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Did anyone had elevated liver enzyms ALTs with this IUD? 

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Hi! Been doing research, becasue my main symptom was anemia, and had Vitamin B deficiency. I was a user of the para guard from nov.7th 2010 to Jan. 25th 2013. I looked at my symptom to put this puzzle together, all related to anti inflammatory response. Anemia, anxiety, irritation, moods swing, confusion, allergies, sweating, wieght gain at first, joint and tendon pains, cystic acne, hair thinning, I have wavy hair, and the curls disappeared, brittle nails. In my reaseach of many reports, I found one very interesting in the study that Ibprohen has been studied to Inhibit prostaglandin e2, another study was that copper from the IUD is a precursor for this prostaglandin e2. E2 is also used to induce labor, abortiion etc. It increases in the woman luteal phase of the menstration cycle. putting the puzzle together, prostaglandin e2 also inhibits the bodies  production of Intrisic factor protein that aborbs vitamin B in the digestive system. The liver has about roughly 3 month supply of the stuff it needs, and most of us dont get enough in our diets, so some get symptons faster than others. anyways, this hormone does cause alot of problems to anyone in excess, and that how the iud really works. Excess prostaglandin e2. Excess bleeding,pain, which the advil inhibit the production of E2, which is why it helps. The excess of what is naturally produces in out bodies goes out of whack with the iud, This is just my theory based on putting together individual research studies. The copper also converts to a copper compound used in fugicide. so it just not one chemical reaction, it is many copper reactions based on our different chemical make ups. Hope this helps to inform other ladies.


Another undisclosed fact is the Paraguard IUD contains trace amounts of nickel. Some ladies may be affected by a nickel allergy.

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Hi everyone - I would just like to say how much of a godsend it has been to read each and everyone of your stories. It's like I'm reading my own story over and over again. My story began when I had a paragard copper iud inserted on October 2012 when my son was 8 months old. I can't use hormonal birth control and was led to believe by my GP that this was my only option and it was safer as it didn't have hormones. A month later I experienced my first panic attack. Three months later I experienced another panic attack and subsequently watched my mental health deteriorate over the next year. A month ago i was having panic attacks every night, was fatigued every day and was crying all the time. I had constant nausea and couldn't eat and when I went to consult my GP she started me on antidepressants. I really felt like I was loosing my mind. This was an all time low in my life, I was a shell of the person I once was. I took the antidepressants for ten days and found my symptoms were getting worse. I consulted a different GP and stopped the antidepressants. My new GP started testing for other reasons why I was feeling so bad. All the tests under the sun could not provide me with reasons why I was feeling so bad. Then one evening it struck me- the only thing I had changed in my life was the iud! So googling "copper iud and anxiety" I was astounded to find all the symptoms I was experiencing led me to cooper toxicity. My new GP didn't discount that it could be the iud and was supportive in its removal. My blood tests support the fact that I have biounavailable copper in my system and highlight anaemia.

I had the iud removed yesterday and I am looking forward to a new life- copper free. My dr is worried that the iud also caused an infection. Another complication from this horrible thing.

I could tell that something wasn't right in my body but drs are just too quick to prescribe medication to mask symptoms instead of finding out the real answers. If I hadn't of done my own research I would still be wondering why I was so depressed, anxious and sick. I am looking forward to recovering from this debilitating problem.

Can anyone tell me how long it took before you started to feel better after iud removal? And any ideas of how to hurry up the process?? I'm seeing my naturopath this week in hopes that she can help me balance the metals in my body.
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Like many of the others before me I would like to first say I am  SO glad that there are others with the same experiences to validate what I have been feeling! I thought I was literally going insane and my life was spiraling downward with no explanations! I got the copper IUD put in Sept 2013, so I have only had it for roughly 4 months. Everything was 'seemingly' okay to begin with. Got the piece inserted went through the motions of new cramping, spotting, and generally heavier periods. I was fine with this. The first two months were great, I thought this was the best decisions I had made! 


HOWEVER, by December I noticed that my skin was pretty oily and my occasional acne was coming back a little more than just occasionally. My hair seemed to just melt off my head after using conditioner but I just attributed this to it being winter and very very dry outside. Cue the PANIC. I got this rash on my arm that was very strange and at first I almost thought it was ringworm! the rash got bigger and bigger, little small rashes that seemed like hives spread onto my stomach/back and periodically came and went. The rashes are itchy and unexplainable and the doctors just told me I must be allergic to something and pumped me full of antibiotics/steroids and said hope you feel better. Not helpful. I tried to keep calm and took the meds and they seemed to work initially. Shortly after the onset of the rash I started noting other changes were happening. The dreaded yeast infection took hold, as many others mentioned they had; I figured just stay calm get some Monistat or try Diflucan and you'll be cured. On top of this I started having anxiety attacks at home, work, driving in my car. I am not an anxious person or prone to crying spells but believe me this was game on, I couldn't stop myself if I tried. I hit certain points now where my mind is racing, I am convinced everyone around me hates me, is plotting against me, has a problem with me, I am not a capable adult, I am going to get fired from my job etc...then about a month ago I began "losing" time. I have become forgetful to the point that I have to leave myself sticky notes all over my house and at my work desk. I am have major problems with my short term memory! I also find that I have random joint pain, irregular heart beats, and my palms are always sweaty and I can't keep enough deoderant under my arms to save my life! This whole time I have been attributing my strange 360 in life to the weird rash and all the antibiotics/steroids. I having been tearing my world apart both in the doctors offices/dermatologists/internet forums trying to understand how someone my age (23) can be suddenly experiencing so much short term memory loss, anxiety/depressive attacks, odd rashes/allergic reactions, and just general lack of interest in my whole life when prior to this I have never had any of these issues! I know everyone gets 'the blues' and has bad days but I have been having a 'bad day' for almost 5 months! I have even started researching other diseases such as Lyme disease thinking my symptoms were linked or even Lupus....however I never once stopped and thought about my copper IUD. It never occurred to me that putting this copper item in the body could cause crazy imbalances! and the more I read about how too much copper in the body can affect the body's nervous system, adrenals, reproductive etc the more it seems to connect the dots with the problems I am experiencing! And after finding this forum and reading all the testimonials I just wonder more and more if this is the answer to my issues! Even last night for example, I went to bed totally exhausted but I could not sleep. My heart was pumping like I had just run a marathon and I felt like no matter how hard I breathed I couldn't fill my lungs with air! It was so uncomfortable not to mention I am sure my obnoxious mouth breathing/sighing was keeping my boyfriend awake as well! I just want to know from any or all of you if these weird issues sound similar to your experiences and if so when you removed your IUD did your life return to normal??? As of now I still have the IUD in and I am not sure if I should go through the whole debacle of getting blood tested for a bunch of other diseases or if there tests out there to determine if your copper level is too high??? For the women who have been pushed around by the doctors and told what you do and don't have with no regard to what you are trying to tell them what do you suggest?? Women are the oldest of natural healers on this earth and I believe that oftentimes the best medical advice doesn't always come from a shiny PHD or Masters! Please help!

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Hi Liminal Lady

I'm glad to see this thread is still active--I wish I'd found it before inserting Paragard while researching for side effects.  I lasted about 4 months before I had to return to the gyno to have it removed.  I can tell you that now, 6 months post removal, I feel normal. I feel back to my old self.  It felt like a harrowing journey, but I'm definitely me again. The depression is gone. The anxiety is gone. The thyroid problems are regulated (about 98%). The panic attacks are gone. All the other weird problems are gone.  I felt better instantly--but it came back in waves, usually during PMS and my period, but eventually I just felt better. I resisted taking anti-depressants and just forced myself to exercise, have sex (!!!), and do all the other stuff I didn't feel like doing. I knew this wasn't something in my head or a chemical imbalance in the brain.  I did speak to a counselor (found it through my insurance) and that helped a lot, because she was one of the only people that didn't rebuff me when I spoke about this being the result of the Paragard.  I did a couple sessions with her, which helped me find ways to cope with the anxiety until it just stopped happening.


My advice. Have it removed immediately. Use another method--we use FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) and it's great for us. 


Hope you feel better!

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Wow thank you women for keeping this thread going for YEARS... I am sure it has helped a ton of people. 


I had the merina for about 7 years (a bit longer than desired) I hated it- could feel it all the time... But my life was crazy and it was the "easiest" BC I had used. I am forgetful and was just at a point in my life that it was a bad idea to have more babies (work was crazy)... Then about 2 1/2 years ago I got it out and about 5 months after that (so 2 years ago this month) I got a copper. At the same time I had mono and my life was spinning a bit out of control anyway from being so sock (took me 8-12 months just to recover from that)- That section in between IUD's was like the best sex of my life- the happiest I remember being for a really long time. And then the IUD. I swear my house has not been dealt with since I got it. I mean- I casually do laundry and keep the minimal dishes clean (my husband got rid of all but about 5 place settings of everything so I would stop freaking out about my dishes- makes it a little easier on me, and it did). But I feel like I have lived in a fog for years. I feel like I can not get a grip on my house or my life. 

I feel bloated all the time- and I feel like I gain 15 lbs every month for 2 1/2 weeks before my period- sometimes easy period sometimes intense. I have constant cervical cramping and I always feel just drained. I have done things to my diet- as far as going totally vegan for 9 months- still the same. I love my body but for sure and a chunky girl and I feel like I have no energy to "move". And the lower back pain... agh...

My girls are almost 11 and 9 and I am planning on pulling it out if I can on my next cycle (hopefully any day). I am wanting more kids- but of course freaking about having more- maybe that is the IUD? My husband is always like "just decide"... "take that thing out"... He tells me I seem unhappy- but I am not... but maybe I am edgy? I cry all the time- for no reason- a song, tears... a bill due next week, tears (even if I have all the money to pay it in the world- tears).... 

I am like robo-bitch that cries all the time! 

Did people detox from the IUD prior to having more babies? My husband and I are like freaking rabbits- like honestly 1-2x most days. And I just know I will be knocked up right away. I am a fertile mama!! 

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I have read over a lot of the responses on here- but was wondering if others have cervical cramping? 

I have cervical crapping enough that it takes my breath away. 

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I get really bad cramping and heavy bleeding during my periods. I have the copper IUD. I must go through 2 large boxes of tampons and pads and lots of Advil. Ugh gross. I never had heavy periods until I got the IUD. I knew this could possibly happen so I'm just trying to suck it up. I do feel dizzy and foggy all the time and can't figure out if it's from the IUD or maybe just not eating enough calories since I'm breastfeeding.
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With the IUD always had cramping....2 years IUD-Free and none! I too had heavy periods -tampons/pad combining every hour or two hours. I have been detoxing via nutritional Balancing for 19 months. I am still not able to implement parts of the protocol -like coffee enemas nor the supplements. however I drink and eat clean/ organic as much as possible and have limited my stressors.

Cramping - yes- like pinching! Even during intercourse.


the dizzy/ etc you describe was ME! My heavy periods created iron deficiency - I did not take iron pills however to aid this just ramped up red meat prior to cycle or at least once a week. Seek your OBGYN/ midwife on this as you are nursing I've not a clue for nursing mommy iron needs.



I had elevated enzymes over a year ago. They have gone down since- I am thinking to recheck them however to see where it is now. My nutritional  balancing practitioner thinks it been due to a sluggish thyroid/ liver/ digestion issue caused by the copper iud/ and caffeine/ red bull/ soy/ low fat poor diet I 'survived' on to combat the extreme fatigue of heavy periods/ brain fog/ anxiety and panic that went along with fearless condom free intercourse.

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So thankful I found this thread! I have been dealing with major issues for about 6 months and I think this stupid IUD is the cause of all of it


I was on hormonal birth control from the time I had my son 12 years ago until I got my first Paragard probably 5-6 years ago. I have dealt with depression and fatigue for as long as I can remember. I suspected hypothyroidism 5ish years ago but never looked into it more. I took my first Paragard out to get pregnant with my DD 4ish years ago. I got pregnant right away. I felt better than ever while pregnant! My mood was more stable than it had ever been. I assumed it was from the hormones but now I wonder if it was because thats been the only time in my adult life that I wasnt on bc. 


When she was a few months old, I got another Paragard put in. I continued to feel good until she was probably 18 months or so. I assumed that was due to still having the level hormones from breastfeeding so much. I gradually had my fatigue and mood swings come back but it was manageable. I accidently pulled my IUD out with a divacup in that time and had another put in a few months later, not sure on the time frame of that, or if my symptoms lessened, as I never associated them with the IUD. 


About 6 months ago, in Sept '13, I began feeling terrible. I was exhausted beyond belief, angry at everyone, just wanted to be left alone and screamed at my kids a lot because of it :( It was a stressful month, my son was having problems in school so I pulled him out to homeschool him. This caused fights between me and my DH. I did a terrible job homeschooling my son because I just didnt have the energy to put into it. I spent most of my day just trying to wake up and be functional. I sent him back to school and assumed my symptoms would go away as my stress lessened. It didn't.


I found a website called Stop the Thyroid Madness. I tried to get testing done for my thyroid but my doctor was useless. So I began treating myself. My symptoms improved a lot once I started taking dessicated thyroid. I eventually had my levels tested, as well as my adrenals and iron. My thyroid levels were not optimal on the amount of thyroid meds I was on, my ferritin was a bit low, and my cortisol was low in the morning. I started treating these things. Some things helped, some made it worse, some helped one day and not the next. It has been a hard 6 months. 


My symptoms have improved on thyroid/adrenal treatment but not enough. I no longer cry when my 3yo asks me to color with her but I still drag most of the day. I wake up groggy and stay that way most of the day. I end most days with a headache. My lower back has hurt since I had my DD 3.5 years ago. I assumed it was from her pregnancy and birth but now I'm assuming its the IUD. My joints have begun hurting at some point in the past 3 years. I am mildly depressed, mostly because i just want to sleep. The fatigue and back pain have been the most debillitating symptoms. 


Once I found this thread a few days ago, I bought some zinc and molybdenum. The zinc instantly made me vomit, not sure if its too high of a dose (50mg) or what. The molybdenum seems to help my symptoms a bit.


I definitely want this thing out of me but am waiting until after our big anniversary weekend to really talk to my husband about it. He doesnt want anymore kids and I think I do, so I guess he will just have to get a vasectomy, which I'm not very happy about. But we were miserable with condoms and I know he doesnt trust NFP. I hope to pull it out in a week or so and will keep you all updated on my progress. 

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Yuck, girl. So sorry you've been trapped in this awful cycle!  The Paragard was the single worst thing I've ever done to my body. 


If I can just throw out a plus for the Fertility Awareness Method, it's probably not the "Natural Family Planning" you or your husband are thinking of . . . . have a look into the Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF) book (by Toni Weschler)--I checked it out at the library before buying my own copy.  As well, there's a great community at www.tcoyf.com


As far as I'm concerned, it's actually the most scientific way to either avoid or attain pregnancy--you are using your body's natural signs and indications of fertility!  Truthfully, there's a limited number of days that you actually have to "avoid" having sex, and really only avoid intercourse if you don't want to use a barrier method (condoms, diaphragm, pull out and pray(!)). 



Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!

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ktbarnard-Oh I agree! I have a copy of TCOYF. I have faith in it but I'm not sure my husband does. And I'm worried I'll miscalculate and he will blame me. I'm wondering if he would be more into it if we got the LadyComp. He is a techy guy so he might trust that more.

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Oh Tanya, Hugs mama!! 


I am mildly depressed, mostly because i just want to sleep. The fatigue and back pain have been the most debillitating symptoms. 

I could have wrote this myself. When I got my paragard it was in a very rocky time in my life and I had mono... So, I figured a lot of my symptoms were lingering from my mono- the tiredness was unbelievable- l clearly remember being on a walk with my family- no more than 20 yards from my driveway and looking at the ditch and thinking, "if my kids were not watching, I would just go there and sleep"... It was a fatigue I can not even describe to people without them thinking I have gone insane. 

I didn't equal any of this to my IUD until I realized I had had loose stool- I mean, pike paste, since I got it in. At the time I got it in I had changed my diet to be a vegan, so I figured it was due to the mass fruits/veggies I was taking in- but when I added dairy back into my diet, the stool never changed. So about 6 months ago I started trying to figure out what would cause this- and I kept coming up with copper toxicity- and that lead me back to IUD side effects. 

It was so much that my doctor said she had no idea why I am 50lbs over weight, not 50lbs underweight with that much disposal of nutrition. 

I just got mine removed this week- I am feeling better- still tired and dragging, but I can feel it is out- like I feel "un-corked"... And it has only been 2 days. 

My house has not been really cleaned in the 2 years since I had gotten it in. I mean, I have surfaced cleaned, but I have had no energy and with homeschooling and a home business, things just pile up and I can only physically do so much- like make a pb&j for lunch... 

Hope you get yours out soon. My husband is eh-eh either way- he could have more, or not. Our life with a 9 and 11 year old, is easy right now. But I am not putting anything else in this body. If HE doesn't want kids, HE can go see a doctor about his options. I am just done. :-( 20 years of BC (aside from 3 of pregnancy) and this body can not do it anymore- nor can my sanity or the life I have in the future for me. It is just not going to happen. 

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LOL! Well, it does rely largely on him, too! Don't you think?  My husband always asks and "helps" keep track, so that we know when we are good. I think the partner being active in the process totally helps--in fact, it's absolutely necessary!  For us, also, we're not big medication takers, so it was important to him that we use a more natural method. I don't think there's too many guys out there that "like" condoms, so he has to engage in the process. I actually like that it's not all my responsibility! I mean, he's fertile everyday, and I'm only fertile about 5-8 days a month. haha! I think there are a ton of apps out there, I just wish the TCOYF page/website would come out with one that is made for smart phones! I'm so used to that tracking method, it's hard to go to anything else. 

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Yeah its really not fair that the burden of birth control largely falls on women when men are fertile every day! I guess if we are ultimately headed to a vas anyways and theres no changing his mind, why put it off? I will talk to him this weekend about it, but one way or another, this thing is coming OUT and nothing else is going in me! 

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Oh and the house cleaning-Our house is for sale. So someone called saying they want to see it. It was a mess and I knew I wouldnt be able to clean it. So I popped a caffiene pill and cleaned the hell out of it (People never showed but thats another story....). So caffiene pills make me functional but further stress my already stressed adrenals :/

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OH!! 2 other things I never connected to my other issues until I read this thread


-alcohol intolerance-The past 6 months or so I have felt super sick after just a half of a fruity, girly "beer". I figured it was the chemicals but I never had an issues with them before. I seem to do ok with straight liquor, though I've only had a shot or two a few times in the past 6 months


-aging rapidly-I expect to look like crap in the winter but I noticed last summer when I got a tan, I didnt "glow" like usual. I just looked old and drab. I'm only 29!

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Anyone who has used zinc successfully, what type and dosage did you use? 50mg of zinc gluconate made me vomit.

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Hello, I wonder if someone can help me and give me some answers and advices. I had my copper coil (non-hormonal) fitted 3 years ago. I didn't have any side effect for one year. I got yeast infection, horrible thrush that is keep coming back to me. It has been over one year and is still recurring. Girls do you think that removing coil will stop thrush coming back? Can it be connected to coil? Did anyone has the same problem? Please, help.
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