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Sri Rahda - Wow! 26 eggs is fabulous! I'm glad you've found some peace.

Airmide - Enjoy that whirlpool as long as you can. After ER I was told no more baths.

As for me. . .beta came back at 280. : So stupid POAS test. It was sooo not worth the stress. Please send me as many sticky prayers and thoughts as possible. I go back on Thursday for my 2nd beta. :

Oh, and both my dh and I called the PRN (patients result network) within seconds of each other. So, even with the distance we both knew at the same time.
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Whooooooooooo hooo!!!!

Congratulations, Julia'smom!!! : Sticky vibes coming your way. I am so happy for you!!!!
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Might I ask what the soonest number of days you can get a beta test at after egg transfer. Is 9 days too soon? Thanks.
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Congratulations, Julia's Mom! : That's a great beta number!
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Hey Julia'sMom,

I was wondering about you today! Congratulations...I am very very happy for you!
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I'm always here : and I couldn't be HAPPIER for you Julia's Mom!
It is so SWEET to see you get a BF-BETA!
All the Best to you~and everyone else here!
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Originally Posted by wantads View Post
Might I ask what the soonest number of days you can get a beta test at after egg transfer. Is 9 days too soon? Thanks.
I think it depends a lot on what day your transfer was done. I had my beta test 10 days after a 5-day ET. If I had a 3-day ET, I think it would have been 12-14 days after the ET.

Thanks for all the congrats ladies! I still can't believe it as I had myself convinced it didn't work. I'm so excited to do my PIO shot tonight, and I never though I'd say that.
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Julia's Mom ~

:::: :: ::: ::::
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19 fertilized! : I am over the moon!
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Congrats Sri!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!::
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Sri -So wonderful!!! Congrats::::
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Originally Posted by Sri Radha View Post
19 fertilized! : I am over the moon!
Congrats, that's awesome!!
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2ww blues

I have been through this before AND I know better, but..... my boobs hurt - maybe I'm pregnant, maybe it's the progesterone, I'm really tired - maybe I'm pregnant, maybe it's the progesterone, I'm kind of achey - maybe I'm pregnant, maybe it's the progesterone....... You see where this is going. And it's only been a week since ER, my first beta isn't until the 8th!!! Company arriving today, going away for the weekend, distractions will help!!!
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Julia'smom I am SO excited for you!!

Sri Radha that is fantastic and I'm envious!

My egg retrieval was last night. I took a bath right before and brought hot water bottles with me. I also thought about each follicle and sort of asked it to be just perfectly ready. I don't know if that helped but it sure didn't hurt!

I had 31 follicles, and they got 30 eggs out!! The problem is that somehow my husband's sperm got even worse! The doctor stayed ALL night, till 5am and found every single live sperm he could. Now 5 are at the pronuclei phase, and he did ICSI on the other 15, but he said he had some technical difficulties so we'll see how it goes with them. I guess he didn't say if he can tell if they fertilized or not yet so I'm guessing not? He said he will update me tomorrow afternoon and we will decide when to transfer.
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airmide: Wow, 30 is a lot of eggs! I am sorry that your DH's sperm wasn't doing so well. My DH was worried about his sample yesterday because he thought it was low volume. We also have sperm issues. 5 is still good. I am praying that those 5 continue to grow nice and strong for you. I hope you get news tomorrow that more fertilized. Your doctor sounds very dedicated to his work staying so late for you! Keep us updated. How are you feeling? I am still on a good deal of pain.

Crazyrunningmama: Stay strong! Remember it's too early to test. I hope these are all good signs for you!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support!
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Sri Rahda - Yeah for fertilization! That is awesome! :

airmide - Wow! 30 eggs, you women are egg producing goddesses! Sorry about the sperm, but what a great doctor to go to such lengths for you! I'll keep all of those little guys in my thoughts.

Crazyrunningmama - Distractions are great! I checked out a lot of books from the library, non-baby/pregnancy/fertility related to distract me. I also did a lot of visualization of the embryo implanting and making a wonderful home. Any symptoms I had I accounted to the PIO, just to keep me sane. Take care and I hope the next week goes quickly until you get your bfp.
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Thanks for the encouragement! I think any thoughts or prayers going to the embryos sure can't hurt! I am sort of feeling like my positive thinking may have helped some.

I am surprisingly not in much pain. I was in agony leading up to the egg retrieval, I imagine because of having SO many eggs. Right after the procedure I immediatly felt a little better, though still in lots of pain. Well enough though to stop by the grocery store and drag my feet leaning on the cart through the store lol. Yesterday we went out and did a little bit but not much. Then I was feeling tired and went to sleep about 6, woke up in the middle of the night for my PIO and estrogen patches, went pretty much right back to bed and woke up again now at 10 lol.

My husband said I look like I've lost at least 10-15 pounds since the retrieval and I sure do feel like it!

Now we are just waiting for this afternoon and getting our updates. And trying to have good distractions and lots of visualizations of all the embryos being super healthy.
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Airmide - I'm so glad the ER went well and you're now feeling much better. I hope you only get good news.

So, the 2nd beta is back...680 (1st beta was 280)! Yeah! I am going to officially say it now...I'M PREGNANT!
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Julia's Mom Congrats on the second beta! What a great number! :
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stopping in to touch base:

Julia's mom- CONGRATS you did it!!

Airmide- glad to hear the ER went well! Those are good numbers:

Sri- so good to hear you also had a succsessful ER:

CRM- I am right there with you...1st beta is on the 7th & already I'm getting anxious. I am feeling some dull cramps today, which scares me. We had 3 day 5's transferred on Tuesday. I am hoping for a miracle!:
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