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San Francisco Pride ?!

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Is anybody else going? I will be there this year, and I'm excited! I've only ever been to Seattle's pride festivities. Is this one really going to be that much more spectacular?! Well, it sounds like fun...

I'm on the fence about bringing dd with me-- opinions? It was more for my convenience and enjoyment rather than anything else, but I am curious how "family friendly" you all think it is - and how interesting and fun a 3 y/o would find it. How long does the parade itself go, and what else is there to do (before/after the parade?!) ? I've seen the mainstage line-up, so I know that's at least part of it.

Also, any tips like the best place to watch the parade amid the massive crowd would be appreciated.

I just saw that Margaret Cho and Cyndi Lauper will be there, so I'm SO TOTALLY STOKED!!!
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I've never been to SF Pride, but I can't imagine going to any Pride without my kids. Our kids are 75% of the reason why we go. I think it's really important for them as a cultural event, and they always have a great time.

Have fun!

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Thanks, that's kind of what I'm thinking too. I should have mentioned that there are more circumstances involved in that decision... an extra 4-hour round-trip bus ride for dd, the chance for me to have a night out with friends which hardly ever happens (IF I don't take her - since my mom that lives 2 hrs away could probably watch her overnight while I'm gone, and I have friends in SF that I would then be able to go out with). I would also need extra sleeping and travel accommodations in SF. Plus the fact that I tend to get overwhelmed myself in loud crowds and new situations, as it is (Even though I am quite excited about THIS large crowd). Going into that alone with dd is a little scary for me. Anyway I just wanted to mention that in case it seemed like I was being totally selfish. I have good reasons, but at the same time, I think she would (mostly) enjoy it, too. But it would also be much less exhausting for her to stay home with grandma. I will have to think it over.

Anyhoo, thanks for the perspective.
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We go every year with our kids and march with Our Family Coalition. It's a blast and the kids lOVE it. There is a family garden area designated for families with children. We usually camp out there after the parade and visit with all of our friends that we only see once a year- at PRIDE!

Have a fabulous time, enjoy the energy and the day....If you want to come say "hi" to us in the garden, we'll be the 2 mamas with "bride to be" sashes on..... we are getting married the next day at City Hall

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I usually watch the parade on TV so I can't give you an idea of where to watch it. We always go to the Dyke March festivities on Pink Saturday, the 28th. They do a big show at Dolores Park starting at 3pm. You might want to check that out. It's crowded but so fun!
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Thanks to the both of you!!! That's very helpful. I don't know if I'll get into town in time for the dyke march, otherwise I'd go to that too. I have to take the bus from Santa Rosa on that Saturday which is going to take me at least 2.5 hrs.

Just the fact that they show the parade on tv makes me :

And holy crap, happy engagement to the both of you!
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my thoughts are....go alone and have fun! i live in the area so i have been with and without dd but its easier for me because i live so close....it sounds stressful for you to bring her and she would probably have just as much fun with grandma....we all deserve a nite out with our friends once in awhile and nows your chance!
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I live 3.5 hours away, I've lived here for 11 years and I am sad every year that I don't go. It's ridiculous that I haven't been to SF Pride.

This year, though, gas prices are a huge consideration of course. If I could survive the gas prices, the heat and the sun would kill me

I've only been to San Diego Pride, a long time ago, and I took my kids with me. They were 1, 3 and 5 and had a blast (they're now 17, 19 and 21).
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It's too late for you to see my response before pride, but what the heck. I wouldn't bring a three year old because the crowds tend to be massive and overwhelming. I'm missing this year because I have a four week old. It's my first time missing it in eight years.
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We took our 3 year old and our 10 month old last year. It was super-crowded and super-long. That said, we had a great time. Our daughter loved the parade-- whenever a contingent of drag queens passed she said "look at all the princesses!" and when the leather contingent passed she said "look, the police are here too!" We did leave the parade before the end-- it got pretty raunchy at the end. And the festival is nuts-- we found it a bit too crowded to enjoy with children, but maybe we'll give a try again in a few years when they're a little older. Have fun and happy pride!
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i am heartbroken that i can't make it this year.

...and i even bought my son rainbow babylegs JUST for this day. UGH. I missed it last year too. DAMMIT.
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Thanks, everyone! I will indeed be leaving my 3-yr old with her grandma. It was more of a logistics issue than anything, but it looks like I probably made the right decision. Now I'm a little worried about ME getting too overwhelmed, but there's no way I'm going to miss it now. I probably won't get this chance again for a long time.

If anyone happens to see this that will be travelling to SF from the north bay area on Saturday, PM me! It's probably a long-shot, but hey. Had to throw that one out there.
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My DD, 13, is in the Bay Area visiting my sister, and they are going without me!! I am so jealous!!!
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