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Midwife Gift

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I go back for my 6 week visit with the midwife appointment. I have playing with the idea of getting her a dogwood to plant either at the birthing center or her house. I wanted a pink one since the last baby was a girl. Then I had the idea of looking up the birth flower and or tree for May 5th. I found this site "Birth Tree". For Raeleigh's birthdate the tree is a Poplar.

In my back yard is a beautiful Tulip Poplar. For those who don't know you can take a stick form one and stick it in the ground and it grows like crazy! They are great shade trees. So now my plan is to get 3-4 brances from my tree, wrap in paper towels with water, tie with a bag and put pretty pink paper around the bag with a bow. This way she can plant one or 2 at the BC and some at home if she likes. And it came from a tree that the kids play on! (great for climbing!) :

I'm excited about the connection and easy of it!!

Plus I'm baking a basket of muffins for the staff!
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What a really awesome idea! Trees are always fantastic ideas for a gift. :
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great idea. i'd suggest that you root the cuttings for her though because if she doesn't have a green thumb and they die, she'll feel really bad i'm sure.
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Puppy...unfourtunaly I don't think I have time now. The appointment is Thursday. I was going to get them cut tonight and in water. I know she has a green thumb! (pretend it's green) She does the gardening around the birthing center! That's what she was doing while I was in labor with #3.

I found some great purple and flower printed paper! Soo pretty! I'll try and remember and take pictures!
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I'm getting ready for my last visit too and am getting together a bag of goodies. I knitted her a dishcloth with a sock monkey face, am making her some bath salts, giving her a photo album to put pictures of her babies in (the ones she delivered), a candle, and a very long thank you letter.
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I'm thinking a GC for a massage or pedi and something more meaningful but I don't know what yet.

The tree cuttings are a wonderful idea!!!!
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I am not getting a gift. I don't like the idea of it. I only met my midwife at 30 weeks, and though she did a great job, she is not a friend.
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