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Playgroup in Tucson

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I would love to meet some other mommas in Tucson, and a playdate for my kids would be fabulous. Anybody interested?
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Originally Posted by BodhiMom View Post
I would love to meet some other mommas in Tucson, and a playdate for my kids would be fabulous. Anybody interested?
I was wondering where you went to. Congrats on pregnancy. Are you going to do an unassisted delivery? How exciting.
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I always wish I had some Mommas to talk to when my 7 (almost 8 year old) is swimming in the public pool and I am stuck on the sidelines (trying to give him swimming confidence by not being IN the pool).
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I'd love to....though probably not until after October, as I work right now full time. I know, not helpful lol. I can on Saturdays though!
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We are in tucson & would love to meet new families...

im just not as great at keeping "dates" with two kids... I pretty much follow their lead, which means there are days at a time we stay in or around the house.

but i have a soon to be 3 year old and a 5 week old... where around town do you live or would like to meet?
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I'm game as well although we'll be moving soon and prob out of state although we're still not sure when or where.

inchijen, you're me last year! Dd was born in July and my ds had just turned 3 in May. I think it's a great age spacing.
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Me and my friend have been thinking about trying to get a "toddler" play group started, and I was just coming here to write the very same post!

My DD is 13mo and her's a few months older, we have been going to the birth centers mom and baby group, but our "babies" are kinda getting too big
We have toyed with the idea of starting a group at one of the bookmans mtg room or something like that...?

Just yesterday though we noticed a flyer by the library for the "Stay and Play" group I think it is something like 8mo-36mo. So we are planning on checking that out. They have them at a few libraries around town I guess. Thats all I know so far. We are planning on taking turns on going to the one nearest because she's NW and I'm SE. The first one we're going to try is next tues at 9am-10:30 (I believe), at the Golf Links Library.

I'm hopeing my older kids (13DD, and 10DS) can hang-out at the library, not too sure how that will go.

We're open for anything!
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Hi! Where? When? I don't drive so I'll have to figure out the Sun Tran plan. I read that your ss is 10, is that right? My dd is 10. And I have 3 ss's. They won't be with us, as they aren't living with us these days, but, it will be cool to talk to someone else with the blended family experience. I'll keep posted. We will be moving back to Tucson from Avra Valley in about a week or so. Looking forward to playing!
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We'll be moving to Tucson in September and would love to get together with other Mamas!
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I'll be moving to Tucson in September, too, and would love to get together with some mamas! My DS will be a year old when we get out there. Yipee!
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Saraht are you military at Goodfellow now? Or just lucky enough to be moving the same time as me?
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i've got one two year old... we dont do schedules much, but we do tend to go to the zoo, the botanic gardens, mrs tiggey's, and our new love-- the splash park up at dodge and river... brandi fenton park. early in the day and late in the day, otherwise, as ds proclaims: "hot out! cool down."
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Originally Posted by ribeccalin View Post
Saraht are you military at Goodfellow now? Or just lucky enough to be moving the same time as me?
You're at Goodfellow right now? That's where dh and I met (we're one of those infamous tech school marriages ). I was there for 7 mos for my tech school but that was almost 5 yrs ago now. I actually miss that little town. There was a chinese restaurant there that had the best buffet ever :
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I would also love to join a playgroup. I have a 2 year old dd and am expecting a little ds mid July. Dd comes to work with me so she gets a lot of adult attention but I think she really needs more interaction with children around her own age. Either early in the morning or later in the evening would work best for us, other than that we have unscheduled days off.
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Well, it looks like there is a few of us that would like to get together. Now we just have to figure out a time and place. Saturdays are good for me, and may provide more opportunity for mammas to make it. Any suggestions? Sorry it took so long to post again. I've been waiting for my new babe (due on June 9th...still not here).
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wondering if we wanted to plan (loosely) for something soon?
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i say let's do something! we're back in town from our journeys, and here for the duration of the long hot summer.....

splash park anyone? or a picnic?? sat could be fun, whole family met-up? i'm up for something......

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Ok, someone who is good at making plans needs to step up. I would love for this playgroup to work out. What times are best for everyone?
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this saturday from 9 am til around 11 am

himmel park, purple playground at the north east corner, near the library-- i'll try and get the table under the tree and hang orange streamers or something.

i'll be the blonde with messy hair in a sun dress on a striped picnic blanket blowing bubbles. ds will be the wild 2 year old toe head wearing tie-dye and carrying his rainbow umbrella. dh will be the tall guy drinking an iced mocha.

bring kids, dogs, hubbies/partners/etc, coffee or drink of choice, and snacks as needed......

see you there?
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I really am planning to make it.

But, since its early, i may still be in pj's

Ive slept in with dd2 the past two saturdays while dh played with dd1.
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