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I can't believe how happy and relived I feel to have stumbled on this thread, I've never joined one before but felt I must.
I had a copper coil fitted 18 months ago after my 3rd child after not getting on with d pill or mirena coil I felt this was my only option at first a heavy period was fine but gradually d symptoms have built up, I have back and joint pain, fatigue, anxious, extreme heavy periods ( for 2 days I can go through a pad and tampon in an hr) my lst period lasted 11 days wiv a slow start then heavy, pms (I'm like a crazy woman), I also have ovulation pain more on d right coupled wiv a heavy clear discharge tho this is now blood streaked I wear I pad for what feels like weeks of each month, head aches and I lost loads of hair which I thought was normal just after d baby, but it stopped and has returned and comes out in little clumps every where and I've been left wiv a noticeable thinning spot on one side.
After reading some of other people's comments to my husband he said "did u write that? it sounds like you!" I've made my appointment already to have it removed. Hopefully it will make some difference.
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Hello, not sure how to place my post and looks like the previous posts are not current, I am a mum but an old one at 66, but have recently had a shock whilst having an internal scan the coil i thought had been removed in 1983 was still in there!!! could this explain the many problems i have had over the years... i wonder.. not a nice thought that this copper iud was inside me for more than 30 years .. how many professionals over the years have let me down one would think it was noticeable when having a smear test. So mummies be aware. x

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I was curious to how much copper is released from an copper iud, and it is very hard to find that information. I ran across and article from 1982 and the T200 iud back then the copper corroded as much as 45mcg- 25mcg a day for the first two to three years. the recommended copper for a person is 2 mg with about 15mg of zinc and all the other good stuff. How can doctors call that safe? Effective yes. Knowingly toxic, most likely. I had the paraguard T380, the 380mmsquared, more copper than the T200. Makes me wonder why they don't tell you this in the side effects, because they do know it is above the recommended copper intake and is absorb.


http://www.k4health.org/sites/default/files/022858.pdf B-107.


another link.





The clinicopathological problems of the tissue effect of copper-containing IUDs are discussed. In the third part of their series, authors present the cytochemical analysis of the endometrial scrapings. For the investigations, dithizone, salicylaldoxime, rubeanic acid as well as dimethylglyoxime were used. The reaction precipitate, the copper dithizone complex, could be visualized partly intracellularly and intramitochondrially and partly interstitially. The technical problems of copper demonstration are also dealt with.


Electronmicroscopic-cytochemical analysis offers the possibility for study of endometrial scrapings associated with use of copper IUDs. Dimethylglyoxine, saliscylaldoxime, rubeanic acid, and dithizone were applied to the scrapings, which were then postfixed with 1% osmium tetroxide. The reaction precipitate was examined by x-ray diffraction and energy-dispersive analysis. This method appears to be capable of detecting pathological, accumulated copper ions. Electron-dispersive metal dithizone complexes were identified intracellularly and intramitochondrially, interstitially between the cells, in the connective tissue cells, and in the material adjacent to the copper IUD. No reaction precipitate was observed, however, by dimethylglyoxine, saliscylaldoxime, or rubeanic acid. This is the 1st investigation to detect cytochemical trace elements in endometrial scrapings of tissue adjacent to a copper-bearing IUD. It supports the conclusion that, when in place for a long time, copper IUDs interact with endometrial cells and induce connective tissue formation. When locally absorbed copper ions enter the circulation, they may influence or block enzymatic reactions as well as influence trace element metabolisms such as the copper-cadmium balance in the kidneys, liver, and intestinal mucosa and the copper-zinc balance in breast milk. A possible domino effect of such reactions should receive further investigation.


There are studies of increase copper levels in tissue as well.



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Hi Bella, it was intersting to read your information could you possibly tell me where you found this info as am looking into neglect..It is worrying we accept these things with good judgment without having the full facts. I have been treated by the hospital and doctors surgery as though it was nothing.

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Hi Ladies, 


I have started two Facebook groups for the purpose of starting class action law suits against the companies that manufacture and distribute the copper IUD.  Please join the groups, invite others, share your stories, and send in your official testimonials to send to the lawyers. 



USA group:  CopperIUDClassActionUSA@groups.facebook.com

Canada group:  copperIUDClassActionCanada@groups.facebook.com

ook forward to seeing you over there and working with you to stop these companies from harming others. 

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Thank you for all of your informative stories! I am crying right now because I've been suffering from these same things and I always thought I was blowing things out of proportion. I have had my copper IUD for 4 years now. Ever since the beginning my periods have become longer, and heavier. I spend half of the month suffering from 'symptoms' of an upcoming period. I have been miserable. I suffer from depression- and it has become increasingly worse. My body is never recharged after sleep and my anxiety is crippling at times. I suffered from post partum with my son (he is 5) and assumed my struggle with depression would be an on going battle. After my husband and I split around 3 years ago I assumed my depression was from our separation.


My body feels too old for my age (32). This is not a way to live. 


I am having my IUD removed. Whether my body is trying to expel it or toxicity.... it needs to come out. 


I will keep you all posted! Thank you for the support.

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There is this FB group as well. The owner has een actively working with lawyers to get a class action lawsuit started.
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Am trying to find another report I read. It was a study done on rats and copper iud in the presence of semial fluid caused a copper release of 9 to 40 times. so there are studies that ph affect the amount of copper released in these devices. this video is good information on why the medical system is failing us and helping big pharma. reallly the whole system needs to change. I am glad I found this forum, It may help other woman, and really alot more people of what has been happening. The iud is just to a tip of the iceberg of the front of the pharmacutial industry and how it hurts and manipulates people and how mineral  balance is important to the body.


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I have been on prozac since i was pregnant with my 2nd...once i had baby i was depression/anxiety free...i had the copper coil inserted when my baby was 6 months old, a month after having it put in i started to feel anxious have irrational thoughts massive panic attacks pain in my legs ahh the list is endless...i kept thinking why im feeling like this when my prozac worked fine for me up until having that devilish thing inserted!!

After reading your comments i am soooo taking mine out...i am a very very hormonal person so when i researched an found the copper on the coil actually interfers with ur nervous system etc i thought baaaaam!!!

Hopefully i will feel better asap and go back to my 'normal' self again!

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Hi, how are you feeling now? Did u manage to tke the coil out?

[quote name="trina1922"

url="/community/t/916122/copper-iud-and-side-effects/420#post_17233384"]I have had mine for 3 years after my second daughter was born and im just realizing what is going on with me. It has been absolutely terrible the past 2.5 years. My anxiety is HORRIBLE especially a week before my period, depression, mood swings, no sex drive, constipation (IBS), teeth grinding,  trouble sleeping, extreme fatigue to name a few. I have noticed that im not really allowing myself to get close to anyone and its so frustrating because the past 2 years has been bad, the doc put me on depression meds for awhile it helped with the anxiety, depression,and sleep problems  esp when i was PMSing but after 5 months on them it just felt like it wasnt working. I have no energy for anything anymore and i had no idea what was going on with me, ive been so emotional and its driving me insane. I was in the army for 6 years and i loved working and being around people and now i get anxiety when i think about getting out there in the world. I tried school and i just couldnt concentrate, its been terrible. I really thought i was loosing my mind and i have been so lost as to the cause of it. Life has been stressful and i figured that was why but all my emotions have been extremely hightened and usually i deal with things much better and im not afraid to tackle the problems but now i get anxiety when i think about what i NEED to be doing and i just wanna crawl under a rock. Physically i havent had any weight gain, or dicharge but i have had back pain and muscle and joint pain, im ALWAYS cold, i drink TONS of coffee and diet soda, i have cravings for sweets that i never had and i cant drink because if i even have 2 beers i have the worst hangover and i get sick. My life has changed so much for the worse and everything you ladys are saying i have gone through and I had no idea why till i read this thread and im soooo happy i have answers but im scared at the same time that i will get this thing taken out and i wont go back to normal. That thought gives me enormous amounts of anxiety and it scares me, i just want my life back and i want to let people in and have friends, i dont want to be scared to go through life. I got a doc appt today so hopefully it gets taken OUT!
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My copper IUD (paragaurd) experience didn’t go as I planned it to be.  I went and got the copper IUD mar. 7, which was a pretty brutal experience for me because I never had painful cramping with my periods before in my life, and the cramping and pain I received after insertion was quite new and off setting. The next three days were accompanied by constant soreness, pain, and cramping, bad dreams about my decision and constant sensations of something being in my uterus that was very unpleasant. After three days of having the IUD inserted I started to NOT to feel anything, as if I got use to it or easy to ignore. The next couple weeks were completely awesome because I had nothing to worry about and I barely had occasional notices of the IUD in my uterus.

Then march 29, I was filled with an indescribable pain that left me in a panic and almost made me hit the floor. It went away in like a minute or so and I thought that maybe it was moving around or something…..The next day, I was woken up with an awful soreness that felt kind of like I had something in my bladder that was trying to crawl its way out. All day I kept getting awful cramping and soreness, then came the contractions… I tried with my might to bare with it…but I really couldn’t hang..it was too painful for me and it made me panic and feel as if were doomed and was going to die..the next day was horrific, I kept having contractions every hour… It was so aggravating I tried to pull the IUD out by myself (since you can, very slowly, if you can grasp the string) But the string was way too slippy and short, and I tried for hours…very disappointing I couldn’t get it out myself.. So later that day, since it was Saturday, I ended up in the emergency room to get it out because it was far too much for me to just “hang in there”. Once it was pulled out, I was filled with a sudden relief and have not felt anything afterwards since then, no cramping, no pain; it was a HUGE relief to have it out. The Dr. personally said that they usually don’t give copper  IUD’s to women who haven’t had a baby for this very reason.. Since the IUD is a foreign body, the uterus was trying to push it out with all it’s might but couldn’t get it out which is why I started to have contractions.     

Frist off, I will say this and it might apply to all women with a very healthy STRONG immune system who has NEVER gave birth before, I suggest not getting a copper IUD, unless you can bypass the painful contractions and cramping. I, myself was way too much of a “pussy” too even make it to my first period while having the iud.  The IUD is defiantly suitable for women who have given birth already, since the uterus is more accompanied by the idea of being invaded by a foreign body.

Although, I wished a million times it worked out for me, because the idea was awesome and convenient, it sadly didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. But if you’re wondering if it will work out for you, give it a shot! It never hurts to try! (insert sarcasm here) J

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You poor thing!! Why didn't your doctor warn abouy side effects of IUD since you have never given birth..silly really

Glad your feeling better x
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You poor thing!! Why didn't your doctor warn abouy side effects of IUD since you have never given birth..silly really

Glad your feeling better x
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I am so glad I found this posting! I have had the paraguard for about 3 years now. I definitely felt similar symptoms that some of you mentioned but never put the pieces together. One of my biggest issues has been the sudden and frequent urge to pee. A year ago, the first time I started feeling the symptoms, I tested negative for a uti but positive for other bacteria and was put on an antibiotic. Since then, on and off, I have the symptoms of a uti and abdominal cramping. I would just tough it out and eventually feel back to normal but always have extreme anxiety that the feeling will return. This past Friday I started getting uti symptoms and it got so bad that I went to urgent care. Turns out, I do have a kidney infection, but I can't help but think that it is somehow related to my iud. I never had problems like this before. Not to mention the other symptoms I am linking together (abdominal and back pain, joint pain, unexplained rashes/hives, sharp sudden pains for no reason,low libido, gas/bloating, hot temper).The doctors say there is no way, but i have read other posts that have had similar issues with the frequent urination/urge to go with no results. A lot of those women had theirs removed and tested and it ended up testing positive for ecoli! Needless to say, i have an appointment next week to have it removed.

My question to some of you is about the recovery after having it removed. I am getting married in June and I am anxious about messing with my body right before all these exciting events (my shower is the weekend after I remove it and my week long bachelorette party is the first week of may. I'm thinking the alternative (feeling the way I do now) is probably worse but I would love some insight! Ladies please help!
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If you're looking to recover from all your symptoms, that could take awhile. If you just want to make sure you're comfortable enough to party and have a good time, you should be fine immediately if the removal is easy (other than some slight tenderness and cramping, which will leave quickly). If the removal isn't easy, then it could take a few days to get over the aches and pains.
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Originally Posted by Schmoo View Post

Hi Ladies, 


I have started two Facebook groups for the purpose of starting class action law suits against the companies that manufacture and distribute the copper IUD.  Please join the groups, invite others, share your stories, and send in your official testimonials to send to the lawyers. 



USA group:  CopperIUDClassActionUSA@groups.facebook.com

Canada group:  copperIUDClassActionCanada@groups.facebook.com

ook forward to seeing you over there and working with you to stop these companies from harming others. 


I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience with the copper IUD.


Instead of starting a class-action lawsuit and perhaps having this form of birth control banned, why not offer information to women so they can make an informed choice and decide for themselves if it's right for them?


I realize this thread is for people who hated the IUD, but in my case, I love it. If this wasn't available in Canada, I don't know what I would do. I have tried all other forms of birth control and nothing else has worked for me. Those who didn't like it have the choice of it being removed, but the majority who like it, wouldn't have an option. 

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Wow, I think I found the awnsers I was looking for finally. I have had the paragard for about 15 months now, and untill recently thought I had lucked out and everything was going well. Anyway I have had some random symptoms aside from the typical heavy periods and cramps that only come once a month so I always felt I could live with that untill recently. In the last month I have noticed My skin breaking out like crazy fast, I have always had acne but it is litterally uncontrolable all of a sudden, this will be tmi but the occasional bowl movement will be horribly painfull like cramps I have never expierenced in my life before(I do not have any food allergies never have). I am always lethargic and depressed even though my life has been amazing the last couple of years. My brain is foggier all the time I can't remeber simple appointments and dates, I am a stay at home mom so no I am not overly busy either. And the list goes on and on but the worst of the worst is the weight. Now I am not fat and don't feel fat but, at the same time I have always weighed between 115 to 120 even up untill the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy didn't weigh more than 125, I think I had to of been around 140 when I gave birth and lost a rapid amount of weight litterally untill I got my Paragard put in at my 6 week postpartum. I have been the same weight 130 ever since, regardless of exclusive bf for 6 months and then bf for another 9 months about 3 to 4 times a day. I eat a very healthy traditional diet but everything just seems to be getting worse, and for the last year I swore it had to be the breastfeeding messing with me and I quit when my baby was only 15 months, It has been a month since I quit breastfeeding and everything is getting worse by the day. I truely can not think of any other causes for these problems but the iud. And am mad  at myself for thinking it was bf I could still be doing that if I had done this research much earlier. oh and have also gained a few more pounds even thuogh my diet still hasn't changed. I know this was a long post but I am hoping by listing my weird sypmtoms someone else might make the connection to.

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How long have you been using the copper IUD? I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread for years as well, until I found out years later what it was doing to my body and that it was the cause of my health issues. It started off very gradual with headaches, sensations that felt like snapping elastics in my head, and dizzy spells and got progressively worst to the point that I would literally crawl to my bed at the end of the day. There were many mornings that I was genuinely surprised when I opened my eyes in the morning, having survived another night. At night, my heart rate was super slow and barely detectable. Now, years after having it removed, I am left with what appears to be permanent damage that seriously affects my daily living. Every day is a significant challenge due to the heart palpitations, the severe food and beverage intolerances that I developed to almost everything that makes simple every day eating a challenge ( I used to be able to eat and drink anything), the constant dizziness, the lack of energy, the breathlessness with simple tasks, the hormonal changes, bloody discharge from my nipples, rancid smelling periods (when IUD was inserted), the neurological affects (when the IUD was inserted, I would go to pour a glass of liquid and my muscles and nerves could not function together and would miss the glass), the severe brain fog and inability to speak full sentences (my words would come out all garbled or I would forget simple words), the severe headaches, the blurred vision, severe bloating (would look 6-7 months pregnant especially near my periods. I always had a flat stomach prior), weight gain, hair falling out in handfuls, grey / bluish skin tone and skin changes, urinary problems. I could go on and on. Prior to the IUD, I was very fit, ran 5k - 10K a day, ate healthy and was preparing to run my first full marathon when I started having heart issues and blackouts after my runs. It has caused problems with trying to maintain employment, relationships including trying to function as a single parent, and even ended my engagement. I got to a point where existing in my body was so unbearable that I started making actual plans to end my life just to make the pain and suffering stop. I am not some attention needing drama person and despite what goes on in my body, you would never know it to meet me in person. Prior to this, I rarely ever saw a physician. I thoroughly researched healthy living on a regular basis and was in the process of opening up a healthy restaurant. This is NOT a simple problem and I would absolutely hate to see ANY other woman go through even a small portion of what I have been through, if I can help prevent it.

I'm not necessarily looking to have the product outright banned but there needs to be a significantly better warning system and doctors need to be better informed what to look for if a person is having a problem with it. I had doctor after doctor after doctor after doctor tell me flat out that my issues could not be caused by the IUD and yet, there are over 450 posts just here alone to suggest otherwise, all with very similar symptoms. Had doctors been better educated about potential complications and symptoms, they would have recognized the symptoms long ago and I would be less likely to have such significant damage and probably could have recovered with no long term problems. Even after having my cervix chopped off due to cellular changes, doctors still denied the IUD as being a possible cause. Yet, just a few short months after having the IUD removed after surgery, I started to not feel like I was dying. I got significantly better after having the IUD removed but am still left with long term residual side affects. History has proven that the IUD causes problems in many women and yet after being banned in the 70's it is back again. I don't believe for one second that the companies are not aware of this. There does not appear to be as many complications with the Mirena IUD so perhaps they need to take the copper IUD back to the drawing board again. I was told the IUD was completely safe with the exception of possible perforation. Had I been told prior to insertion that women have had significant issues similar to what I have been through, I may have thought twice about it and/or had it removed sooner. However, I was consistently reassured by doctors that the IUD could not be the source of my health issues and then the last thing I wanted to do was get pregnant when I was so ill, so I kept it in while doctors tried to find a source for all the symptoms, all while getting progressively sicker. I have had years of my life wasted going to doctors and specialist and now years of quality life stolen from me due to the lasting side affects. Had I and/or doctors been properly informed, none of this would have happened. For that, someone needs to be held accountable - hence the class action law suit.
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ps Escaping.... if you love it so much, how did you end up at this forum....?
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Originally Posted by Schmoo View Post

ps Escaping.... if you love it so much, how did you end up at this forum....?


I've been on these forums for several months and thought I'd check out what people have to say about them... I think everyone should research what goes into their body and not rely on doctors to validate their feelings or instincts... doctors don't always know what they're talking about. I don't want to start an argument, I don't want to debate what you experienced, but if you believed the IUD was causing all those symptoms, why not have it removed? 

What you went through sounds awful and I'm glad you figured out for yourself what the cause was, however, that doesn't happen to everybody. The copper coil has been used for over 100 years, my mother used it, my grandmother used it... my mother even had an ectopic pregnancy and nearly died because of it, but I still tried it knowing that it increases the risks more than any other form of birth control, because nothing else was working for me. I had similar awful effects on other forms of birth control as you did on the copper coil. I've only been using it for about a year, but so far so good. If I experience any of the symptoms I've been reading about, I'll be sure to have it removed to see if that's the cause. I can't claim I didn't know or no one told me. 

It's good to share experiences because if these are the risks and they seem to be common, the information should be made available for everyone, but we don't live in the same age we did 20 years ago. We all have access to information, millions of people, products, reviews, etc. We need to start taking responsibility for our own health. There are over 100 million current users of the copper coil, it's been used for over 100 years, it's getting harder to argue that information isn't available. 


I realize this is a support thread for people who want to share negative experiences, so I'll get out now... I just wanted to share my opinion that I would not like to see it banned (which is what class-action law suits usually result in, in Canada). Better warnings would be great, maybe even a signed release, but I wouldn't like to see a product I like so much banned because someone else doesn't like it. 

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