctors just for the pelvic pain alone. I can't even describe the kind of pain it was but it was driving me crazy because I had it basically all the time (it would get worse at certain times of the month) and I couldn't figure out why! I asked every doctor I went to if it could be the IUD and they told me there was no chance that's what it was and looked at me like I was crazy. My symptoms just kept accumulating and getting worse and NOT ONE doctor even suggested that's what it could be. My relationship was suffering because I was turning into a complete other person - while my partner isa very understanding and amazing man, I could tell that my constant irritability and general disinterest in life that had developed was getting to him. My entire family was so worried about me - always asking me what is going on with my life and if I'm ok. My mom would be in tears every time she saw me because she saw how terribly unhappy I was becoming and couldn't help me. My social life had essentially gone down the drain because my anxiety had gotten so bad that I couldn't stand to be around other people. During this last year, I tried so many different things to try to help myself. I went vegetarian, then vegan - this actually exacerbated the problem since it makes your copper levels even higher. I did a few liver and gallbladder cleanses - no improvement. I did a candida cleanse for a few weeks (copper toxicity apparently mimicks candida overgrowth symptoms and can also cause candida overgrowth). I had tried various herbal remedies, tinctures, etc for my skin and nothing worked. I was taking magnesium to calm me down and that didn't help much either. I WAS LOSING MY MIND and I was seriously at the end of my rope. 


Finally, one day I was on the phone with my mom and she asked me if I had an IUD. I told her yes but that it was a copper on and not hormonal. She told me to go online and search copper toxicity. HOLY SHIT. I made the appointment to have my IUD out the next day. That night I did not fall asleep until 4 am because I was just up thinking about all the shit that my body has been through because of this thing. It was a huge relief to figure out that's what it was and in hindsight I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner. I did do some internet searching when I thought it was causing my pelvic pain but I couldn't find any information linking the two. Part of the reason it was so difficult for me to tie the symptoms to the IUD is that the first 6 months of having it I the symptoms weren't really there. And different symptoms showed up at different times (as the copper built up in my system I guess) and I initially figured that if my body had a problem with the IUD, i would have had symptoms right after having it inserted. Boy was I wrong.


I'm better now but I'm still struggling with many of the symptoms. My skin clears up for a few days but then flares up again. The rash I had is gone but the acne is still coming and going and it's probably the worst symptom I'm having right now. I'm using zinc-containing diaper rash cream on it (an organic one without other bad ingredients that some diaper rash creams have like petrolatum) and the cream calms it down a bit but not much. I really want it to go away. 


I'm also taking zinc complex supplements (30 mg per day) and vit b complex. I take some magnesium before bedtime and I'm taking probiotics and vitamin D from time to time. I read earlier in the thread that some of you are against taking the zinc so I'm wondering if I should cut down/stop. I would love to hear from some of you that have had their IUDs out for a while about how long it took for your skin problems or any other problems to go away.  I know everyone's bodies are different but I would love a general idea of how long I'm going to keep feeling like this. I had the IUD for just over a year and a half.


Back to the beginning of my post.


How can pharmaceutical companies be getting away with this? How can doctors be getting away with not warning anyone about the side effects? This is NOT OK. There is enough women on here having experienced the same symptoms that something needs to be done. At the very least, women need to be warned about copper toxicity before getting the damn thing put in. It's reprehensible. When I went in to get mine out, the doctor asked me why I was getting it removed. I told her about all my side effects and told her I believe it has given me copper toxicity. Not really to my surprise, she looked at me like I was crazy and then basically said "yeah, right" and then told me she'd take it out for me if that's what I really wanted. I wanted so badly to scream at her but I knew that would get me nowhere so I just smiled and said yes please.


There must be so many women out there probably still suffering from this thing like I did who have no idea why they feel like they're losing their minds. It breaks my heart that so many of us have had to suffer and that others out there will continue to so that these pharma companies and the prescribing physicians can make a quick buck. What has our world come to? 

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Thank you Nikk18! You'll be SO happy you got yours removed! Just 1 more week to wait. I had mine removed about a week before my next period. I was worried that I should wait because people say it's less painful, but don't be worried about the removal at all; it's simple, takes a split second & there's no pain involved.


Lily bean, when I read your symptoms, the one that especially caught my eyes was the first listed:


"Pelvic Pain: throbbing/stabbing/pinching pain between my leg socket and my pelvis (very hard to describe) - has been around longer than any of the other symptoms"


I could never figure this one out! It was like a pain in between where my ovary is & my hip that kind of hurt my back & kind of went down my leg, but nothing seemed to describe it (or help the pain). Once I saw how badly bent the IUD came out on that side, I'm wondering whether I should have asked about it.


What worried me was that they never scoped or measured for placement. I went to a very good medical center, but after choosing Paragard over Mirena (which he did his best to tell me that 99% of people get the Mirena), he simply started the insertion process. That wasn't too horrible & I didn't have any excruciating pain like people talk about. But, maybe it was jammed in there causing the pelvic pain?? I'm not a tiny person, but I'm fairly small at 5'3".


I've done nothing "special" to cleanse my body out of copper, but after 1 night's sleep, I feel different. I'm serious. The brain haze & anger towards my job & boyfriend & life itself seems to have vanished. I'm busy, so it's tiring, but not to the point where I feel like I just cannot go on. That "what's the point of getting out of bed or living" feeling has vanished, as well. I know it's going to be a long day, but now I look forward to my late evening time.


Is it the copper? (Seems crazy because it's so small). Is it the foreign object? Is it the body trying to dislodge this thing? Do our hormones not mix with the copper? I have no idea, but it's much better out. I feel like I could have survived with it in & had great pregnancy protection, but at what extent was I willing to go to retain this freedom?

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Oh, and I track everything in the Pink Pad ap. It's great to know when ovulation occurs & when your period will be. The longer you use it, the better it tracks. It's a great help to track mood & symptoms. I did this for 5 months & when I went to the doctor with all that to back me up, we knew something was wrong, even though we don't know what.


Oh, and that smell is GONE!

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It IS the copper! Check out this site for a good explanation of how copper affects your estrogen levels and vice versa:



Our bodies are made to maintain a delicate balance and when we abuse them with foreign objects, it just throws a monkeywrench into our normal functioning.  The more research I do about this the more I realize that the medical community is completely in the dark about how the body actually works. They always aim to fix the symptoms without  treating the underlying cause, which only creates other problems (like the butterfly effect) because the body is so extremely complex and they are not trained to approach health in a holistic way.


The pain for me is gone for the most part since I have had it removed but sometimes I still feel it a little bit. My theory is that it's not the shape of the IUD but the build-up of copper in the leg socket/pelvic region. The reason I think this is because the IUD I had is called Gynefix - it is not widely available and is designed for women who have never had children - it consists of copper beads on a string (so it's not T shaped) and the string is just stitched into the uterus (so the insertion is known to be more painful that for the T shaped IUDs. So, because my IUD was just a string, it couldn't have been bent out of shape. I really think the pain, for me anyway, was caused by the copper


My mood has also greatly improved since I had it removed but I still sometimes lapse into feelings of anxiety - I think it has to do with the fact that I have been taking zinc which helps your body release copper from the tissues but then the copper is released into the blood and you experience detox side effects. And my skin keeps flaring up but again I am hoping its just detox. 


Pretty much every friend I have talked to about this has looked at me like I have a third eye. It's nice to be able to talk about this with other women that have had the same experience!! 

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Wanted to give a update its been about 2 weeks since i removed my own Copper IUD. I did it in the beg of my period so I did not feel too much better right after I took it out because I had bad PMS with my period and heavy bleeding. It stopped and then I started notice some things. I started to have good dreams again not just random weird dreams. But the type where they are so good you dont want to even wake up. My face also thinned out and got less swollen. Swelling in my right above my ankles in my lower legs went down. I started to get a little horny which has not happened in at least a year. Like a tingling sensation down there just from listening to a slow r&b song. My sex drive has been -0%  for more then a year so this kind of nice.  My stomach bloat def went down I feel my pants looser on me and I havent been dieting.. Pimples are clearing up and like drying up and peeling off!!   The only thing i noticed is while I had the IUD in my scars didnt heal properly like from mosquito bites or acne scars and I am left with them, before the IUD my scars healed always very nicely.  Not sure what to do about this as they are scars now I think its too late to do anything about them. But i really think the IUD recked my immune system because I have not gotton in a infection since removal and i think it thought it was a foreign object in my body and raised my allergic reactions or swelled me up or something!! I am soooo relieved to know it is gone! 

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Lilybean: I too have been pissed off about all of this. I honestly feel that nobody should be prescribed something that is poisoning their body, but they prescribe it every day. And rather than let anyone know these potential side effects and let the women know what they "could" be up against, they tell you there may be cramping and heavier periods. So we all think "Oh that's it?" And we get it put in. I am pretty sure if we were aware of how awful this thing was for our bodies we would NEVER choose this option, and I am almost positive that NO Women would choose this option of birth control after hearing all of our stories. My husband says that we are probably just a small percentage of women with such negative effects, and that is why they can continue to advertise and prescribe this garbage for women, but I do not agree! There are almost 400 posts on this forum, and this was NOT nearly the only forum, link, webpage regarding the negative aspects of the copper IUD and the REAL side effects. I can also completely relate to friends looking at you like you have a 3rd eye when mentioning this stuff. (None of which have the copper IUD of course), but I have been told that I am overreacting, I am fine, I may have the "baby blues", I just need to get back to the gym, etc. I know my body, and I know that I am not fine. I know I do not suffer from PPD, and I know that I literally cannot make myself workout!!! Cannot wait for Tuesday!!!


Also I was wondering if anyone had done further research on copper in birth control pills? I am thinking of going the low hormone one since I am breastfeeding, but after reading a few websites about copper toxicity I found that copper is found in birth control pills as well. This scares me! I wish I could just not be on anything, but I don't want any more kids, and my husband can't get the vasectomy until tax return time. I can't wait for the day to go natural with no birth control!!!

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lilybean85mommy2225musician31, all of you are welcome to join us in our detox group. There, we share our strategies to get back to normal: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/ (just press join). It has been very helpfull for us to share experiences and to see that there are plenty of woman fighting to get back on track after this horrible experience of copper toxicity. Also I started a blog in Spanish because if you thought it was difficult to find info in English, I cannot tell how little info you can find in Spanish. That's why I translated what I found on copper toxicity and I wrote my personal experience and I started a blog http://cuidadoconeldiudecobre.wordpress.com/ If anyone feels like sharing your story, I'll be happy to translate it into Spanish and uploading it to the blog. Just email it to me at fkothansen@yahoo.com

All the best for you!


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Hi Ladies,


  I just got the results to my hair analysis test.  It say I am high in TIN and URANIUM.  Did anyone else have that on their test.  The URANIUM is really scary!!  Once it is in the organs which is very quickly after gettin high levels of it you can detox and get it out!!  Your stuck!!  Is there URANIUM and TIN in the cpooer iud?  I know there is another metal in the making of it, but I cant find out what i is!!  Im really scared ladies, did anyone else have this on there hair test????!!!!

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Hi Mommy2225,


I'm not sure whether or not certain bc pills have more copper or not, but I do know that because bc pills increase your estrogen levels this makes it possible to hold onto copper more easily. Because you have more estrogen its easier for copper to stay in your body because of fat cell increase and all of that. That's interesting to see that bc pills also have copper in them... Can't believe that companies are allowed to push these products without warning us about the negative side effects of copper.


Best of luck in finding a bc pill that works for you though :) 



I recommend reading "Why am I always so Tired" by Anne Louise Gittleman ... it really provides a lot of insight on why we have copper build up in our bodies and how to avoid copper and detox from it!





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I was just wondering has anyone experianced acid reflux problems with the copper iud ?
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I haven't had issues until recently...after removal!  Weird symptoms keep surfacing.  I took it out in early August and have had acid reflux randomly the last few weeks.....not sure if it is related or what....

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Originally Posted by aviion View Post

I was just wondering has anyone experianced acid reflux problems with the copper iud ?

Aviion - Acid Reflux was one of my first problems. I went to my doctor and she prescribed Nexium 6 times a day, everyday and that just made things worse!! I had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, and a gastric emptying study because it was so severe.  Finally, I went to the local health food store and they gave me some digestive enzymes called NOW super enzymes and the acid reflux went away within one day! 




Originally Posted by Nikk18 View Post

Hi Ladies,


  I just got the results to my hair analysis test.  It say I am high in TIN and URANIUM.  Did anyone else have that on their test.  The URANIUM is really scary!!  Once it is in the organs which is very quickly after gettin high levels of it you can detox and get it out!!  Your stuck!!  Is there URANIUM and TIN in the cpooer iud?  I know there is another metal in the making of it, but I cant find out what i is!!  Im really scared ladies, did anyone else have this on there hair test????!!!!

Nikk18 - From what I've read there is not any Uranium or Tin in the copper IUD.  There may be small amounts of nickel. I've read that people usually have uranium in their systems because of their drinking water. It could also be from your shampoo. The link below talks about Uranium and Tin in Hair Analysis results:





And catracha25 - My symptoms also did not appear until a month or so AFTER I had the IUD removed!!! I didn't think they were related at the time but now I know they were...

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Thaankyou for your replys!! I've never had aany health issues untill I got. The iud ,,igot it took out in agaust aswell any I'm still getting loads of problems but half of them have calmed down and ever since I had it removed my acid reflux problem has come and nothing helps mine either , I'm only 16 Lol and I've been doctors about 10 times with in the past 3 months : sorry about any spelling mistakes I'm typing on my phone and can hardly see what I'm putting
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Hi SB1108,


  Thank you so much!  I will check that out.  My primary doc. said he didnt know how to decifer a hair strand test when it is self explanitory.  He told me I had to go to an enviromentalist doc.  I have no idea where to find one of those.  On a better note, I GOT MY IUD OUT TODAY!!!!!  I am so excited, I am looking forward to better days!!!!  I will keep you all posted on my progress!!!  Bless you all and thank you all for being here and sharing your experiences!!

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I had my IUD removed on 11/7.  The experience was painless and quick.  As of a week after removal, I feel much better.  Like someone who posted before me, I also noticed that my dreams changed since the removal. They are richer and more colorful.  Also, my face is definitely less bloated and I lost over 2lbs during this past week.  My entire pelvic area feels...calm.  The string is not poking me anymore, my belly is less bloated, my discharge is not as heavy.  It just feels right.  I also feel my libido is coming back.  I notice that every time my husband kisses me, I feel completely aroused...very different from the time when I had the Paragard.  My eczema-type red rash on my eyelids disappeared completely.  It was painful and embarrassing looking, so I'm very very thankful for that. Also, my brain fog is not as prominent.  I am actually thinking more clearly and positively.  I get things done or delegated.  I'm much more productive at the office and at home.  No as sad and ultra emotional.  I also have much much more energy.  All this week, I was able to stay up until midnight and wake up at 6am without any problem...this was absolutely not the case with the IUD.  Perhaps my sleep is better? But, I still feel very edgy.  My nerves are not completely calm.  I am also cold all the time.  Itchy.  My hair is still falling out.  I'm also waiting to see how my weight changes.  I gained approximately 20 pounds in the last 2 1/2 years since I had the Paragard.  I really do not know why because I have two little kids who keep me busy. During week-days, after work, from 4pm to 10pm, I'm up on my feet chasing and cleaning up after them, putting them to bed, etc, and cleaning up the house until 10 or 11pm.  I don't snack at all and only eat a modest amount for lunch and dinner.  I exercise now more, too.  My motivation actually increased as soon as I made the appointment to remove my IUD which tells me that there must be a positive psychological effect just from following through on a good decision and from hope in regaining control of one's body.  I and a few women (45 or so) who share similar experiences are tracking our progress via this Yahoo forum: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/copperiuddetox/

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