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I have been having every symptom that you guys have describe, even the pelvic pain witch is really odd as i thought maybe it could have been my work causing my aches and pains as i work as a carer so on my feet for long hours, however i am only 23years and should be as fit as a fiddle at my age and none of my other friend complain of joint pain.

I even had a weeks holiday that i took not that long ago to catch up with my sleep and get back to my old self, and i spent most of it with back pain, pelvic pain and just not feeling well or young at all didn't even do much as was so tired all the time.

When i went to my doctor to find a replacement contraceptive to the pill that was not Hormonal as i tend to suffer very bad with my hormones when i am on the pill, I did not think i would be taking on something that would make me feel worse than i did on the pill, not only am I hormonal I feel horrible all the time and i never suffered with this before my copper IUD, in fact i used to be fit and love to travel and met new people.

Me and my BF have been close to braking up in the just over 6months that I have had the copper IUD. There really needs to be more info for women out there to get the best contraceptive for you, because if you get the wrong one it could really wreck your life or at least how you feel about your life. I'm waiting an till my next rota goes up at work so i know my hours, then i will be st rate down my doctors to get it removed :-) cant wait!! Only problem now is that i dint know what contraceptive to use instead of the pill, IUD or condoms. lol cant seem to win.

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Well I got the IUD removed yesterday and already have an update. For a couple of hours before the appointment I was feeling my daily migraine coming on. I realized a few hours after the appointment that I did not even have a headache. It just went away which never happens! For the first time in a while I actually got up today, got dressed, make-up and all, and took two toddlers and an infant to the grocery store. Normally I wouldn't have energy for all that! It could just be mental at this point because I was so excited to get it removed, but I swear I just feel better. I still have 4 kids (babysit another), work part time, etc, so I know I will still be tired, but I can say that today I feel less tired, confused, and anxious. Hopeful for the future!

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I'm back. It's been 9 days since my IUD was removed & I've just had my first post-IUD period.


Has anyone else experienced light-headedness & dizziness post IUD? Like sudden spells that last a minute or two & then go away. This has never noticeably happened before, but has been happening on & off since & during the period. Nothing would surprise me at this point, but I don't want to jump to conclusions! Also, I'm experiencing the post menstrual headache that happens every month (Aleve/naproxen usually helps the most).

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Hi Mommy 2225,  I had mine out the same day you did at 9 am .  At about 6 that night I was so WONDERFUL!!  I felt so alive and the heavyness in the front of my head was gone.  I was not angry, or irritated.  I didnt have any anxiety, I had the most wonderful evening with my family!!  Well yesterday  I was fine until I ate. (in an earlier post I put how I have become alerrgic to food.  I could only eat hamburgers french fries and cottage cheese without having a panic attack.)  Well I ate my normal that I have been living on (hamburger) for 3 or more weeks and I had a damn panic attack!!  And last night in the middle of the night I was up 4 times going pee (imdrinking lots of water) and each time I had a different mood (very strong moods)  First I was scared, then I was confused, then sad and anxious, then RAGE!!  WTF!!  is going on??!!  I had my iud out the during my cycle, so I was flowing really heavy the day of removal and yesterday, so I dont know if I am washing the copper out and its removing some from my brain.  I am at a loss!!  How have your 2nd and 3rd day going?  I had my iud for almost 7 years.


Musician31,  I have always had the lightheadedness.  I was constantly thinking I was gonna pass out or fall!!  Mine was an all day thing though, it was only not there when I was sleeping.  It made it extremely difficult to do anything.  My daughter has had to drive me everywhere. And while shopping I always have to hang onto the cart for dear life.  But that has gotten a little better for me (not gone mind you)  since removal.  I am so sorry, and I hope it will pass for you too.

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Nikk18: Well my days have been pretty much the same as when I had the IUD. The way I see it is my life is pretty stressful right now, and the copper from the IUD heightened everything for a while. Now as it is hopefully slowly leaving my body I may still feel a little tired and irritated at times. I am breastfeeding my 5 month old right now, and waking with him 3-4 times a night. My two year old also still wakes up 1-2 times. They are both sick right now, so it's been worse lately, so I am just tired, IUD or not. I ended up getting a migraine again last night, but I only had about 3 hours total of sleep the night before, and was home with five kids since the older two had half days, and I babysit my niece. 


Right before I got pregnant with my son I was in the best shape of my life, at the gym 5-6 days a week, and had a clear career path that I was working towards (personal training). I also was done having kids, but was not on birth control because I was told that without the help of fertility meds I could not conceive (my other babies were conceived with the help of chlomid). I then got pregnant, couldn't start personal training because of that, ended up losing my job at the gym along with the free membership/ kids club that came with it, and I now am home with 5 kids everyday with no career path in sight. I love my children and wouldn't change a thing about my little miracle son being here, but I am craving the identity that I almost had a year ago. I feel like I am only good for being a mother right now, and I want more for myself than just that. I hope this isn't coming off selfish, but I am trying to explain how I have been feeling. I feel like once I am done breast-feeding my son and either working outside of the home or going to school, I may not feel totally better post IUD. I honestly was happy and content with my life, and didn't have negative thoughts about my life until the IUD was put in, and I just feel that the depressed feelings and thoughts that came along then, might linger because of what I am going through right now. 


I am trying to find a solution with working and going to school to take a step towards getting an identity back, so once I have a path to be on, I feel that even the lingering IUD side effects won't keep me down! 


Lots of love and health to all the women in the post. I will continue to update as I go!

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IT is SUCH a relieif to hear that other women out there are having or had the same problems that I am currently dealing with by usuing the Copper IUD!!

I've been on it now for about 5 years give or take, the first year was ok then afterwards I gained so much damn weight that I  wear hoodies in Agust because I have no clothes to fit and I was ashamed to go shopping.

Nothing changed in my diet nor in my activites.

I have gained about 60+ lbs and am still gaining for no reason at all.

I had went to so many doctors and everyone of them says the same thing,"You just need to watch your diet." and "No, this does not have to do with your IUD."

I beg to differ, nobody else knows your body better than you and I know FOR SURE that I wouldn't just keep gaining wieght, I wouldn't let myself gain this weight!

But it just keeps coming along with the other side effects like; extreme moodiness, odd skin rashes, skin tags, very unusual obsessing thoughts,always tired and worn out, and having vaginal odor and discharge.

Before the IUD I was in nice fit. I wasn't skinny but I was looking good and was healthy no vaginal problems, no skin rash problems and very lil to no mood swings and that was only during my period.

I came from being a loving sweet mom and wife to a nightmare towards my family!

I thought it was just myself with age (I'm only 28) so desperately I went to the doc told them my symptoms and she had described me a depression pill ( and let me tell you, I have never been discribed as depressed untill now) So I took the meds for awhile it helped a lil bit in the begining during my periods but after awhile it went back to the same, so now I just quit taking them and feel a lil better but I know that my mood swings are soon going to be coming back.

I was also so desperate to lose this weight that I had made an extreme diets with fruits and veggies and lean protein and exercized excessively everyday i lost about maybe 2lbs in about 2 weeks, so i kept going with it my results after 3 weeks? Gained 10 more lbs!

No joke I need to basically buy a new pair of pants once a month and up a size or two everytime!!

It's a good thing that I have a caring and loving husband ortherwise I would feel so bad for the man I kinda do anyway.

But our sex life is still good (after 7 years 3 of it being married and 60+ lbs later)

Anyway, in order for the the IUD to be taken out I had to switch doctors and told her that my husband and I were thinking of having another baby.

Set a appt to take it out and she couldnt get to it becuase the string was nearly there and it moved further up, So now I need to have some specialist take it out.

My appt is next week on my wedding anni date. LOL

So now I might have to reschedule it becasue really we are not ready to have a baby and I'm sure that there will be some love making that night!! =)

I really hope that soon some High end Doctor will do some more reseraching on this because if there are A LOT of other women out there with the same and/or similar symptoms that never had before, then maybe it is the IUD and not just "we just need to watch what we eat." BS!

Well Im just hoping that once it is out I will have good results like the most of you!!

Good luck to all!!


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I had panic attacks and heart palpitations also svt! I had a heart procedure because of the iud bc all drs told me no way possible that the copper iud could cause the symptoms. Got it removed last yr and I feel normal again. Still get scared sometimes bc what I went though. I wonder is there are any law suits to the paragard company?
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Heres my update since removing the IUD a month ago  (I had it in for almost two years).

My skin and hair has done a complete turn around. No more cheek, chin, neck acne coming up but I have scars from about one and a half years of acne in the same place.

I'm no longer sensitive to the cold and have hot flashes throughout the day,,, I've lost 4lbs off of my stomach and hips.


My hair tissue analysis (in a lab that washes hair first) showed up as low in most of the essential minerals markedly magnesium, cobolt, manganese, lithium. Zinc was in the reference range and so was copper... Go Figure!!

As anxiety and depression is still a major problem for me I've started taking Lithium Orotate in the hopes it will help stabilise my moods.


Take care everyone xxx

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I've had my copper IUD for six years now and can't take it anymore. After disregarding my reiki practitioner's concern for what she was sensing from my uterus I've come to believe that while the IUD is wonderful for avoiding hormones and keeping my partner and I at ease about not getting pregnant it has somehow caused anxiety. Life has naturally gotten more difficult due to the economy and age yet my ability to adapt and create new situations has left me. Somehow I blame my IUD, anyone else experience this?

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I've had The IUD for over 3 years, OOOHH MY OH MY... I'm suffering so much. I have to take it out ASAP.. Anxiety, Depression, and now about to take ADD meds. I thought something was wrong with me.. I have not taken any vitamins. I havent taken any blood test either.. 

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Wow, where do I start. Well, about 2 years ago my husband and I decided for me to get a IUD. I choose the Mirena because one of my friends had had one and loved it. I had my son who at the time was 8/9 months and I was still breast feeding . So, the Mirena was a good choice for a form of BC. Well, when my son turned 1 he started having health issues which had all my attention at the time. It was very stressful but nothing me or my husband couldn't handle. I really never paid any attention to the Mirena until my son was 2 and all of his medical issues were under control. Then in November of 2011 I all of a sudden started getting HORRIBLE anxiety. Now, lets face it we all get some form of Anxiety ( that's just life) but what all of us are going through is a completely different kind of anxiety. At the time I also started getting these leg sores just below my buttox that were VERY painful. I had decided to get the Mirena out and move to the copper IUD because of it not having hormones. Well, I wish I would have looked at this thread because I then would have known it was not ANY better!!! I am 26 years old and have really never had bad anxiety until this past year. I am a control freak so I think that my anxiety may be worse because I feel like I have no control over it. It is unbelievable the amount of Anxiety I get. Its so bad that I can't even watch the news. Its almost like I feel that what happens on the news is going to happen to me. I am a very happy person and am not depressed . But , I do feel a loss of energy which is very unlike me. Before this anxiety I used to get up quickly in the morning, start my day happy, but I am MISERABLE in the morning . I feel horrible for my husband because at times I can get very nasty to him. I never used to be like this. I am also a stay at home mom ( I do work from home as well) which can be stressful. But, this anxiety is so powerful. I have trouble sleeping as well now. As I had stated I can't even watch the news. If I do and I see something that bothers me..... then there my anxiety goes. It will stay with me and effect me for Days and months. It's seriously so ridiculous. I never used to be like this. My primary doctor had given me Xanax and Clonipan to help control it but to be honest. It didn't do anything and I was not going to be on something that did nothing. Also, my doctor wanted to put me on Depression medicine which I personally was not willing to do. I am not depressed, why would I go on depression medicine. I try to stay active as much as possible. I know that there is a reason for this. It really only makes sense that it is these stupid IUD causing this. Prior to my pregnancy I was on Birth control pills which caused a little anxiety ( Only one time though and it was Yasmin) But once I got off of it and on a Low estrogen one then I was fine and right back to normal. Oh I also want to point out that since I have had the copper IUD in my menstrual cycle is HORRIBLE. I have very heavy bleeding that lasts for at least 10 days and then my period basically lingers on for another week. Its crazy. So honestly I have my period for 20 days out of the month. I did also notice that my anxiety is higher at ovulation and when I get my period. Which with that being said I have my period for a while which then means I get bad anxiety for a bunch of days out of the month. It is all around horrible. I want it to just go away and I am sick of feeling like I am going to loose control. My OBGYN had given me a low estrogen form of BC to help control my periods which I had started 1 week ago. Within 2 days I had felt normal. Now, on the 7th day I randomly just got my period and I do feel anxious today. Its at the point where I want to rip this IUD right out . I know I can't so I will be giving my OBGYN a call tomorrow and have her take it out ASAP. I want to thank everyone for making this thread because of you I do not feel crazy. Lol. I will let you know how I feel when I get it out and fingers crossed it will be the end to this horrible experience. 

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My experience w/ the copper IUD thus far:


I’ve had the copper IUD since August, about 4 months now, and I’ve gone through nothing but pain with my body and have felt very noticeable changes that never occurred before. There aren’t any hormones in this specific contraceptive so I thought it would just act as a barrier to block sperm, but apparently there’s more to it, the copper kills the sperm and makes your uterus produce fluid that kills the sperm. So then what was the point of getting a non-hormonal birth control that wouldn’t interrupt my natural bodily-functions, if it can kill sperm cells, why would I not turn to think that it can kill healthy cells and friendly bacteria too, that’s why there’s so many fucking side effects for a non-hormonal contraceptive like this one. 

 No doctor told me that there could be a chance that I’m allergic to copper or that my body will reject it, and now I’m sick almost 24/7 and I feel like a completely different person with a shit load of new problems that are honestly a scary thing to experience for the first time. 

First off, my hair is getting dry as fuck. It’s always been knotty and a bit wild but it’s never been so thin or dry in my whole life. And my period, it seems to last forever and never stop coming. Not only does it stick around, so do the cramps and bloating. 

I’ve had candida overgrowth meaning a build up of yeast in my body that’s not being controlled properly, causing me to get a yeast infection (never had one before) and an outbreak of yeast on my tongue (normally the yeast in your body stays regulated when you’re healthy, but an allergy to the copper IUD can cause the yeast overgrowth. 

Sometimes, I feel like I’m having trouble breathing and other times, I’m just so tired and I end up taking naps frequently, leading to insomnia and more sleep issues. 

My back feels likes someones kicked me a 1,000 times. The pain will not go away. My muscle pain varies from bad to worse but nevertheless lingers constantly. So does my abdominal pain. 

I’ve even had to go to the emergency room multiple times for experiencing such strong abdominal pains that were actually ovarian cysts, which are in fact, caused by the copper IUD. 

There’s so many more symptoms/side effects that I’ve been experiencing the past couple of months that I really don’t even have enough time to write it all down, from congestion to nausea, appetite changes, ear/head pressure, and even fucking vision changes that really scare me. And after properly researching this contraceptive and the risks/complications, I can comfortably say that all of this new bullshit I’m experiencing is from the birth control. Never experienced it before that, thank god. 

But ever since I switched to this type of contraceptive, I’ve been experiencing pains on a regular basis that I never had to deal with before. I wish I had more options because I already tried the pills and didn’t like it, and have had the worst experience with the IUD. Of course, I don’t plan on using anything w/ hormones so I’m shit out of luck at the moment. I wanted to be safe and feel comfortable knowing that I won’t get pregnant but I guess i’ll have to go back to condoms. At least, I won’t be dealing with such horrifying symptoms anymore. I can go back to feeling healthy and normal and like myself again. 

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Hello Ladies:

I pulled this from the yahoo group page that a FABULOUS fellow IUD friend posted....Please read her great post! Many blessings and keep you good news coming!

While doing some research on ParaGard, I found the initial application submitted to the FDA in the early 80's. Even though the formulation of the IUD has not changed at all, take a look how the device maker and FDA dropped some prominent side effects/adverse reactions from the physician "Prescribing Information".

Thus the literature we read provided by the ParaGard maker today does not include many of the common side effects we experience with it today. Again, upon initial approval of the ParaGard in 1984, these adverse reactions were found in the manufacturer's own studies. Some of the effects we do not see listed on today's prescribing information insert include: Bleeding or spotting between periods (the current info states "menstrual spotting"); missed or late periods; erosion or infection of the cervix; cysts in the pelvis, for example in the ovaries or fallopian tubes; inflammation of the lining of the urinary bladder; leg pain and soreness; NERVOUSNESS; spontaneous abortion (in addition to the "septic abortion" the current list shows); blood poisoning which may result from a very severe pelvic infection; allergic skin reaction due to the copper on the Copper T.

An interesting observation also is how the wording has changed over the years. When ParaGard was first approved by the FDA, the language (at least the adverse effects, was very plain. Today, you have to use a medical dictionary to figure out what half of the terms mean. For example: do you know what dyspareunia is? It mean painful sex...which is a common side effect of the IUD.

As far as the reasoning for the removal of the side effects... I can only speculate based on my very limited (professional) interaction with the big Pharma....to make the ParaGard more appealing to prospective consumers.


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Ladies, the founder of the FB page will be meeting with an attorney next week to discuss a class action lawsuit.  The bigger the numbers of unsatisfied customers, the better our chances are so if you aren't a member of the page please go join!  She is asking that names, addresses, emails, contact #'s, and symptoms be sent to her email address.  Info will not be shared with anyone except the attorney.


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ive had my copper iud (paragard) since sept 2010 and felt good for awhile never noticed anything different until like june 2012 i got super bad panic attacks and axniety attacks just thought it was due to me have depression issues for years but i seem to feel sick and dont feel good every day and im tired alot also im nausea alot too i know its not my gallbladder had it removed already it seems like im just bah and never want to go anywhere i just sit at home like a bump...anyone else have these weird symtoms ?

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Hi everyone!  I am SO glad I came across this forum.  I have had a copper IUD for about three years and have been experiencing many of the same symptoms!  I tried the Mirena IUD shortly after my son was born and HATED the way it made me feel...constantly had PMS.  So I figured it weas because of the hormones and decided to try the hormone free copper IUD.  At first I had no complaints other than the super heavy period and cramps, which were annoying but tolerable.  But lately I've been going crazy with anxiety and just feeling like I can't handle doing anything anymore...I am constantly tired and have a "blah" feeling.  I have pretty much NO sex drive at all, which obviously takes a serious toll on my relationship which then makes me feel worse!  I've never felt like this before in my life!!!  I'm seriously wondering if this is all due to the IUD.....I plan on having mine removed ASAP! 


Two questions though....How long did it take for you to start feeling like your normal self again?!  And I don't want hormone birth control so are condoms my only option now?  Thanks everyone!!!  And again, I'm so glad I'm not crazy!

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Hi Ladies! I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a long time, but I'm both shocked and not shocked to hear the same stories shared by other women that I experienced for myself. It's been almost 3 years later, and currently I feel pretty darn good! Not perfect, but there may be some other factors that are a part of this whole shebang.


To recap, basically the copper IUD made me feel exactly the same level of godawful as taking the Pill, which ruined a good hunk of years from my life and nearly ruined my marriage because of the depression, fatigue, anxiety, etc. Not only did it almost ruin my marriage, but it certainly ruined my self esteem seeing as I always felt lazy and unmotivated, depressed all the time, just a typical mess, and no one would point the finger at the Pill (maybe because they got a kickback from it and didn't want me to stop? Who knows!) My symptoms on the copper IUD was very similar to what I'm hearing from you all: anxiety, severe fatigue, depression, NO sex drive, hair loss, the whole gamut. What led me to research the copper issue more was that I couldn't understand why I felt the same way on the Pill as I did on the copper IUD if there were supposed to be no hormones in the IUD. That's what led to me finding multiple instances across the web of high copper causing my symptoms AND that estrogen raises copper in the body (or makes you crave it.) Therefore, copper and estrogen, copper and a certain hormone, are definitely linked.


I went on a low copper diet and took as much zinc as I needed to feel normal, but I didn't necessarily get better right away, I think because this has been a long and pervasive problem for me that was aggravated to the extreme by the IUD. Essentially, my body was loaded with copper I couldn't use (your body has to create a carrier for the copper and if it doesn't have enough carriers, it can deposit the copper in other areas,) and not enough that I could use, so all the copper excretion I was doing wasn't always helping. And after 6 months of taking 100mg of zinc a day, I had a blood test that rated my copper and zinc as both normal (the doctor swore my zinc would be too high after all that.) He admitted he didn't understand it (he recommended a naturopath which is why I love my doc, if only my insurance paid for the naturopath!) but said that if it's working for me to continue. He also measured high cortisol which doesn't surprise me from the stress of all this and a small child. I didn't have the hair analysis done, much as I wanted to, because I just honestly could not afford it on a single income that's barely covering our barest minimum budget.


So I eventually wound up going back to eating nuts and drinking almond milk (no soy for me though except as an occasional condiment) and eating regular chocolate but still taking between 60-90mg of zinc a day (I'm pretty sure I'm absorbing MAYBE 10-15mg of actual usable zinc), otherwise I honestly cannot sleep. If I try to taper down on the amount of zinc, my joints hurt, my PMS worsens, and I wind up with insomnia. But after I adjusted my diet and kept with the zinc and only zinc (except a children's vitamin and one B gummy that only gives you 100% RDA of B vitamins because they also give me insomnia in higher doses I found) I am finally on my way to normal. I still have some skin issues and my PMS isn't pleasant, but I actually have energy! And unless I'm sick (and PMS time usually brings down my immune system so if I'm not sick I'm yeasty) I have the energy to do all the things I was never able to do before while on Pill or IUD. My mind is much more focused and clear. I've actually started planning my new business/career venture when before I felt like I couldn't work if I tried due to the horrible fatigue and brain fog.


I may have other factors right now that are affecting my health that may have been initially caused by the Pill and then the high copper in the prenatal vitamins and then the IUD, mostly a LOT of bloating which I can reduce with juice fasting, but it's a lot of work and stress with a needy yet high-functioning preschooler that doesn't know when to let up *sigh.* However, when I do fast, it's different than it's ever been in my lifetime. The fast itself is actually rather tolerable, but coming off feels terrible, eating anything feels terrible for days, and I feel lousy for weeks. I feel that something is stored in my fat and gets loosed by the fast into my body that's having a hell of a time processing it. I don't know if the copper is to blame or something else or what, and I can't seem to get any answers on that one, but if someone else has tried this and experienced the same, especially after having kids or the IUD, please let me know!


So essentially, I give my body copper through food only, the best way to get it if you ask me, I take as much zinc as needed (I prefer the Twinlab 30mg) to sleep through the night and tame any anxiety, and I don't go crazy on multivitamins (and will NEVER have copper in my vitamins again!) It took me a long time to get to this stage I'm in now, but it DOES get better.


I do have to state that all of what I say here is based on personal experience and my own research. I cannot find any double blind studies that say I'm correct, but I have collected a ton of corroborating information that for me personally convinced me of the copper toxicity as the problem I was having. At some point I will make all my research and experiences available on my blog so you can all search for yourself and decide for yourself. Just remember this, at the end of the day it is YOUR life, not your doctors', and if you want the IUD out for any reason, they have no right to bully you otherwise. Oh, one more thing I do want to mention, getting the copper out as fast as possible isn't always the best method. I'm one of those "I don't care about the hell I have to go through, just get it done and NOW!" types, but that actually hurt rather than helped. Be patient. If something's not working or making things worse, try something else. I know there's information about "copper dumps" where you feel lousy because it's excreting, but that should be something that doesn't last more than a day or two. I felt lousy for weeks at times trying to do too much to force the copper out! Not a good plan and I learned my lesson!


As for our chosen birth control method? We use the Fertility Awareness Method, using condoms on fertile days and free-range on infertile days. It's been 2 years and we've been just fine with no accidents (although a breaking condom will probably spell doom for us LOL.) I recommend the FAM for any woman, even if you decide it's not a birth control method you want to use. The information it provided about my body alone is worth the quick temperature in the morning, a cervical fluid sample, and jotting the info in the software that's available from the author Toni Weschler's website. That's how I was able to tell which hormones were kicking and when so that I knew if I had PMS or some other issue, and also let me know that my monthly yeast infection was synonymous with having just ovulated (and therefore hormonal) and not some random thing from having a rogue candy bar.


I hope to read some more of your stories here when I get free moments. There's so much more that's been added since I've been back here, and I wish you all well!

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I am 23 with 2 children. I'm supposed to have my Paragard removed on Monday. I've had a brain fog that started a few months after insertion. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer a month after that so I never thought my symptoms were caused by the IUD. I took care of her and was stressed out most of the time. I drank a lot of energy drinks so I was convinced that it was the aspartame that was causing it. Well that was almost a year ago and I still don't feel normal. I don't feel depressed. I struggled with depression during my teen years and I feel nothing like that. I find it really hard to carry a conversation most of the time and I'm guessing that it will take me half an hour to write this post. I just don't feel normal. My husband is air force and has to leave a lot. When he is home he works nights so I have to keep the baby quiet all day while he sleeps. I am so sick of his night shifts lol. 


I'm scared that my symptoms won't go away after the removal. I read other posts that women have had theirs removed for years and still don't feel right. Scared to death that I am going to get pregnant. I am so fertile its not even funny. I feel like if my husband breathes on me I will get preggo lol crazy I know. I just can't handle another child right now. 

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Hi ladies,


  Ok it has been a month and 2 days since I had my iud removed.  I felt different the day I got it out.  Now I have 2 or 3 good days then a couple of bad days (panick attacks head weird).  But on my bad days if I eat I have SEVERE heart palpatations and panic attacks.  It doesnt matter what I eat ALL food does it.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I just had 3 AWSOME days, and finally started my period today, and had anxiety from the minute I woke up.  Well i have been able to eat the last 3 days, so I didnt even think about it and I ate!!  BIG MISTAKE!!  I have been a mess all day!!  Does anyone have any insite???!!!!!  PLEASE HELP!!!

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So I'm updating from a few months ago. Nikk18 I have the same issues. I can have a few good days or even a week and then I will have bad days with bad anxiety and heart palpitations. I feel like I'm losing my mind and it's hard to focus. This does seem to get brought on by eating sometimes. It also happens when im driving. I have had my iud out for about 10 months now. I was hoping I would have been in a better position now, but unfortunately I still have good and bad days. I take a bunch of different supplements from the standard process supplement line. Mostly for anxiety, adrenal, and heart support. My adrenals were fatigued which can be caused through copper toxicity. I have researched so much and know that the iud is what caused all my problems. And I know it's a process to return back to a normal state of health, I was just hoping that by now I would have been feeling normal more often. I try to stay away from high copper foods and eat a gluten free diet (most of the time) which seem to help. Zinc will probably be the next thing to add to help chelate the copper. I do eat lots of meat since thats suppose to help bind with copper and excrete it from the body. I can still smell a metallic smell on my skin once to twice a week. I still have no energy. And get anxiety daily. All stories and suggestions are appreciated. I will update again soon.
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